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  1. Here's my build.... not a smite infusion one though. The focus is armour stripping and killing with primary, secondary or melee.
  2. Will there be a fix to allow amalgam daikyu target acquired to work with the sepfahn nikana zaws?
  3. could we get a refund on our excess crafted archwing launchers please... https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1066334-archwing-launcher-resource-refund/?do=findComment&comment=10557847
  4. @[DE]Megan @[DE]Rebecca Could we get a script to refund excess Archwing Launchers as per
  5. Another thing I wanted to clarify. The resource weekend will definitely be 2 days only instead of the usual 4 right.
  6. Did the PC gamers complete all 3 challenges?
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