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  1. Am 6.12.2019 um 19:33 schrieb LupoDWolf:

    not really if we remember that prime dispo was affected by base one. With this change there is a great chance that they will became at least on par in riven+ weapon power

    It really depends on the weapon and the level of power creep it introduces. Gram vs Gram Prime is such a vast difference that even 1.5 vs 0.5 won't make that difference up. But then again base Gram is incredibly weak and Gram Prime overpowers all the other Heavy Blades quite significantly. A little elss so since U26 which brought them closer together but its still qutie significantly ahead.

    But how does that work with for example the Bazza, since we will get it in about a week. Baza is already up there as a weapon. Its not a an ancient bottom of the barrel weapon like base Gram. It mgiht not be the very top but its fiarly wellb budgeted as a weapon. How far higher can you push that weapon without introducing significant power creep? Imagine it gets like 5% crit and status and like 20% more base dmg just as an example. Now the weapon starts being quite popular because thats already fairly strogn as the base is laready a pretty good weapon. DIspo is adjusted to 0.5 for the prime and base sits at the 1.0 it currently has. This disposition difference is already capable of nullifiying the difference between the 2 versions in this particular example. With an especially good roll the base version should even come out ahead.

    Now its no guarantee that Baza Prime will drop to 0.5 dispo. There is no guarantee it will be only buffed by 5% CC/SC and 20% base dmg. It might be more, it mgiht be less. But regardless its a fragile point int he system. DE needs to constantly check if a Prime is good enough to not lose against a rivened base variant. They also should not mercilessly powercreep the game to run away from strong high dispo base weapons, especially sicne we already have no content to match the current powerlevel we have.

    Its a huge additional balancing act and it can twist either weapon power level or riven power levels in weird ways and we'll have to see if thats worth what we're gaining out of it.

  2. Will Zaws get another look? They have fallen quite a bit comparatively with U26.

    Any chance Condition Overload is going to be separated from Melee Base damage for modding purposes? It is a bit awkward with them being additive, also discriminates base dmg buffs LIke Chroma's Vex Armor a bit more than necessary

    Will we see changes to enemy armor and health scaling in the foreseeable future? So its not all about armor anymore and everything else is oneshot.

    Will we get missions with a starting level of ~150+? Level 100 has been a thing since the Second Dream and we've gotten so much more powerful since then but there aren't really missions to reflect that and sitting over an hour in a mission to get to the meaty part can be pretty tiring.

  3. Changes look like a step in the right direction.

    However why do we still need to convert the lich before conceding them to someone else? While the trading option is a great idea it still doesn't stop players needing to hunt Liches that don't provide any rewards for the player. If i get a duplicate weapon with a worse roll I have zero motivation to hunt that Lich and even if I have a friend who wants that weapon I still have to hunt him, expend resources and time to be able to do so.

    I don't mind hunting the liches in general but I feel like I'm wasting my time when I hunt a luch that doesn't provide a new weapon or a better roll of a wepaon I already have. It would be great if either I get a way to drop Liches I don't get anytihng out of or have other rewards for me to go on lich hunting. Maybe I can dissolve weapons I don't want at all into a sizeable amount of Kuva? Maybe there can be a Kuva reward for converting the LIch as them helping doesn't seem to have any notable impact other than being a neat moment the first few times it happens.

    Farming the requiem mods via Kuva Survival gives extra incentive via Kuva. So I feel like its worth doing them even if I don't immediately need a requiem mod. Arbitrations also reward a steadily useful resource, so you gain something even if you just run them for fun. The Liches however lack that,especially since they are in separated missions and are not combinable with other efforts and just hunting a Lich for multiple hours potentially just to get another chance at not being disappointed by a duplicate feels pretty bad.

  4. vor 1 Stunde schrieb MaXimillion_Zero:

    Is that a problem? The vast majority of players who don't use Rivens will aspire to get the new fancy weapon, and those that do have a top tier Riven get to feel smart about knowing to use the old weapon instead since it ends up being the stronger one with a good Riven.

