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  1. It really depends on the weapon and the level of power creep it introduces. Gram vs Gram Prime is such a vast difference that even 1.5 vs 0.5 won't make that difference up. But then again base Gram is incredibly weak and Gram Prime overpowers all the other Heavy Blades quite significantly. A little elss so since U26 which brought them closer together but its still qutie significantly ahead. But how does that work with for example the Bazza, since we will get it in about a week. Baza is already up there as a weapon. Its not a an ancient bottom of the barrel weapon like base Gram. It mgiht not be the very top but its fiarly wellb budgeted as a weapon. How far higher can you push that weapon without introducing significant power creep? Imagine it gets like 5% crit and status and like 20% more base dmg just as an example. Now the weapon starts being quite popular because thats already fairly strogn as the base is laready a pretty good weapon. DIspo is adjusted to 0.5 for the prime and base sits at the 1.0 it currently has. This disposition difference is already capable of nullifiying the difference between the 2 versions in this particular example. With an especially good roll the base version should even come out ahead. Now its no guarantee that Baza Prime will drop to 0.5 dispo. There is no guarantee it will be only buffed by 5% CC/SC and 20% base dmg. It might be more, it mgiht be less. But regardless its a fragile point int he system. DE needs to constantly check if a Prime is good enough to not lose against a rivened base variant. They also should not mercilessly powercreep the game to run away from strong high dispo base weapons, especially sicne we already have no content to match the current powerlevel we have. Its a huge additional balancing act and it can twist either weapon power level or riven power levels in weird ways and we'll have to see if thats worth what we're gaining out of it.
  2. I would humbly start with removing the stagger from QT since it makes the mod such a coin flip. Not sure what even the point of that stagger is. YOu ivnest a mod slot and arguably a second for FLow to really make it worth it, it takes your energy so it isn't free survivability but on top it needs to have another drawback which can lead you to jsut diying anyway while being staggerlocked and shot dead. Warding off a random oneshot is nice but without a small invulnerability window or a reasonable threshold its kinda pointless. If chip damage can disable it I wouldn't slot it because it sunreliable. When I look for survivability I look for consistency and reliability, not a gamble of maybe dead maybe not. More options ot tailor survivability would be nice, generally a rebalance of Warframe eHP since we have faster survivability fall-off than damage fall-off. Conceptually I agree with you. Learning specific behaviors which expose you less and keep you safer is quite important.However you can't really actively dodge most enemy attacks in Warframe. Warframe is not "fair" in regards to damage avoidance. Enemies have hitscan damage which you cannot actively dodge, either they nail the shot or they don't. As there is no travel time there is no window to react. SImilarly there are AoE effects and specific targeted abilities that you will not be able to safely avoid at all times, as its not always a matter of you being able to react and avoid it and more of a general behavior model where you try to play around it as its not actively manageable. If an Ancient has so good tracking/targetting that he can snipe you mid-bullet jump around a corner then its not a matter of skill anymore. Especially not when you eventually have 10 of those on your screen at the same time as in longer runs the mob spawns are heavily biased towards the heavy units of their respective factions. Warframe relies pretty heavily on the player being able to take damage but since we can kill much higher levels than we can "tank" the enemy balance falls apart pretty quickly past 100 and leaves frames witohut a lot of eHP or avoidance tools like stealth in a pretty questionable state.
