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  1. Endless loading screen usually means something is interfering with warframe normal running. The solution isn't to have more bloated code, but to figure out what's causing it. Turn off every program you have, even those that live in the system tray. Software like discord, steam, nvidia geforce loves to inject themselves into games and sometimes they put their fingers in the wrong gear of warframe. Easy work around "I dont care what happen": have nothing else running when you play warframe Identification steps that will lead toward a more permanent fix for everybody else: close every other running software, note down their name. Make sure that warframe run without issues. Then one by one turn back on the software until you get stuck in loading screen. Once you have identified which software, or group of software that's causing the issue, report to the bug forums.
  2. I think your best option would be to provide a screenshot of the room you are describing cause ... I certainly don't get it, sorry.
  3. Redacted the answer about banes mods and void corruption as the answer provided on stream was incorrect, replaced with the proper answer given in reddit Added the image showing the effect of reach mods in the post
  4. Q: Does it last the entire Duration on Channeled Abilities (i.e Soundquake)? The answer is yes, kind of, the efficiency and duration are not cached, they are calculated on the fly. Ability strength and ability range are cached. Void Corruption and Energy corruption is the same. Those effects are similar to having a temporary mod being added to your warframe. They all caches strength and range at the beginning. Same question for razorwing blitz: Its looks to me like it uses the strength when razorwing was cast. When you go into razorwing it cache the power strength and if you use razorwing blitz, it get the stats from razorwing Q: how is the mastery available on each starchart node distributed? Ie does it depend on the level of the node and do assassination nodes get eg +10? Mastery on starchart nodes hasn't been a thing since junctions have been added. The decision was instead of tying to nodes its tied to junctions to be able to move nodes around, removing or adding, without having to adjust mastery xp.There might be lingering xp, but it should be all from junction. There is still xp on some nodes mostly really low and the junction give the lion share. Now the question is, how is the mastery available it was probably done by eyeball 5 years ago. Q: Does Komorex's second zoom "+100% Damage" applies to base damage or final damage? Sounds like something you could check in the simulacrum. First zoom level is recoil punch through, additive. Second Zoom is final multiplayer, it doesnt stack with anything. This is the type of upgrade to add final elemental stuff, and its really weird. Q: what causes capture missions to turn to exterminate? You have a list of spawn and its only run if you spawn in the spawn room. It depends entirely on the . It also check if you have unranked gears, so if you have a warframe level 5 or bellow it wont trigger If its quest, sorties, kuva it wont trigger. it will only do on capture, mobile defense and sabotage, and then its a 1 in 15 capture. Q: Since loot abilities no longer stack what is the criteria and/or order of operations for which ability gets credit? Once an ability has succesfully squized the loot out of a body, it flag them with a symbol and you cant get more loot out of it. It doesnt matter which abilities goes first. They all get a fair shake as long as no loot hasn't been extracted. Q: Is Frost's chilling globe augment affected by ability strength and duration? The freeze duration is affected by the ability duration, but the chance to freeze is not affected by strength. Q: Does [Amalgam Furax Organ Shatter body count]'s blast radius passive work on secondary weapons? Its only for rifles. Cant use on sonikor, cant use on pox. how does an update that has no influence on a specific section of the game (say, if there have been no hotfix notes related to transference in the past update, for example) break that part of the game? There is 2 hundred millions lines of codes. There is so much out there, its all systems on systems on systems. Where you choose to add a new feature can really affect how the core system works. Q: How does spawn rate in survival works? Basicly the AI manager create influence map. it determine where in the level would be most appropriate to spawns more enemies. Q: Can you 100% confirm or deny that using enemy radar causes enemies in survival to move toward the players at a higher rate than not having said radar mods? Even though it seems accepted as common knowledge I still see disagreement in relation to it. I can absolutely confirm having working on that code that he does not. Spawn selection uses this influence maps describe [in last question] Q: Does Enemy Radar improve pathing issues? (Prevent things like: Enemies stop in place, get lost, never move from their spawn point.) Ai pathfinding is not influence by the radar mods. Q: Is enemy spawn in survival constant Its not. We have a slight delay between when we evaluate enemies and when we spawn them, and we spawn multiple at onces. Other mods spawn differently, interception works in squad spawner. It makes an effort to bundle up to make a stronger unit to make it more interesting. Q: were you the lead developer for The Jordas Verdict trial? I was not a developer involved in trials. Q: Does Arcane Guardian's Armor affect the damage that triggered Arcane Guardian to activate? The order of operation is trigger the arcane and calculate the damage reduction. The answer is yes, it trigger just in time which is cool. My understand is that the proccing is separate for arcanes. Q: what is the critical chance of her razorflies? Looks like 20% crit 2x crit mul, 10% status and 2.0 fire rate. Q: If I proc Gas, do I proc Gas and Toxin for Condition Overload and if Gas, how long does the Gas Proc last? There is no such things as gas proc for condition overload, it doesnt work at all. Q: How is dmg of the grenades calculated in the wiki it says it scales with enemy level but what's the formula. Could there be some stats of the dmg dealt or even an in game death report shown. Grenades are a weapon like any other, so it should scale normally. It uses all the same damage scaling code it start with 495 damage and it level up the same way as everything else works (which is in the wiki). The number of level above the agen base level, which various enemies to enemies. Its using the regular damage curve. Weapon type is no crit chance, 10% status proc damage type is blast. Q: How many horses do you own (alive and/or stuffed)? 