    Its in so far a problem that newly introduced loot is less attractive for veteran palyers who are more likely to have invested into Rivens. The whole point of the game is acquiring loot in some shape or form. If suddenly new items are not attractive for already invested players whats in it for them? Why should they keep playing when future weapons are only worse than what they already have because of their investment in the game, not even because the stats are worse.

    I mean imagine someone really likes the Corinth, got a riven for it, forma'ed it 100 times for the memes and then COrinth Prime was announced. Prime Announcements are usually quite joyful for the people who like the non-primed variants as they get an upgraded version and form a lore point the true fullest potential version of a weapon. The stats look great a solid improvement without pushing the power creep too much. But exactly because it isn't mindlessly powercreeped that purple mod in the corner of your normal Cornith jsut laughs at you as the lower disposition of the primed variant eats away at what was suppsoed to be an upgrade and that player as a vivid Corinth lover has no reason to try and get the best version Cornith can be.

    On a surface level it might not look bad when both variants already exist and have been for years. But going forward with new content and weapons it can become a serious issue.
    Its a backwards philosophy. Similarly it always looks great if new content is available to new players and they can choose and be at the newest stage of everything but in reality you are overfeeding those who already have too much on their plate to swallow, while those who already had theirs ages ago and begin to starve keep starving because the content is not for them.


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  5. While Its nice to differentiate weaker versions of the same weapon to stronger primed or similar versions it opens a new can of worms.

    You literally can't release a new prime weapon anymore that doesn't absolutely destroy its counterpart if you apply a lower disposition, especially so when the dispo drops below 1.0.

    We already have the dilemma with Dragon Nikana and Nikana Prime. Nikana Prime is the distinctively better weapon but Dragon Nikana has a 1.35 dispo, while Nikana P has 0.5. This leads to Dragon Nikana being the stronger weapon with an accordingly strong riven as that allows it to outpace the basic stat advantage of Nikana P. The Issue is softened by not having weapons drop below 1.0 as 1.0 still provides enough stats to solidify the use of a riven and thus the primed version as the stronger one but as soon as it goes lower and the rivens generally are not necessarily worth using that much at all anymore which leads to newly primed weapons being worse than the original for riven invested players.

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  6. Thoughts on the Ember rework.

    Overall a huge improvement in usability. She should see a lot more play, especially in higher level missions. BUT

    She is WAY too energy hungry. Her 2 is very centralizing by being both your much needed defense and increasing the damage of your other abilities + enabling the complete armor strip of her 3 which is again important to make her 4 actually kill stuff because otherwise it just does nothing against armor.

    The drain is way too much. The drain should not ramp up over time. I would even prefer a decay after x time of not casting abiltiies over this. Its well within the spirit of Grendel I guess just that she devours all your energy instead of just the enemies. The thing is how much of a double down it is. If you sit at the 90% cap you lose energy at an increasing rate and you don't gain energy by certain sources as all channels. Then you have to SPEND energy to stop her energy from draining too much but since her meter just goes immeidtely up again you have to keep spending energy to stop you from ...spending too much energy. Its paradox and feels very impractical.

    The core issue here is that you get into a lose-lose situation where you either have to give up both damage and survivability or keep losing energy even when not in combat. Especially since her immolation also ramps quite a bit at the start you can't just flick it on and off in high level missions when traveling between combat spaces.

    It feels like she is designed around using Energize and her 4 augment to maintian herself and given the build restrictions and rng nature + energize being rare/expensive it seems a rather harsh pre-requisite to really keep the frame going.

    The damage of her 4 seems okay, I would like it do a bit more since I would compare it to Bladestorm and while it has easier and more functional targetting it still feels like its falling a bit short occasionally. Not talking major buffs here. It might be more itneresting icnrease the splash of individual meteors to really blow up stacked enemies and not just increase the base dmg a bit. Overall the ability looks pretty good though. Note on the augment. It is terribly rng and it doesn't seem to work on kills not directly being her 4, despite the augment stating the target has to die while being affected by her 4.

    Her 3 seems to be blocked by LoS and sometimes weirdly moreso than her 4 which requires LoS by description. I would honestly want to see the LoS restriction removed entirely since this ability is pretty important to hit and you can barely ever make use of its range when every little pebble on the ground stops it form hitting enemies.