  3. Since a few hotfixes ago Blood Rush, Gladiator Setbonus and Weeping Wounds occasionally disappear after transfering back into the Warframe form Operator Mode despite the combo counter still being maintained. Especially noticable during Kuva Siphons/Floods or Kuva Disruption when disarming Kuva Guardians or dealing with the Kuva clouds. The loss isn't necessarily instantly upon transferring back intot he Warframe but can happen a few seconds later. Neither does it always happen. This isn't just a visual bug as crit and status chance are going back to normal values. Gaining additional combo starts stacking the buff a new, which can elad to desynced stacks, for instance having a x12 combo while only having 4 stacks of Blood Rush etc. Losing combo counter via expiration or heavy attacks fixes the issue, as for instance dropping only one tier of combo via Naramon or combo efficiency will regain set you to the Blood Rush stack count you should be at. For instance sitting at x12 and dropping to x11 due to naramon only losing you 5 combo hits will get you back to 10 stacks of Blood Rush. I'm not entirely sure what triggers the issue as it seemingly happens randomly, as it isn't happening always nor is it consistently happening when doing specific things with the operator. I even noticed it dropping once when a Kuva Cloud spawned during a Flood, but since you transfer rather often during those missions I'm not sure if that was actually the cause or jsut a delayed drop off from dealing with a Kuva Guardian. The delay in it dropping cna be quite significant as I noticed in Kuva Disruption when I could still hit a disarmed Kuva Guardian with orange/red crits for 2-3s until the buff suddenly dropped and accordingly only yellow crits and white hits happened until I dropped the combo counter. This bug consistently affects all 3 effects (Blood Rush, GLadiator Setbonus and Weeping Wounds) so either all drop off or none and theyx are always at the same stack count, even when it is desynced from the combo counter as described in an example above.
  4. Zaw Nikanas have a scabbard, its just equally bugged and disappears in missions. Sometimes its even there at mission start and disappears once you draw it for the first time. This bug simply seems to carry over to any Nikana skin, too. Skins of Zaw Nikanas also are quite a bit larger than on the normal Nikanas, which is something I actually like, but still worth pointing out, not sure if bug or feature.
  5. Nope. As I've stated I'm in alignment with the idea to rebalance survivability to close the gap and that jsut giving everyone their own 90% damage reduction is basically just a band-aid that feels all too impactful right now. Most people here seem to be in alignment on the issue. Some people simply disagreed with your rather aggressive nitpicky notion of what a tank is supposed to be while you also didn't engage the actual argument of the post. Nope. It is fine for there to be tanks which are more durable than other frames. Some playstyles greatly benefit from more eHP and there is value in having tankier and squishier frames. But the gap is definitely too large. Some frames don't even feel enemies below 200 while others can get solidly killed by level 50s if they take the hits. Survivability should definitely be a very important factor for defining a meta. It simply shouldn't be the only one. Ideally damage and survivability requirements are balanced in such a fashion that they grow similarly so that players have to balance damage and survivability or take risks in neglecting oen for th eother to push certain limits. Right now we lack content where we are truly pushed to optimize damage, so we can jsut go all-in on survivability without issues. And by the time optimzied damage is needed (inlcuding abiltiies and buffs) most frames providing those have no way to live through the content unless they virtually never get hit. So there is not only an issue with the discrepancy of survivabiltiy among frames. There is also an issue with the damage and survivabiltiy balance among frames and weapons, which further reinforces the former issue and the meta. Damage to survivability sclaing issues on the enemy side. Higher level content is definitely what we need but those enemies deal way too much damage while being easily killed. The topic is a symptom of the problem and also fair criticism, even if if doesn't offer the healthiest solution. If you don't want to rework the entire system (which would be the soundest option purely rationally, disregarding the playerbases feelings and attachments) then the next best solution would be to provide all Frames a means to live thorugh said content, as this also levels the playing field and diversifies the meta and options. Ability disablement adds to the issue. Like I play pretty much only melee. If I wnat to do a long Disruption run I want a tanky frame. SInce Demolysts like to purge buffs from players within close proximity I can't even freely choose which tanky frame I want because if that tankiness is buff reliant I mgiht randomly die while engaging a demoylst, especially ebcause they spam purge and I can't even jsut recats immediately. SO which frame stares at me at the end of the tunnel? Inaros. The Dude-Frame who has essentially no abilities and has his entire pwoer budget in his base stats. I play Inaros rarely, because I also like to have fun kits and might enjoy a little shorter run with a more fun frame more than a dry longer run.with Inaros. But he is just a good answer especially solo for such situations. Its even worse for frames that rely on CC to survive. If you can't reliably apply what keeps you alive and entirely lack consistency, it seems very unappealing to even try if I can just play the safe option thats free of arbitrary discriminatory restrictions.
