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  1. Maybe i made a mistake, i was under the impression there was a minimun MR to able to access Trials/raids
  2. Raids were MR3 locked i believe, it is unecessary. Think about it, back when i was MR9, i was at that rank and yet vastly outperformed other players, which caused serious confusion at the end of the missions, like sorties, years have gone by since then (players quit, new players appeared, quickly raising MR beyond 9), i'm MR16 and i put the same effort as before, meaning if i remained at MR9 i would still be overqualified for steel path and other players seriously strugling with some basics (UI, objectives,....) would be able to enter. DE knows some players either grind to much (which is desired by DE to keep the player playing) or they break the game because no matter what nerfs happen, said players always come out on top, they farm less, possibly hundreds of times less to get the same thing, the issue is that players keep recomending MR as a lock to avoid newbies (who are at the same competence level as them btw) from entering their games. DE has added several MR gates before, but always made sure the lock wasn't to high, raids were 3 and another game mode was MR4 (can't remember which one), this one at 10 does sound silly to me and as a MR16 player (former MR9) i can say this only appeals to players who consider MR to be a big factor in the outcome and if you're new to warframe, anyone that sees MR as a result metric is an instant red flag in terms of gameplay. DE placed the lock due to stuff they read in the forums (often by players who quit shortly after, so the feedback picking is atrocious), because they know it doesn't matter, they appeal the players and at the same time garantee the grind and hardship necessary.
  3. I will wait and see what comes of it Warframe china also had their influence and things didn't hold up the test of time, everything was so agressive that players lost interest If they now have more shares, it's obviously not to make the same mistakes, otherwise they will devalue what they have and this deal ends up being a huge waste of money. Players will obviously react to changes that displease them, so i'm not to concerned about the future, warframe will get exactly what it deserves, either a praise or a backlash and the numbers will reflect that. I've been here since update 7 and i enjoy the game, it gave me many good memories, but i will quit if things get to unpleasant and right now we are very far from that situation, to me the game keeps on improving.
  4. So, my experience Since the steel essence in part drops from eximus, the more you kill, the more chances you have at the resource, the issue is that you kill more in earth compared to pluto, so if you have to farm you're almost obligated to kill eximus that are well, easier to kill, meaning there is litle incentive to kill them on later areas. Another problem is that eximus appear in spy missions when you are detected, meaning you have to do a clumsy entrance to trigger the enemies you want, the worse you are, the more steel essence you may get, this filosofy isn't great. Other than that it's fine, earth interception is likely going to be a place to farm, my personal meta if you wish. My only issue are mainly the players, who keep doing the same vulgar stuff everywhere, not much CC or killing, avoiding eximus like the plague, using the front door in rescues, not killing the eximus wardens, it doesn't matter if i'm paired with 1,2,3 players or even do several missions, players are just mundane, they don't really try much in any aspect. This isn't DE's fault obviously, players are different from one another, it's just that i expected more from the community.
  5. Not only that, the treatment for lost accounts under those specifications (2FA enabled) is the same as a sold account, they ban it without giving you a chance to recover it, because either the user is misleading support or he was so careless that not even multiple security checks is enough to keep it safe.
  6. At MR30 DE will implement the same system as the Kuva weapons, you essentially forma your account and then you start again from MR0 and work your way to MR32, being MR40 the limit. Now seriously, it will likely be something cosmetic or a decoration, they can't lock power or gamemodes behind such a grind.
  7. I'm not sure if invasion still has the old tileset
  8. @IIAc3sII I grabbed them from the web Negative plat balances cause players to be unable to login, so it can't be the cases here. These players likely had plat removed and trades undone but not in a fashion where they went in the negatives. As for how things are handled, it works nicely since you need to contact support and then either pay up or ask them to remove the cosmetics you bought and yes, to enter negative plat balances there needs to be a ingame market purchase somewhere, they don't take more than what you obtained.
  9. What i find funny is that while the information couldn't be talked about, some youtubers quickly went to talk about it. It's these things that end up confusing ppl, because we assume we can talk just like everyone else
  10. @Voltage Forget it man, while their intentions are nice and welcomed, when you have a player that accuses sellers of being scammers (something that is a valid reason for a ban and trade reversal), it's not something you should really waste your time. They don't know any better sadly, newbies can be newbies at many things, including trading. They argue with you, because there is nothing to lose, they make these claims, accuse sellers of doing something against the trade of conduct, because if they argued with support, things would go bad for them really quickly. They do not understand the free market but at the same time they do, they simply select who to argue with, so don't fall for the trolling Voltage, this hipocrisy isn't worth anyone's time let alone any player that 1st and foremost does it's best to respect the other player and it's pricing, regardless if you find it imoral or something.
  11. It's a bit sad when players, unable to understand the free market (that is established), post said unability in the forums.
  12. Scamming is related mainly to misleading users, for example by selling a Boltor prime and claiming it's an exclusive event weapon, that is grounds for a trade reversal and punishment Advertising prices, like low and then high is no scamming, that is the free market that most players should understand, some takes more time than others, but in general scamming isn't related to price advertising, especially when requested directly from the buyer, often with the message "how much?"
  13. The issue with bots is that they are not users, they don't have age requirements or any requirements, they are artificial, a bot on an account means the account falls outside the requirements DE has in place, meaning specific accounts end up having no regulations whatsoever, EULA and TOS apply to users, not bots. So to stop that, DE has specific rules so that all accounts are treated the same, even if that means removing accounts that don't have a Player behind them
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