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  1. I am very impressed with the proposed changes. Looking at how his kit has changed as a whole I think this will make for some powerful and engaging Nehza gameplay. As for the haters out there, I recommend you listen to some of the positive feedback here. These changes are almost a straight buff in every way. Consider this: People complain that health orbs are weak healing, and thats true if you only only take into account amount healed when ONE enemy is affected in a controlled environment. However, this argument ignores the multitude of advantages these changes to this ability brings in a real battle. 1.) The ability usually bounces in a way that multiple enemies are often affected. 2.) A charged shot into a crowd of enemies will result in multiple health orb drops. 3.) Health orbs can be picked up at anytime by anyone as needed. You don't need to wait until the perfect opportunity to cast it, you can just litter the battlefield with health orbs. 4.) There exists mods, passives, and arcanes that synergize splendidly with health orb pick ups and Nehza and her squad can take full advantage of that. 5.) Increased energy drops and being able to cast without restricting your movements means there's no reason why you should not be casting this ability frequently. Same can be said for Warding Halo. If you focus ONLY on the fact that the protection has dropped from 100% to 90% then yes it looks like a nerf. But many skilled players will argue getting hurt helps. Firstly, I have used Gara's Splinter Storm with 130+ power strength and the damage mitigation on it is so high I was practically invulnerable. At no point did I say to myself "I need 100% invulnerability or I am going to die". And I actively put myself in harm's way to test it, and let me tell you it was not easy to die. As for the players who are saying it's not comparable because Splinter Storm deals thousands of damage and can be cast on others, I say you are missing the point. The OP never said Warding Halo is exactly like Splinter Storm now. Read the sentence from start to finish and in context. They merely meant the damage mitigation is comparable. At any rate, as others have said, being able to get hurt is a blessing in disguise. Getting damaged lets you take advantage of mods and arcane enhancements you previously couldn't use. Pair that with the fact that heath orbs will be plentiful now and max health got a boost, and the only way you'll die while casting Warding Halo is through a nullifier sneaking up on you or sheer stupidity. As for players asking for something akin to Rhino's iron shrapnel and increased invulnerability values, 1.) Asking for iron shrapnel completely ignored the stated change that Nehza will be invulnerable for a short time after Warding Halo dispels, and during the casting animation. This means it is now possible to have protection up 100% of the time which is better than iron shrapnel because with that augment there is still a brief moment of vulnerability between casts (enough time to get one-shotted). Also 2.) If you love iron shrapnel so much, why not play ... oh I dunno...Rhino? Clearly DE is making an effort to add some diversity and depth to their Warframes and constantly asking to make Nehza skinny version of Rhino shows a profound lack of creative thought on your part. Honestly, If some of the folks in this forum had their way this game would have 10 reskins of Rhino in the roster.
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