  6. Not sure what you're so angry about. Where has the bad Inaros touched you? There are a few tank frames that are just bricks. There are also enough providing significant team support. Not that any form of team support matters in most situations. Most missions don't have enoguh enemies to keep one player busy, let alone 4. I also find tanks to be quite handy as a solo palyer where my only concern ever is survivability as damage is much much later an issue. So from my PoV everything that can't take 150+ enemies to the face atleats occasionally or completely avoid them consistently is quite useless.
  7. That actually sounds like its the best idea, yeah. Providing tools and then take them away to provide a "challenge" is the epitomy of failing at game design. Balancing them is one thing, outright removing them shows just that you failed to maintain the integrity of your own game. Definitely. I would like to be challgned in Warframe. With the tools the game provided me. With the gameplay that made me love the game in the first place. *insert weapon*-Only Sortie's however are not a challenge. They are a simply restriction. For one using said weapon all day its usual business, for someone who doesn't like the weapon its an unfun slog, only the fewest of players will find anything in these restrictions that will make them appreciate those. And I want to use the power I've worked for in the game. If you personally don't thats up to you, but you have no right to enforce personally chosen restrcitions upon others. It won't change a damn thing. You disable exalted weapons and then everyone runs Saryn or Equinox or Ember or Nidus or Octavia. There are enough non-exalted frames that can simply kill with abilities. Which brings us back again to: Do you want all abilties disabled only so you can enjoy your Bow only sortie that you could just play solo or in an organized group on your own terms but chose to play in a public group? There is zero merit in your proposition as all you seek is to restrict players who you chose to play with on your own terms. If those players wanted to only use a bow or whatever they would simply do so. You also have no ground on the side of "its supposed to be played like this" as all abilities are intentionally allowed to be used. That is no exploit, its a choice. Warframe is not only about weapons. If you want to play a certain way, meet up with like-minded players or do it on your own. You have no right to force your playstyle upon others.
  8. Because despite its flaws it still features a lot of fun gameplay and great visuals to enjoy the ride even more. I wouldn't spend time on the forums criticizing and giving feedback or even complaining if I thought the game was beyond help and wasn't worth my time. I also play the game on and off. If a massive content drought happens I usually play other games. If I have reached a state where I get really bored playing I also take a break. I simply come back when I feel like it instead of being all pompous crying and tearing my ears off proclaiming the game has betrayed me, destroyed my life and that I shall never return. The game has a lot of content. I simply feel it has stopped evolving its core gameplay loop into a proper endgame state where power, difficulty and rewards match. Which is why I'm sititng here arguing for such content to happen. I don't tihnk its a terrible game just because it hasn't happened yet or because a few content patch didn't dleiver quite as well as tehy should. Ironically Melee Phase 2 has me busy way more than the lIches since I can no genuinely use a lot of melee weapons and optimize them without immediately feeling that they suck because of stats, stance usability or jsut pitiful range.
  9. Should I call it "tanky frames" "Frames with high survivability" "High eHP Frames" "Frames with the survivability you would expect from a tank"? We might not have conventional tanks in WF but that is precisely why we can call those especially tanky frames Tanks. We simply don't have a tank role in WF but we also don't have super handy word for those frames, Tank is a good fit because a tank is not just someone taking all the aggro but also someone extremely durable to take all the damage. Not everything has to be taken into context of a classical RPG structure or in context of a role within teamplay. Especially not in games that are far from classical RPGs.
