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  1. While I'm a bit late to this party, I'm noticing a glaring issue here. You would prefer to alter how someone else is able to play so that it works for you, and this "we"? People are able to grab those 200+ kills by how they mod. Just like people can choose to play in a game-mode that they would like to have control over. It's also amusing that you cite Hydron that this is a problem on, the same node people use for ranking up items quickly. Unfortunately, stepping on some one else's toes does not rectify this situation. ...You speak of wanting balance? I think Rivens and overused meta weapons would like to have a word with you. Speaking of that, how about when I want to participate but weapons like Atterax are being used to limit my ability to participate?
  2. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Upcoming_Features ...Your replies?
  3. ..But normal infestation already corrupts biological life forms. The Mutalist strain infects inorganic forms. Are we really going to modify it so it purposely infects just kavats, the creatures that have been consuming it for who knows how long? Sounds like a plot hole.
  4. This works both ways, you know. You are making the assumption that they are susceptible to the infestation from presumably thin air. This must explain why kubrows don't have an infested variant- Oh wait. They do. But then again the wikia doesn't claim they eat infestation. The wikia (that's updated by numerous individuals daily and checked for accuracy or otherwise that information would be removed) must be wrong then. The final nail in the coffin: Just in case you want to keep using the "it came from the wikia, it's not right." argument, here's a question for you, maybe the people at the wikia just got their information from another game similarly called Warframe?
  5. How can something that not only eats infestation but is seemingly unaffected by doing so, become "infested"?
  6. I'm just gonna refer you to here: https://forums.warframe.com/guidelines/ What you've said has not been constructive. You have insulted others simply on the notion of you disagreeing with their opinion and you, feeling the need to cause conflict. Then you make these baseless claims when someone tries to remain neutral and ask you a series of question to understand your logic.
  7. I mean you just made a baseless assumption, so you tell me.
  8. So if someone says something I don't like, or has a mindset I don't particularly agree with, does this mean I get to, non-constructively insult them and that makes the whole situation better?
  9. And? So what? You insult people because they use a phrase?
  10. When reasoning fails, resorting to personal insults never does. It's just their opinion, you don't have to subscribe to it, you don't have to agree with it.
  11. Hate to sound like a broken record but will this be addressed?
  12. Thanks for the fixes. @[DE]Danielle Could someone from the team take a look at this, it hasn't been addressed and I wonder if it's just been completely ignored.
  13. I don't think any of us know for certain, but we can only hope.
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