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  1. If you want a quick response you need to figure out and contact 2 mods from the discord itself. If you contact one, he will check it out and will likely not tell you anything, moderation can be a drag for some and when faced with something that is permanent, they won't even bother replying, it's a hassle really, you are bothering them. By contacting a 2nd one, he will inquire the situation, but the 1st mod will realize that you are messaging more mods, this will prompt them to reply instantly, stating that it is permanent. If you contact support, they may give you actual information, however the information depends on the information that is available to them, it will be more conclusive, but it won't change anything. Your best option is to find other discords that suit your needs, what exactly are you looking for? trading, giveaways, general chatting, relic oriented grouping?
  2. It will be even funnier when you are close to ending the sister (2 out of 3 parazon strikes) and she falls outside of bounds somewhere, vanishing from the mission. In all due seriousness i also don't know how i will deal with toxin sisters eventually, i'll use wukong or something so i can atleast delay my death long enough.
  3. Griefing is mainly when players in a mission end up acting against other players, like destroying terminals, holding datamasses forever, going afk in missions such as interception or survival (due to mechanics in game modes, afk gameplay can be considered as an action against the team) Leaving a mission regardless of reason (your own personal decision or emergency) is never considered as griefing by the person reviewing these reports. It also does not affect lich/sisters spawns, even if it did, it wouldn't be griefing. It's RNG, they may spawn or not and that can't be blamed on a player
  4. Via Warframe i don't know of any cases of that, however, if someone trully despises you (like messing up a clan or another player account), you can be targeted by some individuals who specialize in account theft. What these individuals do is sell warframe accounts to resellers online, but they need the account 1st to do that, they can and will check who you are and will search for any available leaked credentials and try to use them in warframe or other accounts to see if they can extract any information. Reddit for example does have that information, one user was actually able to get a hold of my old reddit account to try and get back at me when he lost god knows how many accounts due to RMT and other infractions and the reddit account did have IP information on my login locations, altough they were so vague that no doxxing could occur. If a user gets a hold of information online to pinpoint who you are, you can get doxxed, but from warframe alone i find that extremely unlikely to happen.
  5. I assume your switch account will have some sort of prefix like "(SW)" or one of them will receive a name change. If i want to check your profile ingame, it must return 1 profile, not 2.
  6. What they did with Berserker was a change from critical to kill and they made it unable to be equiped with fury, meaning if you had a build with both mods, you can now switch one of them with something else, like more damage, range, calling it a nerf is a bit of a stretch given that some users will do more damage. Everything remained pretty much the same (you still kill) and this is more evident if your build didn't rely on any of those mods at all, for example i use pennant with charge attacks and after this huge update, everything remained 100% the same. There is no best melee, you simply aquire and mod stuff to suit your gameplay, when that happens you'll have the best melee for you for a given mission.
  7. Did you relink the accounts? (as requested) Did you claim them on twitch?
  8. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  9. You lose them. If your clan warlord is inactive for over 30 days, you can request at support to change the ownership to someone else, like you.
  10. Hehe, ty for the trade aswell, i wish you and your clan the best.
  11. My sugestion is to create a Message ingame from darvo or lotus with a link to this topic. We are close to that deadline and i can see the avalanche of complaints already of players who didn't see the topic.
  12. Ty aswell, sorry for the 5 minute delay.
  13. You're right, it is the sentinel weapon, atleast for a certain distance, very powerfull, great riven disposition.
  14. The weapon is available on the market btw, meaning you could have farmed the weapon way before the update, for example by selling prime parts, mods or relics. If you trully plan on going the weapon bp itself and components, the % aren't all that low and they seem to be inline with other items available, the issue seems to be the 3 different locations so it will take +- 3 times longer than expected.
  15. I'm still waiting for them to adress the range discrepancies between certain arcanes and even between descriptions, it's like they changed 1 arcane range and then forgot to update the rest of them, so sometimes they don't even match the description. I find them cool and all, but changes are required for players to actually seek them out.
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