  10. Surely the healthier solution. We've come to a point where not only the difference in survivability between frames is absolutely insane but also the difference between our throughput and our survivability is absolutely out of sync. We run way earlier into survivability issues than we run into damage issues. You can cut straight through a 150 heavy (and way higher heavies, too) but there are a lot of frames who have trouble surviving under constant fire of level 150 enemies or can even get oneshot by more bursty enemies. Its all fine and dandy if you have a Warframe with an amazing damage kit but then just have no consistent way to stay alive against enemies where that damage is needed. WHich is precisely why we have this heavy emphasis of tanks. You can go fine without damage buffs, surviving is a much alrger issue for endurance runs. There are ways to "cheat" on survivability like Protective Dash but those are pretty high maintenance and would personally describe thme as not very fun. Groups can also create setups where the entire team gets very tanky but that is organized play, not public and especially not solo play. Without changing how the entire framwork of enemy damage and Warframe survivability works getting a ~90% damage reduction ability seems to be the desired ticket to endurance run city. I can absolutely understand asking for sometihng like it. If I were to rework or design a Warframe in the current environment a strong damage reduction ability would be pretty much on the top of my list. Having the greatest ability drivne frame is irrelevant to me if I can't take it to 1h+ Arbi runs without constant fear of getting randomly deleted. And I simply don't enjoy beating up level 50 puppies with godslaying powers. I want to slay gods with godslaying powers. It would however be way better if we reached a more levelled playing field where we don't need to streamline every Warframe to have a 90% damage redcution ability. It would be an effective large scale band-aid but it would at the end of the day still be a large-scale band-aid.
  11. Ember has more survivability than Saryn. Sure her base stats are worse but Immolation provides up to 90% damage reduction making her defesnive potential far outreach what Saryn can achieve. Even sitting at medium levels of around 70% Immolation makes her tankier than Saryn in a similar build. Its difficult to comapre Ember and Saryns damage because they both work fundamentally different. The most notable difference are LoS requirements that Ember has and Saryn doesn't. Inferno hits decently hard but you simply can't nuke an entire room or more with it since you only hit targets in a cone in front of you. SImilarly SPores spread without any restrictions and Fire Blast has also LoS requirements mkaing it difficult for Ember to strip an entire rooms armor. If you put Saryn and Ember in Simulacrum in front of a bunch of 100+ Heavy Gunners and both just start nuking EMber with a 100% armor strip at max Immolation into spamming 2-3 Inferons ont hem is gonna kill them faster than Saryn Applying Spores and pressing Miasma. I haven't done the math but the heat procs of Inferno can be quite powerful and an instant complete armor strip is just miles ahead of the slower Spores strip. A lot of Misasma seemingly crazy performance is also due to viral which helps immensely. Generally the damage typijg of SPores and Miasma are so incredibly good and convenient which is what truly allows her damage to work the way it is working. Saryn is also not really burst oriented. She doesn't snap her finger sand an etire room immeidately disappears. Sure against lower levle mobs that still works but the higher you go up the more it becomes evident that she just applies constant pressure in a large area, whereas other nuke frames can really snap their figners and stuff just dies (Hi Equinox). Saryn also has fundamentally 2 AoE damage abilities. Ember only really has Inferno. Fire Blast does no notable damage its jsut a heat-sink and armor strip which also plays heavily into the match-up. There are certainly ways to improve the new Ember, like reducing energy consumption and making her 3 do a bit more than it does currently. Getting rid of Fireball would be a nice touch as well, as its just a waste of space barring the augment, which is easily transferable to a replacement, but I doubt that in particular will happen any time soon. The main conflcit at hand is however how Saryn can nuke maps due to not requiring LoS while Ember is way more limited in that regard. Inferno,s damage, especially with stripped armor can do a lot of work. If you could press 3 + 4 with Ember and hit everything within 40-50 meters she would be way closer to Saryn and I dare to say situationally better.
