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  1. I admit that rushed content isn't good, they often have to work on the issues again, work on rollbacks, compensations to players,.... But, they could easily deliver things that are already working, for example the kuva hek, you don't need to do a huge update with liches, mods and market bundles just for that. They have many things done, but they are saving them for the massive update.
  2. Well, technically, many abilities are always more powerfull in some way or another in the actual warframe, either by sinergy or because an augment needs another ability to work (for example hildryn) Since you use another warframe, some effects are reduced or in the case of the hildryn ability, you can't use the augment at all, i mean you can equip it, but with 0 effect.
  3. If there's one thing i hate in warframe are these gigantic updates that take hours to process, filter and explore. Can't you guys release parts of the update (like helmith expansion) more frequently instead of delivering everything and a kitchen sink all at once?
  4. You get rewards by completing missions or killing enemies, the ideal scenario is by doing both. If you're in a position where the mission will not end due to your actions (mobile defense, survival,.....) then killing will be a profitable scenario. In the ice defense, you simply kill more enemies so that they drop more mods, more endo and more resources, if you don't do that and just stall enemies then yes defending is a waste, you want to minimize that ammount of time you stay idle not doing anything. If you ignore enemies and don't do anything in the defense, then the mission w
  5. Magnetic hazard has no defense, extraction is available right from the start, if you can find it. Defense is also more profitable, altough risky.
  6. A 5 min timer is actually a 4 min timer, you have to consider the worst case scenario, which is waiting 1 full min at extraction while someone is doing other things, namely finding ayatan statues, looting, entering the granum void, finding caches, releasing prisioners,...... Lesson learned i guess. Yes, ALL members in that squad have to do things a bit faster. To prevent those issues some sabotages allow for flexibility, you can defend and even go straight to extraction (magnetic hazard) depending on how the sabotage is organized, however this requires speed, practice and you need to
  7. 1 - talk to the player directly in squad chat, no need to be offensive but ask him to play, usually this makes players move, this is especially likely if the player had a afk warn before or knows the consequences of afk, they will gain a suddent burst of energy. 2 - if they don't move, take screenshots and send a support ticket later. Support can access mission data and can see exactly what players did, including animations, movements, etc and will apply their own judgement and decide if the user is warned or not. 3 - it is unlikely you will ever see the player again, in part due to
  8. Prone to afk gameplay, the teams performance would overall drop, reports would increase and warned players would skyrocket
  9. In general this shouldn't affect your points, the more effort you display, the more overall kills you'll have on the long term and the less matches you'll need to aquire the rewards compared to other players. You'll get some easy kills and others will kill your enemies, but the ratio for this will differ depending on your overall effort, it's not a huge issue. What was an issue was the previous implementation where you got pearls just by entering the game, so 10 games would weild reports on 15 players, so thay had to do something to reduce the number of afk players.
  10. well it does have new rewards and it does containt the tactical alert emblem i believe. Again, like all things warframe, you do things IF you want to, you're not forced to play content if you believe there's nothing of interest there. The "event" may be new to you and you may have expected more, but hey, more is comming soon.
  11. I noticed it was brighter, same thing as you, altough in my 1st match i instantly saw someone asking for "1 min" since he couldn't see anything due to the brightness, so i guess it affects players in a different way, maybe certain settings and monitor combos?
  12. Likewise, i enjoyed trading with you aswell.
  13. And now you have it Thanks aswell. Both of you are awsome traders
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