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  1. Lazy is not checking for yourself of a game you plan to put time into.. pretty sure that somewhere in the mix of all of that.. said player searched something online of a wiki or tutorial.. lol again.. the news section is at the front.. of.. the.. ship.. unless you are playing it on a rock or a blunt stick.. you can see it.. my 8 year old knew the date it was ending.. lol
  2. Lol well it looks like the relevant part you should have paid attention to. I lvl 30'd and only bought the decoration for the ship. So I gave up all those wolf creds intentionally as there was nothing in the reward pool I needed and or wanted.Soooo I could bare to argue that it was a wasteful event for older players who now are just playing because we enjoy the game. But I do remember what it was like being a low MR ranked player. But then again.. I followed the forums and news related Info of the game.. And when you have turned clicking a mouse and or game pad into a chore ... You should probably take a break if that's what it is to you. And as for the punishment...lol I'm just leaving that alone. Everyone knew it was a "season" event... Season's end and or change.. lol And every sunday night EST at a certain time weekly challenges changed.. with some sort of stroke of the imagination one would think.. knowing that it was ending ..meant that it ended when the last week's challenges were to change.. lol. It doesn't take much effort to be observant of things in a community based game.. especially timed events... Too far abruptly ? They gave two extra weeks.. They have catered enough to the players In some aspects. But that's a subject for a different thread.
  3. i dunno, thats on you to figure the punishment part. But as an active player, i tend to check the forums and or deathsnacks for info. also, its showing in the news section on my ship ?? so i take it you dont walk around your ship either? lol
  4. They gave two extra weeks didn't they? http://deathsnacks.com/wf/index.html ^ Has had it there for 7 days. And it has been talked about in Region of the end date coming.. For two weeks lol.
  5. Can we get the lag issues and textures not loading or taking forever to load looked pretty please ? Didn't start until the 2nd to last hot fix.
  6. And can we get more Grustrag 3 spawn chances. I've been needing 1 ----- 1 part for Brakk for legit years now lol.
  7. Since Space mom has turned into a Cetus Wisp, when are the voice packs coming ? Lolol
  8. Patch related--- Occasional hangs while in foundry- especially claiming an item- health restores,energy etc. Massive hangs in Maroos Bazaar Ancient healers on Gabii get blown across the map with Wryms augment mod, and bounce around like bouncy balls for a few minutes-- can't remember the name at the moment ,but it's the one that blasts enemies away if to close. Odd cpu core utlization again- tested this across 3 different PC's-taxing the F out of core 3 on 8700k's and 9800k's but other cores are at 10-15%
  9. Can we get the Particle system looked at again? To change/reduce/increase particles, I'm having to Verify and Optimize for any changes to take place. (Testing performance metrics between the Particles different settings is where I got this from) also having to do this after a fresh install of Warframe- tested that as well. WOF particles is what got me looking into this as I was seeing no difference from Low to Ludacrious settings. Also can you guys take a look at clan logos loading when joining squads or squad mates joing the mission? Within my logs I'm getting failed to load objects. And it only happens when I'm in squad. Solo is perfect no fps dips. Constant 120fps @ 1440p . Squad= instant freeze for 1-3 seconds when other players join. On a 100x100meg connection. Happens on several machines I own, And even on other network connections. And missions on Earth ,not only Cetus are utilizing odd cpu core amounts. Tested with hyper threading off/on, different overclocks, stock settings, power plan changes. Core unparking. And it's causing odd fan ramping due to the wonky utilization. 8700k CPU and Gtx 1080's- SLI and without .
  10. Setting a voltage curve for my 1080s in Msi afterburner helped a bit . 1hour plus infested survival until my frames dip into the 90s now.but I'm with @True_Naeblis this didn't start until here recently and Warframe is the only game I have to set the curve for to keep my fans from wanting to suck the bottom cover of my Clevo P870tm1-g inside out lol. And as for a constant 120fps no matter what is on the screen would be subjective to how long you stay in a particular mission. I've tested that across 3 other machines including my main which is the p870 with a delidded 8700k at 5ghz two 1080s, and the memory running at 3000mhz @ 1440p 120fps lol. if you for sure want to see frames tank like a lead brick, jump on a high lvl dark sector survival for over an hour lol. Especially with particles set to ludacrious - kick back and watch the fps drop so hard after a Nova primes the room that your neighbor calls the cops because the frame tanking sounds like motar shells dropping in your backyard each time a enemy explodes lol
  11. Verified with a fresh install of windows on a new m.2 nvme SSD. And also on a Samsung Evo SSD. Still same gpu temps/fan spiking issues.
  12. Anyone else getting odd GPU usage? Have tried the latest two drivers from Nvidia. Uninstalled MSI afterburner, ddu'd the GPU drivers. Fresh installed them. Fans want to spool up on the cards at 30-40% usage but the temps want to climb. Hasn't done this until the last two hotfixes. I'm running 2 1080s, tried with SLI and without. Even tried separate cards. Tried at my native 1440p 120hz , 1080p 120hz , gsync enabled, disabled Same issue. And it doesn't matter where at in the game. I could be on my landing craft, a planet, cetus . And Warframe is the only game it does this on. And this is a fairly fresh install of windows- I format and reinstall about every 1-3 months. GPU usage seems the normal 30-40% CPU usage is normal - depending on location of course lol even removed the oveclock from my 8700k- tried different overclocks, 4.4-5.0ghz . CPU temps are cool as normal 48-54c maxed.
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