  12. Its only a matter of base dps. If a slow Zaw had the most base dps it would be the one used ideally for the most part. The only sdituation how you can make the slow weapons benefit mroe from AS is by making AS mods additive with the base attack speed. So a 0.8 wepaon with Berserker would get to 1.55 attack speed, a 1.0 to 1.75 and a 1.2 to 1.95 but that would give slower weapons a scaling advantage as AS mods would be intrinsically more powerful for slower weapons. The problem with Zaws in particular is that the damage to attack speed ratio got shifted with U26 which pushed high AS Zaws to be the best. Zaws generally need attention as their stat budgeting in general doesn't really hold up with any of the top melees right now. Rebalancing attack speed and damage should happen in the same turn. It would generally help if all the grips would have a place because even before this slip up you mostly used Korb and Shtung with a fast link for optimal base dps. Seekalla and Peye had some niche application for very fats Zaws but the middle of the road grips including the palgue ones have always been useful for nothing and been universally inferior, not even manipulating crit or status in return for lower base dps. First slight error on the Gladiator Might part as you ignore the additional 110% CC from the Setbonus that adds onto Blood Rush. This would push the Might + Berserker Setup to ~38549.2 if I didn't do a mistake in the calculation, which bring sthe option a lot closer to the double AS one. Its a bit strange that Berserker is multiplicative with other sources of Attack Speed. All the other multipliers avaiable are already covered in the base build you used, so obviously AS has as another multipleir the biggest advantage. Just would you expect a diminshing effect with stacking 2 Attack Speed mods like with everything else. Berserker is the outlier here as Primed Fury still provides a full 55% dps increase even with Berserker when it should only provide ~31.4% with additive behavior, which is a lot more in line with the other options. It would only sit at ~35062.6 with your setup instead. Its a great showcase of how stacking different multipliers is the best thing to do. SInce we are relatively limited it also shows how pure crit and pure status weapons suffer from lacking multipliers. Attack Speed is right now the only thing left we can double stack without diminishing returns. Before U26 it wasn't that much of a focus as Blood Rush and other CC sources similarly multiplied with each other, especially Maiming Strike being quite brutal. And ofc CO being multiplicative with itself but that doesn't tkae up extra mod slots, it was just broken in general. On a last note though. Comparisons like this can't measure the influence of status and certains elements. It might not be ideal to use PFS and even if it might be more vlauable to take a second element still for the damage multiplier or proc from the combined element. (like viral effectively doubling your damage as long as you can maintian it) Elements might also skew status procs for better or worse. So while double AS is ideal from a pure multiplier stacking perspective. It isn't necessarily an easy choice to make. AS also providing more value than just sheer dps with faster combo stacking (less relevant now), more mobiltiy due to faster animations and faster status ramp for CO or armor stripping via corrosive also plays for AS though, making it a significantly more complex matter overall to truly minmax your throughput.
  13. Having heavy attacks on holding the melee button just like with charge attacks before was a requested feature. It simply has an unforseen consequence. Maybe it was a bit shortsighted but it hasbenn requested and they followed suit. Ideally they jsut make it a toggle so people who actively want that option can have it while those who either simply don't or are facing the accidental heavies can toggle it off. Ideally it should also be worked on so that it can't go off accidentally due to attack speed and framerate interactions but no idea how difficult that is to do or how long that takes. If it really bothers you so much that you have throw a mindless rant at the forums you can try running Zenurik + Focus Energy to get max efficency without ehavily imapcting your melee build. It certainly is a bit annyoing but just give proper feedback and especially appropriately name the title. Topics like this are just garbage.
