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  1. I forgot a very important question: Vampiric Kavat. While i am looking forward to getting it, can we please get any clarification on how that is done BEFORE it gets here? I admit i am attached to both my kavats and i don't want them transforming into something else. I just want to know how the "vampirification" happens so i might start farming the DNA codes for a new kitty to specificaly vampirify. (I wouldn't mind if by "interaction" the vampkitty "steals" my kavat for a night and she comes back pregnant and then births the vampiric kitty, i just don't want to loose them (not to mention the metric tons of forma i've put into them (specially my adarza) as it has a somewhat specific build to my playstyle)
  2. Quick questions: Can we get the assasins (stalker, Grustrag 3, zanuka) buffed? More/faster (but called) attacks, scaling hp/stats (no armor plz xD), invulnerability to warframe abilities, etc? People have been asking for a challenge, why not give it to them. Maybe have the assassin scale accordingly to the hunted player's level, and if possible "nerf" incoming damage to it from higher lvl players so it would be as if they're all fighting at the same lvl (the player being hunted level)? Zephyr rework plz? Any news on Primary kitguns? And maybe fortuna/cetus hybrids (zaw/kitgun gunblade sounds like yum! =3 ) Can we have verification if The New War is coming this christmas or not? Thanks for your hard work!
  3. But... it looked awesome!!! T.T. I mean, it's good that it's back to normal for people that liked it that way, but i thought it looked so cool... can't we get like a tint option for the glases? that'd be the awesomest thing ever :3
  4. First of all, huge thanks to all the team for the TREMENDOUS effort they do, and it's awesome results. I have some questions: 1) Mandatory "melee 3.0 (or update) when?" At least any word on single handed melee+secondary? 2) About empyrean: How many "systems" are in place to help people who usually solo play (or go in small squads of two)? 3) Syndicates: the actual system kind of doesn't make any sense by now. If you're hunted by say, Steel Meridian, why would they ask for your help for the relay reconstruction efforts? If the Perrin Sequence hates you, why would Ergo trust you mistically to do the "Ergo's gambit" quest?, or Suda help you with "Octavia's anthem" when she keeps sending drone killsquads for your head? (I might have a couple of ideas of how to fix those with no retconning whatsoever, where can i put those?) 4) and personally i believe this is the most important one: ZEPHYR, our birb needs to actually fly!!. Titania does it, Hildryn does it, why can't she? All it needs is a (i think) minimal rework. SAVE THE BIRB! SAVE ZEPHYR! 5) oh and mandatory "Primary kitguns when" Cheers, and HUGE THANKS again for making this wonderful game :D
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