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  1. I'm regularly and extensively buying forma. I've probably wasted hundreds in my gear, but I have everything, and most of my gear/frames has 2-3 forma in. I couldn't possibly be bothered to farm all the formas I need. However I trade regularly and always have plenty of plat so ... It's all about balancing your needs - your time and your platinum, as always.
  2. So you will play only ESO with nova? I got bored with ESO in week or so. I also think that dedicated "focus farming" is utter waste of time but if that makes you(or anyone) happy ... If something is possible in theory it does no mean it's achievable, practical or recommended. I would put it on Mesa first because she's natural killer and will outperform nova in 97% of situations. if you play Mesa at all and you definitely should, if not - then saryn.
  3. Interesting, Honestly I didn't notice all of that, melee is rarely used in large open spaces as such but I agree that it should be a viable option. I've (surprisingly) died on my first solo highest lvl bounty with gara (!!) so I realized quickly that new venus enemies mean business. Now I'm using adaptation build gara, nova or mesa there (ivara for hunting) and they are all heavy duty frames that are built like tanks. Other part of problem that my melee has range of shotgun because I use either scolly or zaw with range+neg rivens. I may try to use melee there just to verify, but yea - we could talk the DE in reverting some of changes or to find better options. They usually listen to reason. Melee rework will come too sooner or later.
  4. IDK why is been so popular to piss on Nyx lately: She has decent mass persistant CC of all enemies in vast range +entering Assimilate build is immortal and can be kuva flood farmer +using AoE weapons like zarr with no self damage Her 1 can be used on eximus enemies /ancient healers to get their bonuses, or on shield /mine ospreys, hyeka masters which will fight+spawn for tenno. Few other things Overall decent frame
  5. I've tried to explain your in humorous manner and not going too deep in futile conversation (with person who is clearly here just to vent his frustration and feel good about himself) some errors and circular logic on of your ways: Claiming that game that you manically playing for years and years is bad, continue to bashing design choices without offering alternatives, asking stupid and rhetoric questions and adding bit of ad hominem when someone disagrees. All you accuse me of being ridiculous /not reading whatever when you display actual characteristic, (actually very typical forum behavior if I may add). I'll tell you what's ridiculous - accusing the game that you play like maniac for years of being not only bad but "horrible ldritch abomination". That is fukkin ridiculous - I don't even have to argue my point, because - with your behavior - you're clearly demonstrating that I'm right. If this game was bad, why would you be here for so long? You are bashing drop loot tables based on random drops while they have been cornerstone of dozens if not hundreds of grind game types for DECADES, from destiny to diablo. What is your alternative? Each mission to guarantees always same drop? You want linear game? Story driven advetnure? I don't get it. Speaking of destiny I've played it for week or so. Generic SF shooter, not bad - but warframe is 50 times better game in all imaginable aspects. For me at least. So... no endgame? Raids (removed but it shows they were trying), kuva syphons, arbitrations, endless missions, nightmare missions, sanctuary onslaught, profit takers, index, eidolon hunt, sorties ...I would even add fashionframe and trading - how much of endgame content you exactly need? You keep bashing at "challenging enemies" unfair mechanics blah blah - mostly what I could discern is that you want for enemies to telegraph attacks, all attacks should be avoidable, no stunlocking, powers allays active and effective ...aside for the fact that most of these complains are mitigate-able - also with this scope and range of player base game would be impossible to balance around everyone - you don't realize that mechanics you proposing are not better - just different - and would introduce whole new myriad of their own balancing problems. Would you agree that very skilled lvl 1 character can solo tridolons? Because that is what you're saying. I don't like that. In fact I think it's pretty stupid and abused way to easily. Most games are based around gear skill synergy progression and that is usually right design choice. Bad chroma in good gear is useless in hunt. Good chroma in bad gear is bit more useful but still not too much. You need both to be effective - Imo that is good design right there. "You still did not answer my question as to how that type of enemy design constitutes actual challenge, difficulty or engagement" well you need to know what that enemy is, what you need to counter it, where and how to shoot it, what mods to apply to your weapon ...I mean we have nullifiers, null-combas /scarambuses, you have baliffs, ghouls, nox-es, bursas, manics ... - every of them has it own set of strenghts and different approach. So ...no I'm afraid I really don't understand what is your point. There is NOTHING wrong in design of enemies in warframe. Yes some of them may be imbalanced, annoying or OP but that is either deliberate or unavoidable. Show me one game that is perfect. "That is great for you. That does not speak for the entire community," - well my friend I don't think you speak for the community either. I could go on and deeper and deconstruct more of your ramblings and ridiculous claims that demonstrates you have little knowledge of yourself, of human psyhology and of game design in general but why bother? I think our misunderstanding can be explained in just one example: One of us thinks that this game is horrible ldritch abomination of game design while other one is thinking that this game is bloody awesome, not perfect but without any doubt best game of the type I ever played, by far. So it's pretty clear we won't find an agreement in this.
