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  1. My clan uses activity to unlock research for newer members, you arrive with no access to research and pretty much no clue on what is researched and what isn't, then after 2 missions and if i verify the conclusion of those missions, i ran up the members, allowing them to claim the available research. Obviously other clans may have different rules and rullers, I belong to the Moonlapse alliance and i'm sure the players there and it's rullers will be able to pick you up and find a clan for you. You going to Eternal Aegis right? then i welcome you to the alliance.
  2. Yes i did, you refuse to do a report but spend more time complaining than actually doing something about it. A support ticket is faster and works, yes it's 1 by 1, but it works, no one dares to afk/leech or avoid objectives after the 1st warn, only complete mad ppl will risk the account by going afk again. There is a reason why ppl quit the game instead whe a warn of the sort arrives, it's no coincidence that they prefer waiting for content they enjoyinstead of going the afk route a 2nd time with content they don't particularly enjoy.
  3. The solution was and still is, to report via support with enough proof that the user avoided the objectives. It's flawless.
  4. Usually 2 weeks, can be faster (like they reply in minutes) or can take 3 to 4 weeks (usually for more complex stuff). The implemented a few things to speed up support and the game is less popular compared to a few months ago, so that helps with the volume of tickets they have to adress. You came back at a good time actually, since large updates are about to hit the game and it's expected that the ticket numer will increase, delaying replies
  5. I only know one clan so it's not like it's the end of the world, you just need to have common sense not to dump an entire collection of images when a warlord requests something.
  6. Yes, i feared that aswell, as soon i went to check my current builds, i realized i would need to forma a specific slot and the exilus just to add an ammo drum and the issue with that is that some weapons i have have diferent builds and so the 1st forma would ruin 2 builds. It's just costly atm, either i can't fit the mods (like primed ammo mutation) or i ruin the builds by doing so.
  7. You seriously don't understand, it does happen, rarely, but it does I'm giving a sugestion based on what i have seen, it's obvious that for players that do not care or have 0 concern this sounds odd, as for reporting me, you are free to do so, at your own risk and consequences. My intentions are good, especially for newer players Sometimes i wonder if certain players have a lose screw or if they act like a child on purpose, pretending not to understand the entire system, it's like this offended you in some way to the point of lecturing someone who does this often I'm not making the sugestion just because i felt like it, i saw and i see this happen from time to time.
  8. Keep in mind that am not forcing this, the sugestion is for those that want to take it. I often sweep the available topics for the proof required, same for other players and support themselves, it's always a joke, until it isn't and accounts are removed. This isn't a common practice, most accounts being sold are either hijacked from players or are actual owners, but sometimes you get exactly what i'm saying, someone uses your images to sell something they don't own, worst case scenario the owner is punished. Dude, it has been like this for years The intention is there, the pictures are there and the name can be found, 1,2,3 the account gets removed. You may think this is new, but i haven't been using support since yesterday. You made the mistake of "visiting the profile", because those do not count as proof, why do you think i'm giving the sugestion?
  9. Yes, that is it As for photoshop, yes that can be done, but if your caught, you're banned before scamming, so i don't believe anyone does it, but i mean i'm not a machine, things can escape my sight If the scammer get's a hold on fresh pictures that don't need editing however, they can certainly skip that.
  10. Mate, it's simple Have you ever reported another player? This ordeal only makes sense when you understand the differences, there is one in what you just said, tell me for example, how many nodes on the start chart have i cleared? Do you see the problem, do you know what is a screenshot from the owners point of view. Can you take a screen of my inventory, like resources? You never engaged in this as much as i have, so i understand where you are comming from The point of images is credibility and proof at the same time, the image used to convince others you own it is the same image used by support to ban the account, assuming a name is found, like the picture i posted above If you look at the image, you will be confused, how can that lead anywhere, how was a name found? That sadly i cannot say to you, only thing i can say is that support needs proof on such acusations and i can't send hundreds of tickets without doing things right, as much as it costs to you, you'll have to trust me when i say "i know what i'm doing" An arsenal picture doesn't really help anything, not even i can find out who that belongs to, but the more pictures exist, the higher the probability it will be found and used. If a scammer uses a single arsenal picture, at the 1st question made by another user like "show me you other warframes" could completely expose you because there are none. I'm trying to be helpfull so that when a warlord asks for certain things, you don't dump your entire arsenal content as proof to rank up, especially when certain warlords are related to black market deals.
  11. the idea is to convince someone into buying something you don't own, do you honestly believe a tipical scammer will post stuff taken from a youtube video or with a stream face of somekind, that would be a very short lasting topic. They try to get something non recognizable, rare (can't appear to often in google images) and must be diversed (so a small batch of pics isn't a good idea) If you have a warlord requesting several pictures and if you post them for anyone to see, someone may use those pictures. I know because incidents like these pop up ocasion, they are rare just like players selling the accounts, but do happen. My advice comes mainly after seeing a clan somehow hoarding these pictures, because you often don't see these things side to side, an arsenal picture isn't going to harm you, but if you have a relatively seeked for account and post profile, inventory and arsenal pictures, they may be used. Players in those forums aren't all dumb, if you post something for all to see, some will grab as many details as possible to try and see if you're trustworthy, a screencap from a video would instantly open a dispute, there is no point in scamming if you're banned before that happens. The general player is fine, but these situations do happen. This info is here as a recomendation, players are free to be careless. But me, support and maybe other players do not care if a picture was grabbed from google or not, if it's there, it's proof.
  12. The point of this is that this is an advice based on many situations that have happened, sometimes other ppl recognize the images being posted, it's merely to inform that some players may trick you into providing unique screens.
  13. I have been reporting for years What do you think happens in other forums that advertise platinum and/or accounts? This isn't just flowers and sunshine you know? I have hundreds of tickets where i prove someone is selling the account, do you know how many pages of tickets that requires?
  14. That's a good sugestion. But when someone sells an account, 2FA isn't going to clear your name, support only needs proof and your intention to sell the account such as "i would like to sell my account" When both are presented together, the ban is permanent. You can claim, "i never sold it", but if support has screens only you can take, your argument falls flat.
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