  14. I can see what you mean. I'm not really convinced however that we will see this frequently as a means to shut down player power like Nullification and Arbi Drones. I think thats too extreme even for DE who certainly have been on a lowkey crusade agaisnt abilities for some time. Atleast I hope that its clearly visible how it goes directly against their own game design. It would compeltely destroy the loop of the game if you'd have to put your power down every time you wanted new and then still have no palce to use either the old or the new power. Ability disabling is certainly a huge issue right now. Some frames are just stripped of their kit or consistency while others don't give dime. A year ago or so when I still mained Excal I was totally turned off by Abritrations since Exalted Blade couldn't hit drones and if I had to constantly turn it off I mgiht as well play another frame who doesn't care. Similarly as a melee "only" player being constantly purged of all buffs when running near a Demoylst in Disrutpion is insanely annoying. I really like Gauss but I simply can't bring myself to paly him much anymore atm because the missiont ypes I primarily run atm cripple him constantly as its not only a buff recast but also means I have to rebuild the gauge and maintain it again without ever being able to enjoy the 30-40s state where Gauss is at full power. Boss invulenarbility should serve a distinct tpurpose where you are supposed to do something else than directly attacking the boss. Zealoid Prelate did that kinda well Kril and especially Vay Hek are just utter garbage. Definitely agreed on that. If the boss is just randomly immune to damage while still shooting you just the same where its just a waiting game then its jsut badly designed. Can agree on that part. I don't mind formaing a wepaon I like and want to use 5 times. I think its a neat idea to epxand the evel cap a little as long as it proives some beenfits long-term. Primaries already have it tight with mod capacity. Melees have been creeping up voer time but epsecially due to stances are still not quite there and never need more than 5 polarities making level 40 irrelevant. For mastery however its just pure frustration. Having to forma and level a weapon 5 extra times to get that extra bit of mastery is jsut plain bad. I personally don't feel very strong about this as I don't care much about amstery. But there are cleary a lot of people that do, along with it being one line of progression in the game, thus making ti definitely an issue.
  15. Paracesis never struck me as something that will be a one-off regarding the level 40 tbh. I absolutely epxected there to be more of them as some sort of next-gen weapons. The implementation is pretty bad but I've wondered quite a while even ebfore Paraceiss if we'll see stuff past level 30 as most of these ltypes of games eventually reahc a point where the levelling cap is expandend upon. There is also again a vast difference between a mechanic like level 40 weapons and very specific missions with very specific rules. If these were some new type of mission that was just horrible I would still totally expect to see them again. But the Grendel mission are just normal missions you have to do without mods. There is no greater idea behind them that would imply them becoming a staple or steadily returning thing. Not to say that we will never see such missions again but the chance is way lower than with level 40 weapons.
  16. "For the umpteen billionth time" People do not want challenge for the sake of challenge. People want a challenge at the upper end of their power progression. Something where they have to use all they've gathered and all they have learned. Thats what endgame is. A place where you are to use the entirety of your kit and power. People who want to craft their own challenges play sandbox games, not looter games where the core of the game is to acquire power. Taking all your power, all you've worked for and earned away and then say "look now its difficult" is fundamentally undermining the games core loop and isn't particularly engaging for the players who have invested in that core loop. The Grendel missions work maybe as a one time gimmick. They are not a sustainable model of providing challegnes. ANd they have form what I've seen largely gotten negative feedback, not even only because of supposed difficulty but because of how unenjoyable they are. People want to use their powers and setups and take their enjoyment from that. If people are stripped of their tools in a game about tools they are not enjoying themselves. I personally didn't find those missions particularly challenging. They were mostly a slog. They take long, they don't provide itneresting gameplay and if you pick the right frames, you are not even remotely playing a high difficulty or high risk mission. I'm jsut playing the probably most boring and sluggish version of Warframe imaginable. There is a huge difference between an endgame challenge and a challenge for challenge's sake. People want the former as it is a game all about loot and they want a space to use that loot to he fullest potential. Is that so difficult to comprehend?
