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  1. Some areas in the Kuva Fortress also kinda look ridiculously shiny...like they've been slathered in baby oil. Please put a stop to the Grineer's Greco-Roman wrestling league's shenanigans.
  2. Would like to suggest one or two unlockable augment-only mod slots, similar to Exilus slots. As it stands, most Warframes kind of require the majority of their mod slots to be used to increasing defenses and powers enough just to survive later-level content. The game has come a long way over the years, and we've gotten a ton of new mods (thanks for all the hard work btw), including sets that are intended to be used together to increase their effectiveness. However the number of slots and points available to us has really not changed, and few people build with sets in mind for reasons I mentioned before. A new way to unlock increased max mod points would be nice also. Maybe make Exilus mods increase max points similar to Aura mods rather than drain, since it does cost us TWO formas just to build an Exilus adapter already. Just a thought.
  3. ,,, Um...I don't quite get what this means.
  4. I'm not positive if this is a bug with the ability itself, or with the Abilities menu UI, but when applying +Efficiency to Garuda, the health drain % displayed in the Abilities UI is lowered. Despite this, however, using the ability still drains exactly 50% of Garuda's health.
  5. Can we get the gold/silver/bronze indicators back in the fissure reward UI?
  6. This also appears to be an issue with the new Arctic Eximus bubbles and Balefire.
  7. That's about 1/3 of the problems with Limbo! It's a good start!
  8. That would give her infinite crown control, making her far too OP. She could just floaty everything and never run out of shields by constantly draining them. It WOULD be nice if they tweaked the shield drain per enemy to be a bit lower, though. Hate having to waste mod slots on efficiency for EVERY warframe just to make their abilities practical. So many warframe mods I never use because it takes the same handfuls to make most powers not useless.
  9. Would just like to suggest possibly repositioning Hildryn a bit further to the left when she's in Aegin Storm. As it is, her body blocks half the screen and obstructs aim with Balefire.
  10. Can we get some form of the old alert system back? Maybe have Nora broadcast random missions that reward creds depending on their level? The random alerts from before were a great little something-to-do when burnt out from all the grinding. Also, please remove 'with friends' challenges, you cruel so-and-so's! Or at the very least change them to 'with teammates.' Stop forcing your social norms on me! You're not my real space mom!
  11. When carrying a power cell to an extractor, it auto-switches us back to our primary weapon now even if we were using a secondary prior to picking it up. Can we get that back the way it was before, please?
  12. Will we ever see Space Mom again?
  13. Just a suggestion, but could you guys either turn off enemies becoming alert when seeing dead bodies, or give us the ability to hide/dispose of dead bodies? Stealth is a bit broken without one or the other. Other than that, thanks for all you guys do!
  14. Trinny-P has a skirt?? Does she wear it under her lobster tail or something?
  15. His 4 is fine. It's not supposed to be a "press 4 to win" type of deal. I'm just a bit disappointed with his lackluster other abilities. My suggestions (and this is just off the top of my head, admittedly) 1: could do with Thralls drawing attention away from the tenno. Also possibly increase the radius of the energy pools they leave when they die. Also, perhaps add an ability that, when cast during Danse Macabre, it releases a short-range energy pulse that enthralls up to the maximum number of thralls you can have within an 8 meter radius and consumes the energy cost of casting enthrall for each enemy affected, and instantly cancels Danse Macabre 2: ....actually I'm okay with his 2. 3: Would be great if, when cast alone (ie NOT during Danse Macabre) it dealt a significant amount of damage and healed for a percentage of THAT damage instead. Maybe throw in a short stagger or knock down when cast alone as well. Casting during Danse Macabre, no change from how it currently is.
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