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    Having seen your usage stats, I'd say you rushed too quickly to this conclusion. Perhaps visiting Hydron once more will gleam knowledge that you have yet to obtain. People can say they want to make something better, but often provide no meaningful alternative or understanding of why something is the way it is.
  2. Khora & Venari are what this post is primarily about. The latter portion relates to effects of arcane interaction with companions. Khora seems to be the only warframe with an exalted companion ability, at the time of this post anyways. This is where the issue comes in: The aura Shepherd gives armor and health to companions, and obviously Venari benefits from it. That makes her a companion, right? Apparently not. Venari does not benefit from Arcane Bodyguard, an arcane that gives X health on X melee kills to companions. Venari should be able to benefit entirely from the Tek and Hunter mod sets, but she can't do all of what's advertised on the cards yet. What is the point of calling Venari a companion when she cannot fully use what is allowed to be equipped? Let's move to an example. I'm using Ash, I have Arcane Primary Charger equipped, it adds damage to Blade Storm, which we know is a warframe ability. Sentinels can meet the conditions for Arcane Primary Charger (+300% melee damage on primary kill) & Blade Charger (+300% primary damage on melee kill) to be active, yet inherit none of the aforementioned bonuses (if applicable), yet contain the necessary per-requisite to make the arcane "work". Khora & Venari cannot proc Blade Charger, yet other warframes seem capable of doing so with melee abilities. What even? Build diversity is nigh pointless if you spend time making something that cannot interact with another facet of your game. I implore the developers to pass back over arcanes and their interactions, there's still much more to do. Thanks.
  3. Coughs quietly in 0.1% and other flavor mod drop rates. That aside, I seriously, vehemently doubt that. While there are warframe abilities, boosters that improve the reliability of items that have drop rates, it doesn't detract from the fact that these low drop rates mean actively engaging in player retention. You either buy it, or you suffer the grind to "earn" it. Furthermore, it's interesting that they have aspects of their game dedicated to reduce the sheer brute-force rng dilemma; You trade your time and the seconds of your life, and in exchange have a CHANCE to get the item that you want, which funnily enough is quite similar to gambling. Except it's not funny when you're doing it to people you supposedly care about. There should be an actual challenge system for things within relevancy to that specific item. Hypothetical example with a solution: Complete 3 rush missions within X for a guaranteed drop of some rare arch-wing, arch-gun, arch-melee mod. No duplicates until you go through the entire drop table. Here's an example of how punishing the current system is: Only three or four regular outriders spawn per mission depending on the spawn cap total and the avionic drop rate is 0.1%. How many times do the developers actually expect me to run that mission until I give up? How many times would they? If someone made something that is problematic, that actively exploits how people think, why did they do it? It's one thing to make a mistake, it's another to let it sit all these years and to keep doing it as if nothing is wrong. Saying that game developers care about their player-base is like saying a poison cares for those it has afflicted. It's very anecdotal if I'm being honest. Encouraging unhealthy behavior has consequences and shouldn't be given reassurance. It requires only a few moments of thought to understand how anti-consumer games are becoming these days.
  4. I was thinking more of a secondary toggle effect that you can interact with using the same button you drew the talons with to retract them. I would assume this would allow you to use Garuda's kit as if nothing changed, with an easy to opt-in mechanic. (Basically hold your assigned keybinding for Garuda's 3rd ability). Since there's really no energy requirement to use the talons, I don't see much of a point adding further restriction. If the developers should see this post, if you really must add one, add the condition to aim at an enemy to be able trigger the toggle aspect. It would synergize with Garuda's 2nd ability. Lastly, allow them to be modifiable at the arsenal screen while having another melee equipped. I'm not sure how you feel about the proposed solution presented above, but it's the only practical and logical one I can think of. The same ability that is used to generate energy with those talons could be used to eviscerate enemies all the same. TL:DR to your initial question in that post: No, I wouldn't, but Digital Extremes might.
  5. Yes, but if we're gonna make strides here, I want my arcane helmets converted into arcanes usable only for the respective Warframes they exist for. I genuinely don't understand the logic behind gating off a pseudo exalted just because they feel you shouldn't be able to use more than one melee in a mission on a specific Warframe. Meanwhile, Excalibur, Baruuk, Titania, Valkyr exist. A friend brought up an excellent point: If you make it linear across the board, do they still have a requirement to be used? Because Garuda doesn't, and you're asking for the same way the frame is set up now, to apply to frames with melee exalted, pseudo or not. They can see that kind of becoming a problem with Baruuk and the augment associated with that particular exalted. The friend I mentioned above, we discussed potentially having it moved to Garuda's third ability: Bloodletting. Hold to use, with the addition of a neat animation. Inconsistency will plague those who feel that they should adhere to the opposite; and yet simultaneously strive for a difference.
  6. Oh boy. Where to begin? Meanwhile, everyone else who doesnt? Ah yes the ol' you own it, but you can't use it. That'll sit well with a large portion of this community. I think this is a terrible idea all around. You've essentially gated the usage of Kuva Weaponry to make the game... What? More interesting? Fun? Your suggestion does neither of those things. Please don't try again. It's worth talking about how some people think that enforcing more mindless grind on others is somehow a grand idea. So we will. In what way are you being fair to players who already have enough on their plate? Limited play time? Other goals and objectives? What? Don't use it then? That cannot be a serious reply. Why do you, for some reason, think using a limited resource as ammunition is a good idea?
  7. Regardless of your power strength, the strength at which items are pulled to you with Greedy Pull shouldn't be effected, however, it is for some reason now slower than prior to the recent update. The only case in which this is not true, is for enemies. The strength at which you pull enemies is affected by power strength. Before: Cast 1, items within FOV were YOINKED to you. Now: Cast 1, items within FOV are now gravitated to you at a slower speed, almost as if dragged upon by gravity and slowed down. Brief testing on E Gate (Venus): Build 1 (Positive Strength w/ Greedy Pull): Growing Power, Blind Rage, Augur Reach, Stretch, Arcane Coil Helmet. (200% Range) (224% Strength) Results: Still gravitates, and sometimes does randomly stop at a point in between its origin point and the location you are pulling it to. Build 2 (Negative Strength w/ Greedy Pull): Power Donation, Cunning Drift (4/5 but a 2% range discrepancy of a maxed one is negligible), Overextended, Augur Reach, Stretch, Arcane Coil Helmet. (305% Range) (10% Strength) Results: Roughly the same as Build 1, but didn't notice resources stopping. My assumption is when they increased the vacuum radius for the Railjack and reduced the pickup time for objects, it also indirectly affected the augment. Maybe they streamlined all forms of vacuum? Maybe they broke it. I don't know though. I stopped bothering when my bug reports were either overlooked, ignored, or not addressed. Hope that helps.
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