  17. Seems like atleast the part with the slash procs has been heard with the Rising Tide.. Guess I need to give Jat Kusar another shot now, since regardless of my previous notion about Lacera being possibly better, with enough forced slash procs Jat Kusar can only win that argument. I checked that and you are right. Actually have to thank you for sharing the observation as it vastly improved my view on the Silva & Aegis Prime which had me being a bit disappointed with being a pure elemental still which has some drawbacks right now with the CO changes etc. But with it having access to slash procs now anyway I'm looking forward to playing around with it more. Not sure if I would call any hamemr a good weapon right now. Yeah they can crit very high but raw crit also has a noticable fall-off point. That point is past level 100 but since hammers also have the lowest follow through, generally no slash (except Garas Hammer which lacks crit in return) and are not really that good for status (maybe some gas shenanigans? not sure) I don't have the highest opinion of them.. There are some neat heavy attack build clips of Fragor floating around but the slash proc heavies win that competition long-temr still. High end boils mostly down to the slash heavy hybrid monsters like NIkanas, Tonfas, Dual Swords and Reapers (and Venka Prime and Fang Prime) Lets see how Blade & Whips fare with the changes now.
  18. I actually went into Simulacrum to compare. It takes me like 5s to kill a 120 Nox with msot of my top end melees (Sepfahn Nikana, Kronen Prime, Fang Prime, Nami Skyla Prime) and that is including having to ramp Blood Rush and depending on the weapon Weeping Wounds. My worse end was around 7s again including having to ramp Blood Rush. That is while not breaking the glass and not headshotting, just shredding them to pieces with a setup that actually deals damage. You have a right to build your weapon however you want, I'm merely making suggestions here. But that doesn't change that the clip is a showcase of pretty pathetic damage. It still takes time to stack the combo to x12. You have to do a lot of normal hits, then your enemies actually need to live long enough for relentless to generate value, which they shouldnt in the first place, then you spend it all on one hit. It just isn't practical. Nor very good either since you will spend more time stacking via normal attacks than doing heavy attacks and the wepaon is optimized for non of the two. With Focus Energy and Zenuriks Inner Might you have 90% combo efficency which causes heavies only to take away 10% of your current combo, so you spend way less time restacking and can constantly use high combo heavies, while leaving an addtional mod slot open to do with whatever. If you just want to spam heavies corrupt charge gives you a base combo level and you neither need to stack or combo duration and have again more space to make the build deal more damage. KIlling Blow for instance would double down on that. The point isn't even fi tis equally good on a surface level to relentless, it that relentless is worse but also takes a modslot more to run, which wouldn't make it worth it even if it was equally good. Ironically despite the augment Twin Basolk isn't even a good heavy attack weapon, which makes it all the more important to have the build being optimzied for it to deal with stuff. People can obviously run their weapons how they want, it merely serves as a suggestion. I don't imagine it is particularly fun to take ages to kill something for the sheer sake of a more "unique" mod setup.
  19. You shouldn't need 20s to kill a single Nox even if its 120. It shouldn't even take half as long. If you want to regularly use charge attacks either run a corrupt charge build or run Zenurik and Focus Energy for max combo efficency, both version free up a slot. Relentless is probably the worst way to go about heavy attacks. Generally investing 3 mods into a half-hearted heavy attack build will just cause both normal and heavy attack damage to be weak.
  20. Zaws got shot in the back with U26. Orthos Prime and Lesion are top of the foodchain for Polearms. CO was broken as hell. It needed to be reigned in, just as much as Blood Rush being its own crit multiplier needed to be reigned in. The only mistake with CO was that it should've still been its own multiplier, just additive with itself rather than multiplicative hwich is what made it so broken. Build Diversity did indeed not flourish with the update but there are a lot more melee weapons in general that are very strong and you can play almsot any weapon class to great effect now, which is a vast improvement. Pure Crit and pure status are both just essentially dead since they both alone don't have enoguh scalability. YOu jsut can't stack enoguh multiplier but since you have enough space for both hybrids get to have all the multipliers and run away with the damage. That to say a S#&$ ton of weapons are hybrid viable, so its not only a few select wepaons who can run them, rather the opposite only a few can not. And hybrid builds are still easily taking down stuff way past level 100. Thats was painfully slow. What are Drifting Contact and Relentless Combination even still doing there? You don't use the combo for anything its just 2 dead mods.
