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  1. No worries, I hope I was able to be of some assistance.
  2. Yes. At one point they were, see below. Source: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1166021-empyrean-kuva-lich-changes-2710-27101/ I think by contacting a forum moderator. Users can't delete their own posts.
  3. Hey there, I just tested this myself and cannot find the issue you're talking about. I did a fissure mission with the Redeemer Prime (with life strike equipped), and on hitting an enemy with a charge attack (middle mouse button/alt fire), my frame received health. Are you sure you're using alt fire, and not just a regular E attack?
  4. Hey, @[DE]Momaw, this was the post I was referring to in chat today.
  5. Two years ago: Different problem with the same cause. It was likely my misunderstanding of what the mod was supposed to do compared to what I wanted it to do. The mod will only allow a sixth shot in conjunction Terminal Velocity. Why? Ask Digital Extremes, because I sure don't have an answer for you. Not to mention if the roll of dice decides that you deserve the rare and elusive 6th bounce. I did some testing with a friend a while back after my post was closed. It appears that if it doesn't have a surface to bounce off of within a short span of time, it will expire. If my post was anything to go by, this will be uneventful for you and I.
  6. Literally below. The whole experience is nauseating, especially if you are prone to motion sickness, not to mention adding motion blur to the mix. Often I've noticed that people will focus on fighters when someone is in the slingshot. Trying to aim the crosshair in one specific direction while the person flying goes in the other, it gets rather irritating real quick. When realistically crewships are the major threat here. It could also be that they don't know you're in the slingshot, what with Cephalon Cy repeating lines ad nauseam. There's too many reasons to list what might be the case. Human nature dictates that it boils down to two though: They don't know. OR They don't care. Exiting the Railjack through other means results in death. It appears that the 3 second invulnerability when entering/exiting objectives is present when you are transitioning from one zone to the other. To clarify, let's say you exit the Railjack and it takes you three seconds to load, by the time you do load, you could be, or will wind up downed by the fighters or crewships. This is from my own testing though. If it is said as an example, it is based on truth. Terrible behavior will always be easily cited from imagination or reality. A clan member told me of someone who (supposedly) joined their game, decided to fly the railjack while they were trying to handle other objectives without using the ship until it was necessary, all the while the random is taking it into enemy fire and it kept getting catastrophic failure. The host was trying to repair it and keep up with the mess the random was making. Then the random decided to get the ship stuck and promptly left. I've personally encountered a few unsavory types that seem to follow the same type of behavior lines: "You aren't doing what I want, when I want it, and the way I want", a short choose your own adventure book where you blame others for your shortcomings. As an example: Impatience. I've been blamed for doing nothing when I took it upon myself to destroy crewships, warp back to the railjack and repair as needed and repeat. We ended up running out of revolite and the timer ran out. There were only three people in that squad. If you have two people that are focused on fighting, and one on making the aforementioned easier, who is left to accrue materials? Any specific update that revolves around co-operation will most certainly bring out arm chair generals. There's good reason why they say to manage your expectations if you do anything with people you don't know.
  7. Hold on for just a moment. They knew what they were doing. They've done it before, and they'll do it again. A good example is Dog Days and the whole fiasco that stirred. If you'd like a more recent example: Kuva Lich weapons. This trend will continue, they will claim they've missed the mark. It's all just a PR move. Ephemera's are still not "challenge based" and are instead "insanity vs limitations of time" based. Complaints of RNG have been noted and "acknowledged", yet unfortunately Railjack continues that self fulfilled prophecy. You just got a new weapon? Cool! The next weapon you get might be better or worse than it's predecessor. Not because of base stats, but because of an arbitrary value. What really makes all of this sad is, you are never guaranteed an improvement. Whether through intentional low drop rates or reliance on RNG for "emergent game-play", the analogy below best describes the interaction. Their updates are quite like throwing a net far further than it needs to go to get something and reeling it back in into a reasonable area of comfort over time.
  8. Still hasn't been fixed or addressed as of Update 27: Empyrean.
  9. Still not fixed as of Update 26.1: Rising Tide.
  10. I'd like to add that customization slots untouched after the update, concerning Mag, magnetize dual energy did work on the outside and as stated above after altering anything? in particular in regards to the slot, it ceased functioning.
  11. The release of The Jovian Concord brought two-tone energy. Mag's Magnetize during this time had two-tone on the outside of the bubble, not inside of it. I preferred this. Updates and hotfixes since, this has been switched. Upon testing, I thought it was fixed with the new rendering that The Old Blood brought. It wasn't. It worked once when I went to Hydron and then subsequent attempts after, it didn't. I originally thought being host effected this, but it doesn't. I hope this isn't an intentional change. A friend from chat who I spoke to about this came along and used the same energy colors as me to help demonstrate the blandness the colors this ability has when it does not function properly or consistently. A suggestion, if you will: Could dual energy be a toggle? To elaborate, someone prefers a different visual, and would as above, prefer Mag's or any Warframes ability energy colors to be swapped on cast. Basically, dual energy on the outside instead of in or vice versa at will. This setting would likely be near or in-between the random or default colors in the arsenal. Not sure if anyone will see this post, but thanks. For examples, see pictures posted by those that have replied to this post. Specifically, this one:
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