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  1. I will give this a chance, but my initial impression is as follows: Nerfs. You cut condition overloads damage in half, critical weapons just got burned into the ground because crit combo mult got turned into a gimmicky hover hoover giver, and status weapons will now reign supreme over the crit based weapons rotting corpses. Oh, and riven changes so more nerfs there. Oh, and loss of channeling which means harder stealth missions/focus farming, and loss of damage. But hey we can float a few enemies and smack them so it looks cooler yay.... Overall, this seems like a heavy handed course correction of a 18 wheeler to the problem of a duck crossing the road.
  2. And this is why people continue to give you guys rope. Do you make mistakes, sure, but unlike some other two letter companies, you do work to fix things. Thank you for not turning into EA, I was honestly really worried for the future if that path had continued forward.
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