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  1. Aye... adding that to the list. Thanks man.
  2. I've recently started playing and thanks to everyone's estimations and advice its looking pretty good. I may have to avoid public places(Cetus) and solo most of the time but its better than not playing at all. Thanks guys. Here are the limitations I have found based on your answers and my research: Solo mode only Turn off all chats Turn off render for other players for public locations like Cetus Avoid patching with hot spot Check steam for any queued patches and pause them. In Windows, go to your connections, select the one for the mobile hotsp
  3. My plan is unlimited. When I reach their "cap" they slow it down to give way to other traffic. My data plan has a 10 gb limit on specifically hot spot data. I overused it a few times and all that happens is that it goes from regular speed to 20kbps which is basically no internet. When I overuse phone data, pretty much the same thing happens but I can still stream videos so its not bad.
  4. I did not know that. Thanks. Will proceed to google more info. Will do. Thanks for the advice. 2GB/Month totally works for me. Thanks
  5. Thats a good point. Thanks. Will watch out for background stuff.
  6. Updates aren't a problem because I stalk this site daily at work so I know when one is coming. I can also download any hot fixes or patches at the office without much trouble. My problem is when im at home where there is no internet setup yet. I read that same thing about the 5mb/hr solo but I find it a bit unbelievable that solo gaming for 1hour would only cost 5mb which is why im asking.
  7. I know this has been asked previously but I wanted to make sure it is still accurate with the current build. I have a 10 gb phone hot spot data plan per month and would like to know how much gaming in warframe would cost me in terms of data per hour. I play about 3-5 hours a day except weekends. so 90-150 hrs a month. Will my 10 gb make it? I know I can reduce the consumption by playing solo so theres that option. Can anybody please monitor their average usage and let me know. Please and thank you.
  8. Armor is given to frames who are required to fight up front and personal. The frames you mentioned are not supposed to tank enemies or even be within fighting range for that matter. They should be hiding behind obstacles and making tactical plays rather than rushing face first into a group of enemies. Limbo Prime - rift, Zephyr Prime - Turbulence, Banshee Prime - stealth + stunlock, Ivara - prowl, Loki Prime - invisibility, Mag Prime - pull + crowd control + magnetize?, Mesa - that skill that deflects bullets, Nekros Prime - crowd control + minions, Nova Prime - 1st + 4th ability, Titani
  9. They may have the physical budget for it but they chose not to do it because it would cut too much into their budget. It is significantly more cost effective to reuse code and models that to make one up from scratch. Hence, the lack of budget. If they do decide to dive into this new style for warframes, then they would be forced to do significantly more than just dragons. Maybe in the future when they decide to explore this avenue but right now it seems maps are their priority for budget allocation.
  10. Yeah... That dragon idea is immediately vetoed. To make it as awesome as it sounds, they would have to do a complete 3D model of said creature and include completely new animation sets and movement mechanics which is not worth DE's time as the past has told us. The only possible way you would get that was if the movement mechanics were based on either the Osprey's mechanics which is basically levitation, Earth bird mechanics which is the same as Osprey's, or dragon form of Archwing which would make a Titania 2.0. That last one is still a tall order because clearly the movement of the dragon wo
  11. On the upside though, you get more builds for your duplicates. Three builds per frame is lacking for some of the warframes with fun kits.
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