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  1. Cicadeus

    Can we get an Aklex conclave skin?

    The steam skin for Lex used to do that too. It was awsesome
  2. Cicadeus

    Adjust Bloodshed Sigil Thresholds

    With the last 2 recent updates, Blood Sigil is now Awesome :yee:
  3. Cicadeus

    Zaws in conclave

    just remove zaws imo Melee weapons are all fine without it imo
  4. Cicadeus

    Drop Kicks cease to do damage after abit of time

    Though sheer force and observations, there are reasons that lead me to believe that dropkicks do not function properly on dedicated servers of certain tickrates. Will draft report when I feel like.
  5. Cicadeus

    Buff Talons

    jes, i concur
  6. Cicadeus

    Drop Kicks cease to do damage after abit of time

    not to mention that the fortuna update removed one of the very useful hit sfx for dropkicks on shield Game is literally unplayable for people like me.
  7. Cicadeus

    Drop Kicks cease to do damage after abit of time

    Yes, most of the time, kicks will no longer do damage after abit of play and it seems to be a host/server thing so simply re-logging will not resolve the issue. Very frustrating since kicks are sometimes 70% of my damage output.
  8. Don't you just hate it when you're kickin ass and suddenly, your kicks stop doing damage?
  9. Cicadeus

    Conclave QoLs that I made in a Word Doc

    I feel the most significant suggestion was Hire more people to work on Conclave. As of the moment, there only seems to be methods of listing issues but no way to resolve them. But I guess they're directing the funding for a chat moderator so the only possibility I see atm is if someone with passion for conclave, buys 51% of digital extremities and then hire the willing freelancers to push the vision.
  10. Cicadeus

    Adjust Bloodshed Sigil Thresholds

    -loses 99% effective hp- -has abit of blood on chest- "I'm ok." No. He is not ok, This is not proper. Should be revised imo. :yee:
  11. Cicadeus

    An Easy Fix Towards a Better Conclave

    I loved Call of duty advanced warfare. I stabbed and tanked all the way. Good pacing imo. Wish it had dedicated servers + browser tho. All good death match games should have a browser as standered tbh.
  12. Cicadeus

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.7

    Some color stuff is broken
  13. Cicadeus

    Some way of making melee work?

    Mortal conduit does increase overall deflection damage. Deflection damage is also based on your guard %. The lower your guarding & the higher the taken damage, the greater the deflection. Default/deflection is pretty useful for halting an opponent's shield regeneration.
  14. Cicadeus

    Some way of making melee work?

    ew, melee
  15. Cicadeus

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.6.1

    I love Unaro.