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  1. Since I have 13 days left to wait for the big daily tribute milestone that is 1000 days login... are you planning something special as a reward since most of the time this is considered a huge milestone? Other than stating that I have no life of course! Also in a previous devstream a while ago, really can't recall which one that was, you mention something about clan levels obtained through research potentially giving our clans different perks... was that idea scratched? Otherwise I really don't see the relevance of said clan levels...
  2. Would it be possible to fix being stuck in the loading screen when getting the prompt "Session unavailable" please... as of now the only way to get out of it is by closing the game using Alt+F4 which is really annoying!
  3. Having a major issue with the new Architect Obstacle Course... I don't know if its simply because we made a complicated and therefor challenging course, with only 9 capacity left! But the game keeps crashing for everyone trying to run it, as soon as the loading screen is around 75%, it freezes and then the game crashes... This is really getting annoying as we inspected the whole layout and couldn't find anything that would simply justify such problem. Is it possible that because we're using almost all the room capacity is making the game crash? Is there a limit for some items like Dummies, Lasers and Red Tiles? Also take note that it would be interesting if ammo count would reset between each tries, having to exit and then reload into the instance is just a waste of time (when we managed to test out a simpler course!)... Never mind my post... managed to find what went wrong... seems that objects clipping into each other was the reason for not being able to get in or if loading the game was crashing.
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