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  1. Andoryuu

    Pc: Operation Gate Crash Event!

    It should be 120% as in 20 plus five ranks of another 20s.
  2. Andoryuu

    Level-Load Love

    So after the new update I've ran defrag (probably should have tried loading times before defrag first) and the loading times are now half, maybe third of what they were before. Combined with switching from DX9 to 10 which gave me 5 more fps and much nicer visuals and I'm amazed how well WF runs on my potato (now with GladOS preinstalled!). Awesome work, thanks.
  3. Andoryuu

    Hotfix 13.5.1

    Trinity’s Blessing is now cast-able... O.O ... when in the air. -.- Well, I was hoping for something like "... before its duration ends.", but I think this is good too. At least it makes snipe-healing a little bit more movement-independent.
  4. Andoryuu

    Warframe Ability Changes

    So, Trinity went from being useless in low level play and needed in high level, to being useless anywhere except narrow level range, where mobs do enough damage to justify using damage reduction over HP restores but not enough to kill your team before you have even chance to cast Blessing... There is one big problem with Trinity. You have to redesign her as a whole, because just breaking perma-invulnerability without any compensation will leave her with nothing worth to use her for. But maybe it will sort itself out. After all, it wasn't even stated whether you can recast Blessing before damage reduction ends (Half of your team nearly dies, you heal them, now they have almost damage immunity but second half is dying. So you cast it again, but now the first half has hardly any reduction, so it's dying. Rinse and repeat every 2s.) or you can't (Similar situation, only shorter. Your second half of the team just dies, because you can't do anything.), so we still have some hope it was actually well thought through.
  5. Andoryuu

    Update 10.5.0: The Gradivus Dilemma

    1. yes 2. no, if they lose, you'll get blueprint for Detron 3. yes no, you'll only get one melee and one pistol (either in complete or blueprint form)
  6. Andoryuu

    Update 10.5.0: The Gradivus Dilemma

    Could we get some clarification on whether doing 50 missions for each side and then doing the one last mission for winning side will grants us potatoed weapon or does it counts as doing only one mission and thus leaving us without reward?
  7. Andoryuu

    Hotfix 8.3

    They should do something similar with Trinity's Well of Life, AoE debuff on multiple enemies while keeping the cap of total 100hp regenerated. Anyway, if this game was rated 5 of 5 when I started playing (update 7), with all of those updates it should now be somewhere around 12 of 5. :)