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  1. Surely you wouldn't unvault a frame that is borderline useless and was vaulted a mere 9 months ago, when for example mag haven't been available for over 2 year, riiiiiiiiiiight?
  2. They're WAY too slow. With the fastest comp we could get, an exterm took ~7 min. 7 mintes for one relic. That's a joke, even survival of all things is faster. The visual vomit happening all over the place isn't helping much either. Please delete railjack and start fixing the game or making content that has replay value, thanks
  3. no friend list, can't invite anyone to game, guess it's all solo now
  4. disappointing drops after a disappointing devstream, at least there's consistency
  5. nice, don't have to set an alarm this week
  6. can you stop deploying hotfixes during night in plains
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