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  1. Late reply, sorry. I'm not sure what might be causing that, but I was thinking it could be from them reducing the tether distance from you to the MOA. I find that my companions tend to stand around, get wounded or downed before they are ever so inclined to catch up. If these aren't of any help, at least I tried. Maybe they need to fix it again.
  2. It's either a bug, or was forgotten about and should be remembered for consistency.
  3. Source I think they no longer hack spy vaults for you, which is a shame. I would prefer that they would make it an exception if the alarms were triggered, but have it work once per mission or on a very long cool-down.
  4. In the context of that post I thought you were saying they didn't have any that could be used on them. My bad, I was wrong. However, I'm sure it'll get one eventually. Though I don't understand why shields are important when Medi-Pet Kit and Odomedic exist since the latter heals you and the robotic companion (noticeably only the MOA, but that's probably a bug), unless they decide to patch that out. I understand that not everyone has the mod, or a Hildryn, but shields are just laughably paper thin at the moment, to me at least.
  5. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Shield_Charger It actually does, but okay.
  6. You are fighting Vomvalysts right? Those are easiest for that riven challenge.
  7. I don't have social media, and why must I spread awareness of something that is paramount to you?
  8. I clicked and voted, it isn't a malicious site. I do agree though it would be best on social media where more people would be able to see it.
  9. Hello! I want to start this off with the premise that I think I understand two-tone energy. Isn't it supposed to be consistent across the casting of the ability and integrated into the ability itself with both of the aforementioned instances and not just one? I'm not too sure if this was an intended change but Mag's two-tone energy colors for her Magnetize and Polarize abilities don't appear to be functioning properly. The two-tone for her 2nd ability appears to only work inside of and not on the sphere itself, while on her 3rd, it only appears to utilize it on the lining of the field. Mags Pull and Crush abilities appear to be working, but it wouldn't hurt to check. Since it's sort of weird how you have this magnetic bubble and you get to see only a small portion of the dual energy at work, if it is intended, can it be changed to work on both instances of the ability instead of just the one? I noticed another bug, if you link an item and then a mod config, it breaks the first linked item. Like so: This also appears to happen with linking a weapon and then a corresponding riven. If multiple items are linked, all things prior to the riven mod will be unlinked. Hydroid's Undertow ability toggles off sprint when exiting the ability. This also happens with Wisp's Sol Gate. Throwing the fishing spear while having sprint toggled on causes the user to jog whilst moving until shift is pressed again. When downed and using Synoid Gammacor and presumably the regular variant, while firing and moving backwards without moving the mouse, the character will begin to rotate. This occurs both as a client and host. Sorry about any confusion, and thanks!
  10. I would never intentionally say that you are discouraged from providing feedback. I read the thread at face value a couple of hours back before logging on and posting. Generally when I see these types of posts and the title "state of the game" I assume: content drought. Now I see it's more or less about having the same thing that is present now but with more arbitrary variables and rewards. So 'bout that positivity? No negative opinions? This is awkward.
  11. Please read my post next time instead of manifesting assumed argument points. I did not argue against or for this "common practice" I merely stated the fact of the hypocrisy that I keep seeing when it comes to "content drought and me." Seemingly because the game (to you and whomever else) is lacking content, or the game is x/y/z, or it's not enough purple, because my favorite youtuber clickbaiter Content Creator said so. How about this: instead of fearing for the end times: go play or do something else and let the developers work on content at the speed that they are capable and not at the speed of which you and others' impatience runs? No? Bandwagon away then, my dude. ..and now for something totally different: Electric Boogalo forum post part 2! Empyrean is coming this year. Disruption additions by this week, and other stuff. Big update? Oh no content drought!
  12. How can one both want challenge and an endgame but continuously seek out attempts to endlessly use meta to trivialize the content in question and allow for faster, subsequent runs? The boredom you create for yourself is a fault that cannot be blamed at anyone else, not even the game. The developers can only raise the bar higher, but then if they do that, it is too hard. If they don't, they're catering to "casuals." and the game is supposedly starting to die if that happens. Forums in any place tend to be cannibalistic. But it is okay, I brought an umbrella, I knew the sky would be falling today, as it did in 2018. Fearmongering and doom-saying will never go out of fashion around here.
  13. Minor issue here: Having sprint toggled while using Wukong's abilities Cloud Walker and Defy causes sprint to toggle off and become a regular jog. It isn't affecting the UI or changing any settings that I can see, but is causing a noticeable difference in movement speed while in mission. Disclaimer: I'm not sure if a post was created about this. If so, sorry! Thank you.
  14. While I'm a bit late to this party, I'm noticing a glaring issue here. You would prefer to alter how someone else is able to play so that it works for you, and this "we"? People are able to grab those 200+ kills by how they mod. Just like people can choose to play in a game-mode that they would like to have control over. It's also amusing that you cite Hydron that this is a problem on, the same node people use for ranking up items quickly. Unfortunately, stepping on some one else's toes does not rectify this situation. ...You speak of wanting balance? I think Rivens and overused meta weapons would like to have a word with you. Speaking of that, how about when I want to participate but weapons like Atterax are being used to limit my ability to participate?
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