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  1. Players trading responsibilities include who to trade with, the budgets and the pricing. As long you respect warframe established rules (including how to trade, what to trade, what's exclusive, what's not exclusive, free market) everything else is your decision and you have the freedom necessary to change these parameters. @Fader- Be mature and accept the responsibility of your mistake. I also traded my artax riven before it was reintroduced, for a good reason, i predicted the reintroduction. It's your fault, DE and other players aren't responsible for your own personal decisions, we cannot stop you from trading, we cannot dictate how much you should spend. it sucks, lesson learned.
  2. kinda. While everything can reapear, there are numerous things DE isn't in the mood to reintroduce and instead asks artists to make something new. Tennocon had unique things, yes they can come back but as you can see in 2019 and now with 2020, it's new glyphs, new armor sets, new animations. There are also emblems from events, unique glyphs from promocodes or alerts, skins related with certain website features at the time. A ton of stuff has yet to reapear and the more time goes by, the more stuff they add. There is a huge backlog of stuff that can appear but will likely never appear again. It's just to much and DE needs to provide work for artists, so they do new stuff instead. They talked about events returning, that's a cool way to reintroduce the emblems, only there were tons of events with tons of cosmetics, how long will it take to introduce that alone combined with the work they have planed? Yes, things can return, but an ETA on the duzzens of things everyone missed is impossible.
  3. Vái aparecer no baro do tennocon 2020 se comprares o bilhete digital. Mas é como tu disseste, foram os jogadores que puseram os valores em platina, DE não é responsável por isso.
  4. maybe at 3k the game crashed so they took 5 ducats from the value but it can also mean somthing as you said
  5. i'm pretty sure these will be saltier
  6. I like how players in some cases compare this to excall prime, which we know isn't comming back while primed chamber was always the horizon, baro, nightwave, alerts, events, all had the potential and yet, with like 6 years of warnings, players traded for it. Guys, be mature and responsible for your own decisions, You have to deal with the fact the mod wasn't meant to be exclusive. tennocon 2020, usually a digital ticket provides to a unique baro visit, who brings everything. the mod maximizes digital sales.
  7. just 3 Could get more, but i need the ducats just incase
  8. sure, but, your discord messages betrayed you, like i said, glass roofs
  9. it's a tag players use to represent the clan, some clans however have a very bad rep because the thing they support or allow would instantly scare away anyone with common sense, the C is the 1st letter of the clan, i'm not going to point fingers, players can find that on their own.
  10. You don't know who your clan leader is? @Senguash While i don't fully agree with you with the entire it should have been exclusive or things (like sindicate standing) remaining at the levels of grind that existed, you shouldn't really take --c-- players opinion into account, especially a small bunch where Nehra belongs to. If you know the kind of problems primed chamber brought (like bans) then it shouldn't take you long as to why --c-- members opinions fall flat, he mocked you because it's safe, if he did the same to his clan leader, things would go wrong for him very quickly, so give him the discount. Imagine for a moment finding the wrong guy with primed chamber back then, you wouldn't be posting here now, just like certain clan leaders can't comment today. That's why others comment for them.
  11. You say that to a player of another clan, because if you said it to your clan leader he wouldn't like it If your roof is made of glass, then don't trow stones
  12. Rip Black market dealers Well, think on the bright side, atleast now you won't get banned from simply trading the mod For those that don't know, primed chamber anouncements (WTB or WTS) or trades with the mod were easy red flags for unallowed activities, it would take half a duzzen trades to get the mod because players were either banned, the mod removed or the trade reversed/undone. Releasing it now was probably because only a few handfull of players had the mod and the majority were probably on the chopping block, also tennocon 2020 digital ticket and baro wares. The mod was used to gain cash or to gain high ammounts of platinum to sell for cash, nothing else, there isn't anyone with a legitimate reason to keep the mod exclusive to the event, i know this because i have seen countless perish when the mod was involved and i know for sure a few reports of mine did involve players with primed chamber, you can guess the results of that, i'm here, they aren't.
  13. Clan name: - Black paper -Clan tier: GhostClan Platform: PC Clan Role: Founding Warlord Featured image: I may updade this with pictures as the rooms have changed decoration wise, i can't bother doing new pictures because i have a temporary disability, moving around and using the mouse is very taxing, my sugestion is to actually visit the dojo, it's well structured so you won't get lost. There are 2 other portal locations (reactor and ascesion room) but other than that this is how it looks, each room is unique
  14. Clan emblems have a relative small image resolution, they would never be on par with the remaining glyphs in terms of quality. Increasing the size of them would also create issues due to the sheer volume of emblems going around, it would be a rather big update.
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