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  1. Updated picture of the Zelbinion and her crew. (contains spoilers)
  2. Here is an earlier thread where folks were showing off their railjacks and crew:
  3. I hope that rather then valence (as some folks do not have large amount of liches), they would gain affinity and eventually level up to their max rank. Here is an example of how my lich isn't that much stronger then syndicate crew. Also, the option to either swap their weapon or just level it/format it with gained affinity would be just as good for me.
  4. And... its HP is not much better then syndicate crew:
  5. I agree with taking a break with the game and then returning about a week or so after the next release. That way there is fresh content to experience and the immediate bugs are fixed.
  6. Wow! I am really looking forward to that feature!
  7. Thanks for that picture! Looks like I will be sticking with my half mask one.
  8. I have not seen a full masked New Loka crew member. Could you please post a picture? Just curious to see how she looks with it.
  9. Had a crew change due to my Arbiter of Hexis gunner deciding to send several of his death squad buddies during a lich hunt. I think it was due to Vence showing off his new syandana to Erlan. This new crew dynamic did create some friction between Kuchu and Erlan as there is now another female engineer on the rail jack.
  10. It is around 3 hours for me as well. The sad part is that the lich system gives me purpose to play when I log on. I am always interested to see what new poke-lich I get and if it will look better then my current favorite.
  11. I contributed in hopes something positive comes from it.
  12. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: The Igaro syandana and Etheria accessories do not fit the crew member properly. The Syandana is attached to the head while the Etheria accessories are floating off the body VISUAL: Example of the Igaro syandana: Example of the Etheria Legs accessories: REPRODUCTION: Attached the Igaro syandana and Etheria accessories to a New Loka crew member. EXPECTED RESULT: It should look like the model in the customization screen. OBSERVED RESULT: Crew walked around the rail jack in dry dock and in mission with accessories floating about their body. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  13. TYPE: In-Game, DESCRIPTION: There seems to be a bug with Kuva Lich HP where it isn't that much better (~2k more) then a crew member. I thought they were supposed to be "defensive powerhouses" VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Unknown, seems to be random among liches EXPECTED RESULT: She should have HP similar to other Liches OBSERVED RESULT: REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% with certain liches.
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