  21. I Love being oneshot by my own Sentinel. I love accidentally oneshotting defense/mobile defense objectives and instantly fail the mission. Killing teammates is kinda the smallest issue as you can just pick them up again. Radiation can be pretty fun but in certain mission types its just godawful to play. In Radiation Hazrd Mobile Defenses I'm more conerned with picking a frame that can't be rad procced because I'm the greatest danger to my objective. Enemies don't even come close. Its mostly a non-issue because death isn't a huge deal and its not appearing on normal enemies. It however is certainly a total misfit for the game, just like self-damaging weapons.
  22. Not sure how I should feel about this. Its exciting when content comes in spades. But I still feel a bit like sitting in a burning house with the Old Blood and would've had that fire put out and the systems ironed out before jumping into the next thing. I'm also not sure if its provides anything of value. Like gameplay wise. If its just Hema in ship form and setting out to grind the regular missions as always its like whatever. They could simply release the required crafting costs and drop no patch at all. So people could still grind otu the resources and requirements and have it when the actual space ship content is ready. I want to feel excited about this but I don't feel like I can be genuinely excited about this. If we are making up ship crafting requirements. I would include a choice of: 10.000 Mutagen Samples 50.000 Cryotic 20.000 Oxium 1.000 Tellurium
  23. It deals 25% more damage to cloned Flesh (Grineer) and low ranked infested (Infested,Infested Flesh solely. It doesn't deal increased damage to the hp of Corpus.or high ranking Infested lIke Ancients. For all types heat is good against there is atleast one that is equally good what the match-up is concerned while providing a stronger proc (talking pre-Update ofc) which makes it completely outclassed on a match-up basis. A damage type that is outclassed on every front is not good in my book. Because you never have a legitimate reason to run it over another element. To be clear it wasn't the worst damage type but it was bad comparatively to the options you had. Outside of Ember you never had a reason to run it if you wanted optimal throughput. There are match-ups that rad is worse than heat, yes, but when I would rank elements I would cosnider the "global" importance of an element. Radiation is the choice for Eidolon hunting and highly effective against Sortie bosses like Ambulas or Tyl Regor. Radiation is also for weapons that don't strip armor which gives pure crit weapons a way of dealing with alloy armor without needing external armor stripping or generally deal with alloy armored units that are status immune (Wolf was I think and ofc already mentioned Eidolons) While these are not groundbreaking it atleast has certain situations where it is the best choice without needing an excessive multiplier.
  24. Bad excuse for not listing Gas, its still its onw distinct element, even if the procs deal toxin damage. And you don't give a reason why heat is a better choice than radiation for general use, ofc ignoring old Ember synergies. Please explain to me what made heat good before U26 by itself. Saying it is doesn't make it so and I see it neither having particularly interesting strong match-ups nor did it have a notable proc as you yourself also pointed out.
  25. The thing is, it doesn't matter that you wrecked shields or armorless targets. ANY damage type wrecks shields and unarmored health. Its not that I'm not believing you, its that its no achievement and doesn't speak for the strength of anything. Heat being on the top of the bad elements doesn't make it good. What made it good was the absolutely ridiculous multiplier and extra heat damage Ember could provide. It could've multiplied the worst element in the game and it would still result in absolutely devastating power. Heat Procs before U26 were so weak that they might as well not have existed. Heat damage isn't anytihng special match up wise. So it was essentially just neutral damage. Thats in no way "good". Thats all I'm talking about. Heat right now is fantastic, which is great because we need a lot of the elements to be better. Your list also lacks Gas and as long as you don't run 4x CP or other forms of compelte armor strip I would also put Radiation in front of heat, quite simply because of how strong it is against Alloy armor as it is so frequent among higher ranking armored units and bosses. But thats not even really relevant to the point.
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