2 stuffed horses. All troll gifts. Q: have you ever encountered code so terrible that you were left wondering how in the actual hell it was able to work? This happens more often that I care to admit. There is a lot of legacy, from this project and also from previous projects. Something that never worked the randomization of laser door in jupiter remaster. Q: Are the drop chances for toroids outside of corpus bases different from that inside? There is a different an enemy spec indoor from outdoor, but they have a similar droptable. The droptable is the same, but its possible that the enemy flow might be better indoors, or there is enemy types that are more likely. When we start an encounter, it select a drop table for the encounter, which is based on the hint of the encounter. Q: What's the weirdest variable, class or method name you used on Warframe code? One of the variable we like to remember to use is AmountOfFogCloseBy. Q: What is the drop rate on energy and health orbs? - Heavy unit - Regular enemies - Sniper Crates: Q: Is there any mod/item you'd like to see in the game that you feel is missing. I want a mod that is + gravity, that is equal to zephyr - gravity, and I want in return something. Zephyr dont have a lot of armor. So zephyr doesnt float, but have more armor. But you could use it on other frames. You can make other frames possibly tankier. I also want the same thing to remove nezha passive. Have those be available on other warframe. Q: Generally, what goes into forming a working party, able to do mission(s) with friends in Warframe? (Host session setup, clients joining, etc) Alice and Bob are both players and they are their home network and they have a router.Alice have an address only accessable on alice network and the router translate it from public to private. Both have their own private network. Bob cant talk to Alice from the private network. They both have public addresses. When alive want to go to a website, the router intercept the packet and change the address of origin, that's IP masquerading. [Insert here explication about NAT and stuff] Q: With Warframe being an ever-evolving game, made up of many different old and new systems... What would you consider the most important thing you've learned over the years when working on new things that interact with older systems? I dont really do a lot of gameplay system, I'm more a low level than that. There is a really great GDC lecture about NBA. There is a lot of interesting takeaways. The lesons they learned is to stick with the simpliest system possible. Make things flexible but also make it as simple as possible. I was looking at event exploints. There is crazy S#&$ that you can do with riven mods, there are interactions that hasn't been done. I was trying to look at this complexity that was not needed. Yank when needed, go with the simplest solution. Q: Is it possible to have over 9.999.999 endo? or will the game rollover back to 0? I'm getting close to that number and would like clarification. The answer is yes, I dont believe there is a technical limit on how much endo you have, but you are a long way from 4 billions Q: where does this "demolyst" scan come from and how can i trigger them to spawn in game? Its the shadow of the dead spawned by the spectralyst. Looks like its setup wrong. This random demolyst is probably not indeed to be present in the codex. Q: is it true that the enemies are still on the map after you kill them all in an exterminate, we just can't see, hear, or attack them and there passive towards us I dont know where you get this crazy idea, but that's not the case. They are properly removed afterwards, there is no traces of them left other than their corpses. Q: When you use a Regular/Primed Bane of Grineer/Corpus/Infested mod, does the 55% Damage to Grineer/Corpus/Infested affect the specific faction's enemies in Void Fissures when they become Corrupted or only as long as they are un-Corrupted? Banes will still works even after the corruption. The enemies that spawn out of the fissure are also of the same faction. Bane mods for the win. Copying Glen's answer from this reddit post: Q: I'm wondering what are the exact stats of Nyx Menticide Helmet's arcane variation. Max shield effect is clear, - 5%, but what about the parkour move effects? Its 25% and mobilse 20% so its better than mobilize Q: From Update 22.12, referring to Gara's Mass Vitrify: Wall health scales based on health and shields of the enemies it glasses over. Minimum value per target is affected by Strength and Armor, meaning weaker enemies still contribute something worthwhile. It is possible to have further details such as formula used and how this value is added to the wall? (single segment that vitrify the target, added to the total health and divided into every segment, etc.) The minimum health is base health + (your armor * 5) The health added per enemy is either 100/150/200/320 modded by str or (targets shields + target health) / 10 whichever is greater. It is not per section, it is the whole health of the wall. Every section has its own health but if you hit an enemy at one side the effect will apply to all sections. Q: How does an increase in melee range affect a melee weapon's hitbox? Paracesis unmodded Paracesis with primed reach equipped Paracesis unmodded Paracesis with Primed Reach equipped
  5. Hey, First of all thanks a lot for the work DE and the moderation team are putting into this. I have one question, would it be possible to increase the number of moderators ? I'm from EU english and don't get me wrong, I think the active moderators we have are doing a fantastic job, however there is so few of them which leads to those moderators to be in region for extended period of time. Chat is noticeably different depending on whether or not moderators are present and we need them but I don't feel we can ask more of the volunteers already present. So yeah, more moderators in EU, please ?! 🙂
  6. He is talking about warframe support for windows XP, which they still support it. But they are planning on discontinuing it.
  7. Hello everyone on the couch I wanted to talk about the new user experience. I know this is a subject that has come up time and time again, but since the specters of the rails update we haven't seen any major changes on that end. As warframe grow more and more mechanics and system are added but some are not as tutorialised as other. For Fortuna I wanted to commend DE on the conservation, I think their flow is well explained (aside from how to start the hunt, requiring to equip the tranq gun). However at the same time other mechanics are just not explained at all. For instance fish parts from the Orb Vallis. When you learn from the foundry you need one of those you have absolutely no way to tell how to get them, what they are from or when said fish spawn. When new players join they are overwhelmed by the learning curve. I think this is because the game doesn't teach them anything and they have to rely on the wiki or the community. Just one look at region chat for 20 minutes show how bad it is and how much of a turn off it can be for new players. My questions are what is your opinion on it ? Is there any plan to significantly improve it ? I know small improvements have been made but but some of them just don't work, for instance the incubator from mars junctions, players still ask how to get one when doing the howl of the kubrow quest. I could go on and on about but it wouldn't fit a devstream question format. I know it's not at exciting as making a big new update but in my opinion this is something that DE have left alone far too long. Thank you for reading, and for making warframe.
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