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  1. I think that if warframe has lasted this long and is still going then we shouldn't really doubt the developers capability. The game needs more marketing sure, but the game itself is solid, otherwise it will follow the same path as destiny (which could not sustain itself without a 2nd interation that you had to pay for) or athem with it's lackluster content. Warframe to die would be a blessing for many companies, because when looter shooters come out, they try their best not to mention warframe, a free to play alternative to their game that has years and years of content, so they try
  2. When Khora deluxe/prime gets released, it's likely a rework will happen, especially on her 1st ability, If that happens to be to far away in the pipeline, they just update her 1st ability claiming "unintentional damage" or "multipliers being applied incorrectly" and move forward, possibly hyping that the deluxe/prime will bring changes to her. The idea is, in order to anounce something new and fresh, you must 1st ruin what is currently implemented. Other than that i don't really see anything too severe altough the interaction between hildrin and energy siphon might get a change (sinc
  3. The fully built weapon can be aquired via baro on ocasion The BP of the weapon is tradable and can be replicated in the clans if said clan was one of the top 10% in a past event (the event that introduced defection game mode). So you an either check baro over and over, hoping he brings the fully built BP, or you can find someone in chat willing to trade it to you, for example, most clans claiming 100% research don't have 100% research, if you need the ignis wraith BP they will simply give you a copy of one. If you fancy an actual trade, i can sell ignis wraith bp for 50 plat
  4. Still no fix for jupiter corpus sentient rooms containing unbreakable glass if player isn't the host (bugged since May 22, 2019)
  5. He's doing a parking manouver, if you look closely the rear white lights are on.
  6. I noticed a few changes in some decorations in the dojo, for the better btw, but i had 2 areas where the lights just weren't quite right, i don't know why this is the case since in one case i have that room placed in another area of the dojo ant it looks normal
  7. No, i play railjack from time to time, which is better than before where i only played the necessary to get the ship i wanted. As for liches, i would be playing that mode nonstop and i was doing that just before nightwave introduced the "vanquish a kuva lich" as an elite weekly. You see, because of this my liches are always on the verge of being killed, so that when that challenge appears, i only have to do 1 single mission to end it, afterwards i slowly build up the next lich for the next challenge. Nightwave kills the incentive i had to kill liches, it had the opposite effect on me
  8. I've used it to kill sentients on the railjack anomally missions, since the proc is usefull against them (considering sentients fly around) and resets their resistance, not to mention the buff itself doesn't need an augment mod like certain elemental buffs. The proc and the resistance reset is already really good, because you can fire nonstop and end the sentients without using operator. I understand your concern, but the thing is, it's a 25 energy cost ability, you can't compare it to a 75 energy cost one nor you can compare it with more usefull ones that require an extra mod for th
  9. Are we even talking about the same thing? not going to lie, you managed to confuse me. soo, huh......cheers i guess
  10. Quits are added to the profile, while this isn't a problem for many, for some it is indicative of unreliable hosting and situations like the one you described. Leaving a mission is an allowed move, if a player can't play for example, going afk is going to have bad consequences, so in those cases, leaving the game is the only solution, afterall emergencies do happen at the last minute and you're requesting a punishment for players that might be in that situation. Meaning if an emergency happens at the last minute, entering the game is going to get you a warn/ban or is going to have the con
  11. Still no fix for jupiter corpus sentient rooms containing unbreakable glass if player isn't the host
  12. You do like most ppl and simply deal with it.
  13. According to a mod i once spoke on discord, alt accounts can't be in the same clan or alliance
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