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  1. I decided to create a tunnel in the Open Space room of the Dojo using the Orokin Entrati Portal Gate. Unfortunately, upon construction, I found that the opening/hole in the center of the decoration has collision physics, and I can't pass through it. To make matters worse, even Decorate mode camera won't pass through the collision layer, meaning if I constructed an open space accessible via a tunnel made of Entrati Portal Gates, I effectively made it impossible for me to enter the room to decorate without moving/destroying the decoration. Side note... can we also please have zero coll
  2. I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue, but I've noticed that when I run a mission as Limbo Prime, or even just the Simulacrum, I do not generate energy when killing rift-bound enemies. I've tried killing enemies while they were banished, while they were under cataclysm, killing with the Banish itself... nothing works.
  3. Heh. Didn't know a Tributa statue can pretend to be a DE employee. XD But yeah that also might be the explanation. Seems likely enough at least.
  4. Apparently it's "ADMIN" I did find a workaround using the lower case L in place of capital I... though I really do feel it shouldn't be considered profanity. Because if it IS considered profanity by the system, then a lower case L would technically be filter dodging.
  5. This is interesting. I'll try naming it "ADMIN" and see if the error persists. Edit: It does. You might be on to something.
  6. Plain and simple question. I use Tribute statues to mark out rooms in my Dojo, and I found that I can't label one corridor that leads to my laboratories and observatory "RESEARCH AND ADMINISTRATION." The game gives me an error that I cannot include profanity in my text projector. I also know the profanity isn't in the word "RESEARCH" because I've named the hall "RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT" before, prior to moving my observatory there.
  7. And it's not even a Dojo Guardian. 44 rows, 3 columns of Tributa statues, all arranged inside a Tenno Memorial Arch, for a total of 396 capacity, capable of broadcasting songs, poems, and short stories. I swear... aligning the text so it looks seamless is the worst.
  8. Another hotfix. Any word on the bug that makes the archwing slingshot unusable after the first time it is used?
  9. Still no fix for the bug with Archwing Slingshot becoming unusable after the first use?
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