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  1. Here's the thing, it's curious how everyone forgets this simple fact; NM are new toy. They are still unrefined and DE doesn't know what exactly they wanna do with them. In future, we will get more mechs, ability to use them in more missions, more mech weapons, tech and mods. And I'm sure well get vacuum at some point sooner or later. I even think they came out well for what they are. They feel pretty mighty, they are not cumbersome to use and their power seem reasonably balanced. Ofc fact still remains that they are less mobile, less flexible, less usable and often less powerful then
  2. I have no time to waste on futile tasks, tyvm. Look, I don't intend to put you down, you were clearly just goofing around and had some fun and that's fine. It is also important to understand that DE doesn't need or will ever use "creative inspiration" by the players. Also, players are prone to abuse or circumvent the system in whatever way possible. Some of those are very easy to abuse. Many frames don't care about damage or status on themselves. Effect on death of you or pet is just useless. Unless some creative players would learn to use it to take down eidolons in one hit.
  3. I cannot decide is this a trolling or someone really thought these arcane powers would be a good idea. Those are horribly unbalanced and some would downright break the game. Protip: never become a game designer.
  4. It's curious how someone may think that new and unproven game with greedy and poorly executed economy that relies on milking their player base could teach WF anything. If anyone should take a notes and listen, it's GI. WF is old and by all parameters super successful veteran, there are very few games like it. Because people keep, y'know, replying it, Just like you did just now : )
  5. Yet another unnecessary overzealously prompt nerf. "What? People are actually doing what we wanted them to do too much? They are playing the game wrong!" SE farm was first time in years that I had actually a reason to remain in high level mission for over and hour. It was cumbersome enough that most people would not do it daily. I did it once a week and guess what, 100k kuva is kinda a fair reward for 2 hrs of my time and for my 2 boosters invested. It's less kuva then you think. 28 riven rerolls. Most of the time you would get meh or crap riven in 28 tries. Now. new weapons have useless di
  6. Yea I know why they did it and I'm not disputing their logic. As I've already stated; both approaches have some advantages. With old approach players would at least get period of OP-ness and they were ready to pay for it. Now, most of new weapons are good and power creeped already by default, rivens for them will never be in demand or affect trade /platinum economy. Stropha is badass weapon, it will never have a good riven neither (I think it should). But that's but one riven detracted from the platinum economy. Old redeemer wasn't much less powerful but it did get rolled sold and resold hu
  7. Let us not reinvent the wheel here ok? Bullet jumping is one of the warframe trademarks. It's cool, it works as intended, how about directing resources where they are actually needed.
  8. Again this argument? Boy you people are as dumb as you are persistent I swear. Rivens are but one way that I make plat, I am filthy rich and was so for years anyways and I trade just out of sport and minimally. I have almost 6k hrs in game and am playing since 2015. There is nothing in this game I don't have, all gear, all mods, all frames, all builds, top tier rivens for all weapons I like, long list of wf.market sell items, every arcane legacy helm, 25 full arcane sets (I've got mine BEFRE eidolons btw, most of them), every deluxe skin, every landing craft, I honestly don't care, I prefer ga
  9. 1: I'm not strictly against weak then increase then other way around policy. 2. Honestly, I do miss riven rolling and riven USING you know, more, because I actually like rivens, than riven rolling+selling.
  10. I don't care either way. Each approach has it's advantages. And I do think some weapons really don't need rivens because they are quite brutal, (just leveled nezha prime and guandao on selkie steel path survival solo 20 mins, that weapon truly needs no riven) but again, people love OP stuff and are ready to pay for them and who can tell that they are wrong? But this will affect DE's income, ultimately it's all I'm saying. It's curious to me how so many people cannot wrap their head around correlation between quantity of expensive and desirable items to buy, and demand for platinum /Develo
  11. I would argue that power creep is as normal as it is unavoidable. I understand the need for balance but on the other hand I could list you all slew of powerful interesting toys, abilities or combos that were totally eradicated from the game and had become a footnote in patch notes. When they destroyed our beloved draco node in affinity farming few years back (I will never forgive them for that ;) All they did is they promoted uglier and more claustrophobic Hydron, because "there will always be a loot cave". One may wander, was all of this really necessary?
  12. I didn't answered you earlier because it's fool's errand to argue with people such yourself who think they know "the deal". I gave the theme and issues clearly, either you stick to them or get out, I have no interest in arguing or convincing random internet strangers in whatever. I do some riven trading but that is only part of my income, I have everything you can have in this game and I can truly afford not to care about rivens, trading or anything, so you're wrong.
  13. 1. What I've meant is it's not multiplayer competitive game. Ofc it's co-op, but it can be totally played as single player, and many people play it as such. And yes, balance in the case of "almost single player" games is far less relevant. 2. I would say that tweet or whatever was just damage control. Original statement was not worded that way and certainly sounded more sinister.
  14. Let me put it this way "predatory tactics and plat-grabs by certain players" are irrelevant in the long run for game success, developer income or player satisfaction in general. You would rather have flawed but entertaining game system that is abusable by 1,7% of players, than gutted and limited, 100% fool-proof system that satisfies noone. You are underestimating riven's popularity. I would estimate that most of players have at least one riven that they like and use. Prices are not even that high, you can get good dispo riven for good weapon that is not current meta new or fre
  15. If riven is crap, interest for it is crap, people don't want it, flippers don't need it. Only way for flippers and DE to make money is for DE to releases the rivens that people actually want to use and are willing to pay for. There are new and powerful weapons nobody is buying rivens for and there is no interest or market for them. Investing in them is stupid because they are so good that by all chances rivens for them will never be good. In this case, everyone loses. Flippers, DE and players. It's stupid but it's how it is.
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