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  1. During a defense mission alert in the orokin tileset an enemy (corrupted corpus crewman) got stuck in a gap between a pillar and stairs, unable to find its way to the target. This glitch repeated in several rounds. Nothing "game breaking", just a mild annoyance since somebody always had to run to pretty much the same spot to put it out of its misery. Screenshot 1 with the (already dead) enemy. Screenshot 2, same location but with map overlay for reference.
  2. Currently (Chimera Version 23.10.1) unable to complete nodes required to unlock Arbitrations, namely: bugged tileset(?) in Yursa node on Neptune: Grineer defector NPCs clipping + falling through floor, trapping them some levels below and having them run into a wall continiously. Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2, Screenshot 3.