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  1. Exactly why I put the first idea down. Because it can allow people who wanna hear it to hear it while the ones who don't wanna hear it don't have to.
  2. I know we can play the emote, but it'd be nice if we could play for the rest of the Relay to hear. At the moment, I know it's intentional that others can't hear it. After all, what'd end up happening is a bunch of people playing Shawzin emotes all at once will cause a lot of noise. But I believe there is a way around this while still allowing us to play for other players. Idea 1: Allow players in the relay to press the Interact button on a player using the Shawzin. This toggles whether they can hear the player's instrument or not. Also allow the player who interacted to listen in on the instruments of the musician's squad. Idea 2: Only allow the player to hear the closest Shawzin and any other Shawzins in the musicians' squad. What do you guys think?
  3. I mean... Clem looks cute. Sargas Ruk and Tyl Regor look good. The Wolf looks badass. The rest of the Grineer might need a touch up but these ones look decent. The corpus proxies don't need a visual overhaul imo. The crewmen though? I honestly don't know if they need one or not. They look like factory workers, which is what DE was going for. So in that regard it's a success. But they also look plain.
  4. Actually the real reason for a limited number of slots is because it takes a lot of server side resources to keep track of every unique riven combination. The economic benefits of a cap are just icing on the cake.
  5. Which means she's gonna lose shields faster because of autoblock.
  6. Ember's passive on Javlok with -100% damage is nice too. And The CC still knocks enemies around but doesn't nuke your ass in the process. And the regen to energy goes through eximus auras. The average Javlok -100% riven is actually pretty expensive.
  7. The interest of DE in maintaining fair trade is because in Warframe, a buyer and a seller are both customers of DE. Call them what you like... greedy, slow to learn, stubborn, but DE are actually some of the more consumer-oriented devs out there today. That reputation is one of Warframe's selling points, in fact. So if a customer gets ripped off in-game, regardless of whether or not it was the buyer's fault, DE cannot risk their reputation for taking care of consumers. A deal may go south because of individual choices but at the end of the day the frustration a buyer feels is only felt because he was using DE's product.
  8. I'd like to point out that -100% damage mods have some use if you get creative. I personally don't want that possibility gone.
  9. I'd like to just correct you here on something. Mob-justice Rebecca was referring to wasn't the alleged riven mafia. Mob-justice is when a group of people get together and witch hunt someone, thus, an angry mob delivering perceived justice outside of what the system does. She was pointing out the backlash of harassment that a lot of players let loose on the members of Riven Dealers, without sufficient evidence that all of them were as guilty as their leader. The only ones who know what really happened are Semlar, Riven Dealers, and DE. And while the community is free to take sides, there is no guarantee that the side we take is the right one. The only facts we have based on presented evidence are: Semlar WAS working on a dangerous bot, and Faceless DID seem to act like an ass. Does that mean the rest of riven dealers are innocent? No. But it sure is a far cry from damning evidence on all their heads. What Rebecca was saying was that a case of asshattery cannot and should not be solved by more people engaging in asshattery.
  10. When people mess up, there will always be some level of backlash before any plug can stop the leak. It's to be expected.
  11. Making a YouTube video isn't really harassment. He blurred the names out as well. That said, yeah there isn't evidence the ENTIRE clan was that corrupt. I will say though... making a "mistake" is to be wrong ABOUT something. When you do something that is just plain wrong, that is not a mistake, that is an offense.
  12. If you think about it, if all weapons had only 1-3 slots and all mods were rivens with RNG stats, the market would be more balanced than it currently is with 8 slots, 1 riven per weapon and 1 sea of mods with set stats, only 10% of which see any use.
  13. This is why I never trade in unveiled rivens. Hopefully this is incentive to balance the market so I can start trading again.
  14. I kind of get it. See, in a trade there is a seller and a buyer... who are both in reality customers of DE. DE aims for fairness for both parties because it is in their best interest to care for customers to what extent they can. Warframe is after all, their product.
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