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  1. How you use the time in a mission is up to each player. What you are doing is already above the common player around and you will get an impact for sure, since it is likely the grind for resources will decrease and the endo you have will be higher, so you will find it easier to rank up mods and even get platinum. The impact is obviously on the long term, but you will get it, rushing a mission, no matter how fast it is, you only get the mission reward, that is why resource and credit alerts were so unpopular on ineficient players, some were spending quite a bit of time to get a single neurode at the end of the mission, istead of using the reward as the cherry on top of the cake, being the mission the cake itself. When your cake is smaller than the cherry itself, you know something isn't right, but that's how some players want to play and sadly there isn't anything DE can do, the missions already have plenty, but is up to each player to seek that.
  2. This is usually found by players early on, but i'll state the obvious to you anyway When you gain multiples of something, you can sell for platinum to other players, enabling you to get just about everything in the game, another viable alternative is to trade for ayatan statues (aka endo) and adaptation does net you a good deal of it. Another thing you can do is to skip grind with them. Eversince players started playing warframe on update 8 (+-), DE faced a problem, players were getting things instantly after release because the grind was being done prior to updates, if you think about detonite ampules,, nitain, oxium, argon and much more, they are there to combat that grind. Mods do not obey this, you can easily either trade the mod for other mods or trade them for platinum to buy said mods, effectively bypassing any grind, for example the new update comming soon will release new set mods, you already have the grind to get them instantly, assuming you will trade. That's what you usually do, keep in mind that management and how you decide to get things, for how much and so on, is entirely up to you, if you decide to grind, you have to endure the grind. Your ideas sound great, i don't mind getting more powerfull, but DE will never accept things like stat locking and permanent stat boosts, the gap between players playing now and those that enter next year would be insanely big.
  3. I believe many do not know and DE isn't going to state these things. If you enable 2FA and you lose your account because you were careless and made the mistake of using weak passwords, the same passwords everywhere or simply by telling the password, the suspicious activity ban or the ban applied after the account is used for example to sell platinum on the black market, the account will become permanently banned. Before 2FA, support could recover your account and undo damage, this takes time, they might ask questions to you and in the end you could simply be a warframe account seller trying to get the account back, the doubt was always in the air. To erase this and make things really fast to handle, they will now check if you have 2FA (and yes, you will likely do so), if you lose control of both the warframe account and the email, your account will be banned forever, if you ask support why, it won't really matter. If you sold your account, you're banned If you were careless with account info, you're banned This already existed, but not everyone enabled 2FA, so illecit trades and illecit account recovery were a thing, now if you're going to enable 2FA, please make sure you have secure passwords and do not reveal them to anyone, doing so is a time bomb waiting to happen.
  4. Not atm you can't transfer account to the switch Nontheless i want to ping @[DE]Rebecca Please check the PM in the community inbox regarding this issue, it's important and relates to account migration, it's in fact an exploit and so i cannot discuss it here, so please since account migration is in the minds of players, please adress the exploit, prefreably in a retroactive way. If you're a user reading this, do not ask, won't tell.
  5. yes, but the better you are, the more stars, ayatan statues and rare mods you find, the easier everything gets, the difference is quantity even if everyone is doing the missions. Missions are easy, buit if i killed 10 enemies in a capture mission for example, i would rather quit warframe, that's atrocious, but that's me, always aiming higher, regardless of difficulty, invencibility stages, self revives and easy content.
  6. asside form masks and drops based on rng that can't be traded, anything else is like that, you can literally get wolf hammer set by farming nightmare missions for example, you trade the mods for plat, so the more mods you get, the more endo potential you have and buying the wolf set becomes easier, now image trading rare stances, stars, ayatan statues with it aswell, in the current stage you probably can get the wolf hammer set so cheaply it's likely 1 mission (like a nightmare mission) will hold enough plat potential to get you a set in trade chat, how many wolf runs you need to get the set exactly? It's a matter of gameplay and the quality of said gameplay, great players won't even go to subpar efficiency anymore, every mission counts, but this depends on the player himself.
  7. The platinum had to be removed, from whoever had it at the time, it ended up being you. Support will take a while and may offer the solution to remove cosmetics from your account (even if you are guilty in some way), but you certainly cannot play warframe on PC with cosmetic purchases that weren't actually bought by anyone. Many reasons for the platinum to be removed, suspicious trades (platinum was bought, but when it is related with unallowed trades, support removes the plat), platinum black market dealers, purchase chargeback, accounts that have been compromised and support is removing the traded plat to the original owner, ....
  8. The game is certainly easy, however the more efficient you are, the better you become and the more rewarding the game is, 1 hour afk and 1 hours doing lots and lots of missions are fine examples. While certain warframes make thing easier and faster, the game heavily relies on the player, a VERY common thing to see is the players who rush missions without killing, while others rush, kill, CC, revive, buff, find stars, kill enemies not required for the objective, open lockers, find statues and so on, these players will get more. The better you are, the less grindy the game becomes, because the time is used in a smarter way. Those that afk are 1 step away from quiting the game, while those that rush things in super profitable ways are always wanting more, the mere tought of not killing, of slowing down means the game becomes boring and the time used to farm anything just isn't worth it. Invencibility stages are there to bring players together in terms of mission time, but once you are as fast as you can, the determining factor is loot. Before things were out of wack, 2 minute missions for veterans and 10 minutes for newbies, meaning veterans were doing the same boss 5 times compared to new players, that gap can't exist. Now things are more even, but better gameplay provides better results, even platinum wise.
