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  1. This is complete malarkey D.E for weeks this has been a problem and not once have it been addressed, upvote them to hell
  2. I would love to be gifted wisp grace skin she's absolutely beautiful
  3. I know they added it but no fix even though they knew this was a problem since the pc update
  4. A "wall"? In created a small ring of fire nothing more
  5. Bro I hope they both get some love first needs more ice make magic and I like your thoughts on hydroid
  6. I like ice elemental when frost getting some love
  7. Will you guys continue to play warframe when cyberpunk comes out
  8. Bro this doesn't make sense, madurai rising blast cant be the reason why. Because they had a fix for it before they changed the hold melee. 'Its always charge'
  9. Ember burns energy way too quickly even with max energy. Her heart guage fills too quickly with inferno and fire blast doesn't remove enough time[as in it needs to reduce how quickly it fills better]. I suggest swapping heat gauge numbers between her 3 and 4. And the energy cost after max heat is ridiculous. I suggest cutting in half
  10. Vauban Photon strike does not homing to vortex - bugged
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