    Her 1 keeps being a platform for her 1 augment and isn't really ever worth using. I can't even put much feedback to it the ability is jsut so irrelevant. If it had a sizeable AoE like 10-15 meters maybe it would be a decent tool but as this sort of single target gets beaten by weapon damage but costs energy ability its not worth using, especially with how energy demanding she currently is.

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  7. From the Devstream. An unmodded Skana has 120 base dmg with the update. Right now its 35. Thats a ~240% increase in damage. So the baseline compensation is somewhere similar to a 3.5x combo multiplier right now. There might also be weapons getting further icnreases and changes since Skana is only your tutorial weapon and we are getting additional rebalancing similar to the one happened for primaries and secondaries which might actually make some already strong weapons even stronger at base.

    Scaling for Blood Rush and Condition Overload.need to be seen. Both mods are tbh just beyond broken, reigning them in mgiht be a first step to actually get a hold of the nubmers in the game because as it is right now we wil never see interesting endgame because the numbers are just so all over the place and in complete misalignment with the content in the game.
    Also, people have slaughtered enemies way past 100 even ebfore CO, Blood Rush and Body Count/Drifting Contact were around and given how with a decent riven you can make builds fully utilizing all of them combined while still including elements, range and slide crit melee scaling is beyond control right now and if we ever want serious endgame that provides a healthy challenge we need more than a fix to reward systems and armor scaling because dmg sclaing is jsut as broken.

    Even if its a nerf for the moment at levels outside of any intended playing field it is overall healthier to eventually bring the challenges into the intended playing field, thats assuming that this is the long-term goal though and not just the new staus quo of melee damage though.

    Personally sceptically optimistic. I hope Range isnt being gutted, since nobofy wins if the additive range increase is so puny it doesnt even matter for shorter ranged weapons.

    WIth the current record of charged attacks I'm also hoping these heavy attacks are worth using. A single hit taking 3 times the time of a nomral attack for triple damage is nobody going to use, especially if its also consuming a resource you have to build for it. Those attacks better be really hard nukes you can utilize to blow up priority targets to give them a niche that isnt already covered by double range red crit slide attacks. I'm also a bit concerned about Life Strike, since that has been a cornerstone of sustain for my melee heavy play style on a lot of frames, especially those who lack 90%+ dmg reductions (HI, Excal my fallend favorite) and having channel being a toggle was already a huge pain.

    I really like getting back access to a full melee mode. The loss of melee aim gliding, manual blocking and access to blocking combos without accidentally switching to your gun were pretty annoying and I simply went away from weapons which heavily utilized blocking combos as it felt like a hassle and wasn't very enjoyable.

    In the end a lot here boils down to numbers which are completely missing from the workshop. SUch changes always boil down to numbers and while I like the overall direction of this melee rework as a as-far-as-possible melee only player its success hinges entirely on if it retains the power of melee weapons or expands upon the usability of melee weapons. If range is bad after the changes, its gonna suck because walking up to every single enemy to knock them out just isn't a good plan for this game. There are already S#&$ ton of absolutely fantastic melee wepaons who are insane on paper and do ridiculous damage (Hi Dual Swords with Carving Mantis) but don't get ANY traction because you are faster finishing your mission by cleaving through 10 enemies with even a quarter of the damage rather than oneshotting one by one. (Which is also due to how broken numbers are)
    Similarly if damage just falls down stories upon stories there will be no point in not just shooting things. There needs to be a distinct pay-off by needing to get closer to enemies and given how much work and how distinct the melee system in Warframe actually is, I simply don't buy it being complimentary and jsut a side-arm story, even if there are a ton of badly designed bosses you can't really melee.


    I'm sceptically optimistic because I like the general direction and how it helps a bit laying ground work for making the game's state endgame viable by reigning in scaling.
    But since the changes are so deep at the core numbers matter a lot because melee weapons compete with ranged wepaons and aren't just a side-arm or a mere compliment.
    Especially range and throughput are important and without the numbers ot the mod changes there is no judgement to be made, a lot is speculation and the changes affect the melee meta in such a fundamental way that it can go any way, from an absolutely fantastic powerhouse of a system to a complete garbage fire with shiny stickers attached for pointless flashiness.



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