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  1. Building your ship is just the beginning. The real cost in time to build a ship that can actually fight is 100x higher and it's not been changed at all.
  2. It's been a year and a half and DE fixed the clipping issues, the restriction to accessories only for operator tennogen should be lifted.
  3. True, it just needs some speed increase to match the old one, but otherwise the animation quality is good.
  4. The knockdown animation has been changed to a different and slow version. Enemy knockdowns now launch you away from them, and the falling animation feels like slow motion compared to what we had before. While on the ground, one must press a directional key to move, or press space to get up, which is also slow. If none of these keys are pressed, the warframe will take a whopping 10 seconds lying on the ground. The old animation can be activated by using handspring, but dedicating a slot on every frame just to not lose 2~3 seconds from each knockdown is too punishing. Common enemies shouldn't feel so disabling, please look at this DE. just speed it up a little bit. Berserking with a melee weapon at high speed into this animation feels like bullet time... for enemies!
  5. The Empyrean bug thread is closed so I'll post here. Intrinsics gained from missions that are not directly launched from Dojo or Orbiter do not count. Since chaining missions after missions without returning to dock is a very common thing, lots of intrinsics were lost in the process.
  6. Fighters are too small, too fast for the only enemy type main/side guns are effective against. Gunplay isn't fun with these enemies. Combat avionics deal with them easily but my point stands.
  7. Shraksun Scaffold will trigger self stagger even when launched for max distance and standing still, while aiming slightly downwards. Moving forwards at any speed will trigger self stagger even after the projectile is launched for max distance. This scaffold needs innate cautious shot. Operators are already clunky and were not affected greatly by self damage before. +100~300% recovery speed would be nice.
  8. Self stagger triggering is delayed by client to host connection. This is not good!
  9. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Anomaly of hair glowing during self stagger recovery animation as operator VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Used Propa Scaffold personally EXPECTED RESULT: no glow OBSERVED RESULT: glow REPRODUCTION RATE: every mission for me
  10. My feedback is that the enemies are very small and fast. Tracking them continuously is very straining and inefficient, leading to railjack gunplay to be not very fun. People would suffer while progressing to the point where combat avionics dominate fighter clearing. I would prefer beefier, bigger, slower and fewer fighters to be used instead. Crewships' internal layouts are fixed and small. I'd say it's fine to wait, as bigger classes of ships that aren't straight up capitals will probably be added to replace some crewship rosters. Also sorties/invasion.etc integration can bring railjack out of isolation.
  11. Amps and self-stagger needs to be looked at. Shraksun Scaffold damages self even when standing still. Shraksun scaffold's projectile explode so soon after launch that there is no way to avoid being damaged by it by any means other than ending transference. Propa Scaffold has enough time in the fuse to avoid the damage, although it consumes plenty of operator energy to do so. These amp self-damage effects are not very noticeable because of Tenno's extreme resistance to void damage type. I hope they don't stagger self every other time you fire them after the update.
  12. Yeeeaaaaah. Whatever incentive to be added need to come fast. Matching Scarlet Spear is gonna be harder than matching conclave with these numbers.
  13. 1 thought: vertical progression isn't helping the mode.
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