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  1. Dear DE, I am requesting this QOL change again as the currents system is such a pain for me to use. I will be using the feedback guidelines from here: The request: 1. We should have images ON the relic selection screen to be able to determine at a glance which relics are vaulted and which relics are not vaulted. 2. An additional option to filter out all vaulted relics from the selection screen would further streamline the whole process. The Supporting Argument: Point 1: At present we have to click tab to be able to see which relics are vaulted and which relics are not vaulted; whilst this does provide us with a way to find out the state of a relic it is not very practical when you have multiple relics to check often within a 10 second time frame (when in endless type missions). I have realised that this has either caused me to run out of time in the relic selection screen or having to hastily pick anything in order to get a reward. This is not beneficial to me as a player as in many circumstances I may wish to save my relics for radshares at a later point. Having the icons at the top corner of each relic (as seen in the image below) would allow players to quickly see which relics are vaulted or not, we would be able then focus our time on finding intact/refined non-vaulted relics relics that we wish to use. This simple UI adjustment removes an unnecessary step from the relic selection process and would make the process less of a hassle. Point 2: Building on the argument of point 1 having an option to just filter out all vaulted relics (bottom of the image) from the selection screen would further streamline the experience. I would argue that having both features would be more beneficial than just having the vault images on each vaulted relic. This is because if a player has no interest in using vaulted relics unless there is a prearranged group it would completely clean up the screen as it would only show the non-vaulted relics. This would also help players make better relic management decisions as they could easily see their non-vaulted supply and take steps to get more relics on eras that they need relics for. Conversely, having just the hide vault relics option is less beneficial that having both the vaulted image and the hide option. If we only have the hide option it would still mean that we would have to search through all the relics in order to find which ones are vaulted once the hide option has be deselected. I am not sure how DE chooses which suggestions to implement, whether it is based on likes, responses or valid points but I hope I have done enough.
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