  9. Congrats and don't worry about the next series, there wil be a gap (so no nightwave challenges for awhile), use that time to rest and when season 2 appears, it will be faster and easier with some catchup mechanics
  10. Sadly many players complain about lost exclusive content, so DE mainly releases things in a grindy state early on and then makes it available for everyone. This strategy wasn't always like this, things were harder to obtain, if you missed something, it was for good, for example emblems in past events, primed chamber (altough in this case they likely make it exclusive to target and flag potential black market dealers, since many accounts with primed chamber were nuked, meaning said primed chamber was nuked). Problem is, the game has so much for players to explore, the slightest requirement for something is viewed with "to much grind". I am still in favor of exclusive an unobtainable content, even if it's weapons, this helps give a clear idea that you need to be semiactive in warframe to get stuff, i prefer things to be reasonably grindy, but only at certain points in time, instead of having something really grindy and boring and then made available shortly after, i mean the opticor vandal for example, it's getting a re release way to soon, events lose value because of it. DE is indeed catering to casuals, hardcore players will always get more for their time, player quality determines how much you get overall, but on specific things you can see that their goal shifted, self reviving, reviving in arbitrations and much more. "only in the shadow of death does your true potential lies", If you die, quit and moan, your potential is determined right there. Reality checks to promote good gameplay, more effort and reasonable attention to what is going on in warframe would help the community alot. DE probably has the data, players are getting things fast at anytime and often quit warframe after they get the content.
  11. KIREEK

    Show MR on Forum

    A very common thing to happen ingame is that any sugestion or criticism (without being offensive obviously) is often tied with the MR, meaning players don't take you seriously even the actions are clear for everyone, if your MR is lower than them, your opinion is dismissed. Players can play in any way they want, but certain actions deserve criticism, but player don't take it seriously Placing it on the forums is pointless and only feeds low tier players who user MR for anything else besides unlocking content. I'll give an example, some time ago in discord players were discussing frames quality and i replied "any frame is only as good as the player using it", for example, if 2 vaubans are in a team, they will likely perform differently, the better player will likely not only beat the other vauban, but other players using other warframes Only players of similar experience can really debate with me, simply because i know better. Many disagreed and one asked for my MR (16 btw, aka experience for many), this is a huge red flag on the kind of replies you're going to get, however as soon i said i had over 6k hours mission time, they pretty much became silent and decided to talk about other things In a mission, this is common because self shamming is done to 3 other players, in discord and in forums the range is far bigger and should be minimized by not having the MR being displayed. I don't mind player filtering (finding out who judges another player by using the MR), but in general it isn't a good idea, your gameplay and behavior heavily determines how good your comments are, regardless of MR, because i have seen many new players act in ways that are vastly superior to many veterans, both in conduct, results and learning strategies In short, pointless and worthless, the comment itself is more important than a number, we do not care how man hidron runs you made.
  12. Because you don't get kicked just by offending others, spaming is also not allowed, even if it's a single letter or a single pointless word, you also cannot bypass or exploit the chat filter, because that's also a rule violation if a mod sees what you're trying to do, You can't also lure others into getting kicked, you can't intentionally mislead other players and so on. It's not just offending other players directly that get's you kicked.
  13. it's not an offense, it's simply a topic unrelated to warframe itself, if players are strugling with a certain boss or warframe parts, why are you talking about politics? Don't clutter the chat with pointless arguments
  14. Keep in mind that under normal circunstances, account credentials that are leaked intentionally or not are the player responsibility, it's his credentials, he created them. While it's sad to see a player gone due to a mistake, keep in mind he does share responsibility, he is responsible for keeping his information safe, DE can give tips (such as 2 step verification, secure passwords,....), but they will not protect an account the way you want. I also note that only support has all the data, we do not know if the user is accusing something that is false and is trying to get the account back. For example, it's common (in the black market websites) for accounts to be sold, only to have the seller later on claim the account again, usually by providing information that only he knows (like prime access purchases, 1st few friends made ingame,....), and so support reads the tickets, gives the account to the original owner and now he can sell the account again. We have no clue of what your friend did in the past, the excuse "i'm banned, i believe my account got stolen" is also a very common excuse when black market dealers end up with their main accounts banned. <QUOTE REMOVED> How? How did he log? Because if the reply is something along the lines "i gave the info to him", then support will simply keep the account banned as that is a clear exploit and security breach, they do not allow other players to play for you, why you believe so few players even dare to afk in missions to get the mission reward? Also if the player is unable to keep the account safe, support should indeed ban it forever.
  15. Are you sure? each mod is 5 endo, you would need over 400 mods in 20 waves to get that much endo, some players can't even kill 400 enemies in 20 waves, let alone get 400 mods. If you're talking about trading the mods you get for plat or for statues directly, then the 2200 does seem more accurate.
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