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  1. 35,000 points for two weapons, one of which is just a barebones rework and reskin, for a mission type of ground (havent been able to enter railjack missions because so few people are playing it) that gives for what, 3 stages a whopping 90 points? Are you guys taking the piss? Thats what, 388 missions to get JUST the weapons? I realize most are stuck inside because of the virus, but damn.
  2. I dont care about self damage, but the stagger replacement needs some work. The examples listed in this thread alone should be showing the staff that staggering needs fixing. It got so bad that several friends of mine have actively decided to quit this game until its fixed, so often have they, in high DR/Armor/Shield using frames, get knocked down, stunned, and staggered by mobs that just keep them stunlocked and unable to fight back until they die and fail the mission. The devs said that frames would be getting their own status effects, right? Maybe something to think on.
  3. Yeah, once I restarted and verified the download it started working. IDK, but glad its working again.
  4. Magus Repair doesn't work anymore. I repeat, Magus Repair doesn't work anymore. Rank 5 FYI.
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