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  1. Hehe, ty aswell, 1st time i traded the BP in the lich trading stand.
  2. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  3. