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    Vauban is in a wheelchair.

    I guess it's your opinion, but i believe he is as great as he has ever been, the star chart is already most of the game and there are a few missions even in "endgame" that he will excell, it's simply because he is great at CC and for the most part the rule in warframe is that you either CC or you kill, one can be done at any level so it rewards less (CC) and the other can be done up to a point, but you get rewarded (killing) If you combine both, like using the abilities with weapons and other teammates, then you get both CC and killing. This is a very simple concept but understanding it fully and doing a mission takes a while, for example if a non protected enemy kills you in arbitration, i can simply say "why didn't you CC the enemy to begin with?, why did you engage the enemy if you could die from it" You have to somehow make a rule book, where you follow certain behaviors based on what you see, when to CC, when to engage enemies, what to do if everything falls apart, ..... What i mean with this is that when you have these things established, a warframe becomes an extra, you don't really depend on the warframe to do certain things, because you will always do them. Player matters alot.

    Vauban is in a wheelchair.

    Keep in mind that vauban continues to be in good shape, it all depends on the player, don't expect to use him more often, to increase efficiency or be more helpfull just because a few changes are made. Players have a bigger role when it comes to that, not buffs, this means that if you don't use his kit properly or you just strugle with him, you will remain in that state despite any changes. Requesting buffs is a common thing, but you won't go far if you really depend on them to succeed.

    DE now has Serious Competition

    it's impossible to claim that spot atm. As soon you try to compete with any game, not only you need to match, but you also need to offer more, any company that checks the warframe variety, the weapons, the areas quickly realizes they need years to reach that same point, you also need to enter with an appealing price tag, warframe being free means other companies have to also use a free to play model or a very worthwhile gameplay that justifies the price tag Mass effect andromeda also had the ambition to make many more worlds, but time constraints made them cut stuff from the game to meet deadlines Competing with warframe requires a risky and very long term investment, you don't know what will happen in 2 or 3 years, if the genre is appealing, if players are still interested in your ip or your work, if you have the money to pull it off, if you can offer more than warframe in 2 years. Unless you offer something different and/or better, your screwed. Amazing eternals is an example that failed right from the start, why did DE decide to compete directly with games like overwatch and offered a semi buggy alpha experience is beyond me. Common sense goes both ways

    Primed chamber avaiable, when?

    They probably don't have a good mission type to release it on, especially since the only thing the mod has it going for is it's rarity, it's not going to turn an inefficient gameplay into an efficient one and players mainly want to mod to sell it, altough given the values involved that is a huge drawback. I'll explain You have to understand many owners of the mod no longer exist and that means the trades were likely reversed so the mods likely don't exist either. The higher the amount of legitimally obtained platinum, the more you can sell of the black market, rivens are desired because of that altough the apex is primed chamber as a single mod sold gives you enough bought platinum for many black market transactions that have a likelyhood of remaining for enough time to net a profit Having huge amounts of platinum is pointless, the only way to make a sell of primed chamber a good thing is to spend said platinum (tennobaun, gifting friends, purchasing everything you see), but since there is a high probability of the buyer of the mod being involved with black market deals, it is also likely that the platinum will be removed sometime in the future, leaving the player with a severe case of negative platinum that will end permanently your warframe experience, either you or countless other players, like clanmates if you gifted them. This might sound a comspiracy theory but i believe atm primed chamber is mainly used to target black market dealers, both buyers and sellers, any interest in having the mod or the platinum to buy the mod is viewed with high suspicion, it's no suprise many players are gone, many trades are reversed in the end, making even a single transaction hard to do, it likely takes several tries to actually buy or sell a legit one from a trusworthy player. While i do agree the mod should be released (so players can stop complaining), many players simply want the mod to sell it as quickly as possible to try an net as much as possible in that 1 hour period some players don't know about the release of the mod, sadly that also atracts the black market dealers so a portion of players will eventually get screwed. Imagine a trade that fits into a black market trade paramters and you or another playets into a negative 80k, 3 months after the mod is introduced, with a balance like that your warframe experience is over. So carefull with the greed and "i want the mod", because unless there is some prep from DE, antecipating the release of the mod to force players to lower the value of the mod substantially, you are prone to finding players who will screw you over at all costs.

    Dps frame nerfs

    Having powerfull abilities, nerfs and/or buffs mean nothing in the end, if the player is efficient all of that won't change much, the issue is how widely available the efficiency is, if it's to much then a change/nerf must happen, DE doesn't like when the average group starts entering into the efficient territory all thanks to abilities, that makes it to easy. If you get there via gameplay, they won't bat an eye, afterall you earned it. It's true i can't get the same levels of efficiency on interceptions thanks to the banshee nerf, but i still do plenty of kills, i can't reach the maximum possible, but i get close. Complaining also contributes to the nerfs, however i have been here for years now and i remain efficient despite the complains of "but that warframe won't let us get kills"