  6. 1) Well that grocery store list is what I call a GAME PROGRESSION : ) Yes, bandaid in form of mitigating attack or power of enemy, in the same logic shields are defense for bad game design of swords : ) 2) The best I can tell is that you're annoyed with taking away powers and control from player, we have already established good deal of this problems can be mitigated with gear. Yes, you need to grind to get it but what else you would otherwise do? : ) As if you're forgetting that we're speaking of high level content mostly here. Regular players have like ...whole game to play prior to endgame content. So you're saying that warframe is lacking content? - Or you saying that starchart is hard for regular players? ; ) But I do agree that taking away powers sometimes feel arbitrary and annoying, I find it mere nuisance and - I can see why they needed to implement this. This game has to be suited for people that play it for years and have EVERYTHING and for those that started last month. Not an easy task to balance. 3) You're soo funny. So you're been playing horrible ldritch abomination of game design game killing same enemies for almost 6 god damn years - you don't see anything funny or illogical in that statement, right? : ) Two explanations - either your'e utterly insane, or maybe just badly burned out. Which one you think is it? : ) 4) Yea damn them! They better improve core game elements like movement, damage types, stances or melee! Oh wait ... :D 5) I love rinves, have tons. Most people love them, otherwise they wouln't be majority of trade chat. 6) If warframe is mediocre, name one game in the genre that does things better. I'll wait. We both know the answer to that question don't we? 7) OR I'm right and your'e too afraid to admit it BWHAHAHAH! 😄
  7. Yes I will read a phone diary of replies to adjust my own in coordination. Right. I've replied to OP, if 100 ppl replied in the same manner perhaps OP may be wrong on his complains, who knows? 1) Ever considered a fact that you may be burned down and not recognizing it a little? I've seen it happen. Plenty of times. 2) Knockdowns - 0 problems with handspring and with few frame innate abilities. Stunlock - yes that's why we have Pain Threshold. Seems that minmax build you've made with just vitality as only defensive mod isn't that well suited for the high level content you're trying to farm - go figure! There are weapons that will eliminate nullifier bubble in less then second. But guess what? Often in mission I'm the only one doing it because other guys brought their beloved tigris and euphona and cannot deal with nullies. One weapon should always be nully killer on high level corpus, either primary or secondary. Most if not all of my frames have handspring, it's frikkin invaluable mod that almost nobody uses. All of my frames that use quick thinking have pain threshold AND handspring and many of my frames use adaptation, which is borderline OP in some frames suited for it. Plus, arcane guardian is cheap and easily farmable. When you add several layers of protection, good gearing choices, roll few rivens, get few arcanes, have proper damage type (this becomes increasingly important in difficult content!) and play with bit caution and tactic - then all of the sudden game doesn't seem that hard after all. I'm not saying design choices for enemies can't be done better, all I'm saying is that things you find "problematic" I barely notice. If certain portions of high level content cause you a problem it's clear that you've not mature enough to tackle it, gear wise most commonly but skill -tactic wise occasionally. Just play things that you find less demanding, no shame there. 3) This game moves forward like no other and it's saddening that you cannot see it. I'm not saying all your complaints don't have merit, but you could at least give us an example what to change to improve, you know, constructive criticism, then I would take your rant more seriously.
  8. I disagree. Learn 2 Play. Getting knocked down? How about atlas or inaros? They are immune OR get handspring. Such an underestimated mod, all of my heavy duty tanks have this mod. Nullifiers? Either primary or secondary weapon must be nullifer poison, always in high level corpus mission. All fast firing weapons will do the job, beam weapons too.
  9. I love atmosphere and tilesets in most of warframe missions most of grineer older tilesets, grineer mars, old draco most of corpus tilesets, classical like jupiter Void, oh yes the void Both fortuna and cetus, very atmoshperic, fortune even seems better Don't like: Lua, Kuva fortress, arbitrations
  10. Oh great. Another one of those "sky is falling /everybody is leaving" post. Even worse, it's motivated by "I am special Snowflake, only I should have these nice toys!" Forget it champ. Warframe is ever changing and evolving game very dependant on inflow of new players. And yes, I am hardcore vet myself and I don't care, let people have it all. It's not about the "veterancy" but rather about healthy gaming attitude.
  11. Yes, they will "fix" the ember same way they "fixed" saryn, remember her? And the same way they "fixed" ash who now needs this buff because nobody seems to enjoy their type of "fixing". You know how armor scales? 2x low damage of ember is still low damage. 50% of range is 1/4th of area which means she will attack 75% targets less then she was able to Ember was good in clearing trash - now she will be good in exactly nothing! Weee! Thank you DE!
  12. This is horrific nerf. People are clueless about game mechanics. Range IS damage. "Half of range" is actually 1/4 of area. It means you attack 75% less of targets. All that ember had was range. Now she has nothing. I guess max range firequake ember will still be kinda useful cause you won't need as much power str. Still - this is crapp.
  13. Check the previous page, Pablo's reply. They will do something for sure, will it be enough, hard to tell now.
  14. Why is this not fixed yet? Change like this should be either better thought thru /tested or introduced with option "upscale UI to 4K" for those 2% of people playing on 4K, this was just sloppy work. We forgive everything but please, for the love of God, roll back this abomination.
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