    Multiple accounts in the same clan

    Sadly and according to a moderator, they can't even be in the same alliance, let alone in the same clan. You see, part of it i assume it's related to event scoring exploitation, as 2 accounts can get a higher score than just 1 or atleast get the same score but making it easier. It's better for 1 account to never enter the clan at all. Trust me, it's better to do this than to lose both accounts in the future. Losing accounts that you invested alot of time in will shatter you.
  7. Clan name: - Black Paper - Clan tier: Ghost Clan platform: PC Your Clan role: Warlord (the custom name is Executioner) Relevant info: The dojo is essentially 4 large rooms connected to eachother in a square shape, this prevents the tipical trope of going forward, room after room and then going back, the way i've done it you can always go in 1 direction and still end up in the 1st room you arrived, no backtracking Decorations are considered decorations, not obstacles, if you want to see things you will be able to do it without having to go over rocks and a clutered scenery, so there is space to move around. A few portals connect certain areas, including the center of the dojo, with the research, this means that once inside the distance to every room is the same, we do not have portals on every single room because that defeats the purpose of decorating hallways and because i do not want a clutered warp list, if players want to go somewhere, they can. even while walking the distance to things isn't to big, we do not add rooms for the sake of adding rooms to build stuff in them, every room serves a purpose. If the room is already decorated then not much is added because adding something will cluter it, in these cases there is no point in showing it In the center, you go to research, to the oracle (will likely be treasury in the future (maximum walking efficiency) and it leads to an elevator, this elevator goes underground to a center room that connects all reactors, so this room artificially manages all reactors. The room you spawn is the trading room, no need to warp. Dojo layout Main Halls: Additional images: Corner room 1, more fauna and wildlife perservation, contains aquariums Corner room 2, A nice Fountain, is used to enter both the dual room and parkour rooms Corner room 3: A large aquarium with Ayatan statues Corner room 4: sort of like a darker enviroment with overgrown trees and alot of tiny wildlife Hallways, crosssections and T shaped rooms Research Center Room Reactor center room

    Another Riven Progression Thread

    I wouldn't mind if they removed rivens from drop tables and specific alerts, would indeed love if they became legacy and unobtainable mods As for retroactively removing them, no thank you

    Map Clearing Frames in PUBs

    And what about the other 2 random players in the squad? I'm expected to read minds, that i can understand, sadly i can't do it.
  10. KIREEK

    Map Clearing Frames in PUBs

    Complaining about faster missions that are more profitable is very rare. It's not often that i see a player wanting more grind in warframe
  11. I love Orb valis enemies, it's a nice reality check for the players that aren't capable of holding their own. De deployed several bosses and rare units and made them regular units, easier to kill but still with the same attacks and i find that a good way to manage how you engage enemies. I have nothing but to praise DE. The issue is that like sorties, i also believe this should have been unlocked for players who have completed star chart, i understand the idea of making this available as quickly as possible, but the rule is "fortuna for fortuna" and that means you play Fortuna for fortuna content, so new players will be trapped in this area, gathering resources for things they can't use and everything will feel underwelming. The time spent by new players in fortuna is inefficient, especially because they lack the killing power, so a slog early on becomes even worse, when they realize the resources they gathered can't be used on what they tought and the ones that can they got so litle that the entire thing becomes futile. For those that are ready for the area in terms of gear and want the new stuff available in fortuna, practice, improve and then later on come back to orb valis. If you can't kill enemies, simply get better, since the content can be trivialized, getting to a point where it is "fair" shouldn't be outside this world It's harder? yes Unreasonable? No
  12. Actually, my system remains the same, it's only the OS that changes PC master race isn't about having the highest specs (similar to be a good warframe player)
  13. Warframe's Engine isn't made with that in mind, relays use several tricks, like disabling alot of animations, or slow loading the caracthers by using a dedicated server in the midle. That mode in warframe would need 1st and foremost a big map, meaning alot of resources right off the bat and a slower loading than normal, then you would need to load all the players equips, warframes, syandanas, sigils, emblems,animations,... That's alot of different content, you see, warframe isn't a game with 10 weapons and a few cosmetic items, it has alot to load on top of already big map. If the content comes to PC, then it's released on consoles and that is an issue of it's own. Plains is already to much for reliable gameplay on the switch, heists are currently a nightmare for DE as the fights won't be ready anytime soon due to the demanding action, do you honesty believe a BR mode in warframe would work? You would need to reduce the maps size, reduce the amount of players and reduce the effects clutter on screen for it to be viable, this means warframe would always be subpar in terms of map size and player count, so complains about the lackluster mode would be inevitable. Refining current gamemodes is way more important.
  14. I went with randoms, my damage to ambulas was pretty small with an IPS weapon, but you can strip the armor with several abilities and corrosive procs to increase the damage, not to mention abilities like rhino roar boost said damage. Warframe's endgame to a certain extend is placing the player in a position he ain't confortable with, mission will have these neat changes and then either you beat it, or you don't. I'll be honest here, i hardly fail a mission, and when it happens i become pretty fustraded, sometimes it's a bug, others i join an already in progress missions that are dommed to fail and sometimes i truly fail. If i joined an assassination and failed several times in a row, i would have quit warframe, i mean having to do a mission 3 or 4 times to beat it once and then saying "gg" at the end? 25% completion ratio on a boss isn't gg. You seriously need to think of what works and what doesn't, if anything, practice with the regular boss, because sorties are like that. Even if you succeed at this point, it's still a fail due to the completion ratio. Do not play only by using what you feel confortable with.
  15. KIREEK

    Ayatan treasures

    The mission has an objective, to grab a unique item, if you retrieve it, you get 1 statue, you can always repeat the mission, but the reward will not get added (this is similar to sorties, you can repeat the mission, but you won't get rewards) To get more statues past the weekly one, you either trade for them or you find them in the missions, doing the mission over and over will not get you more statues.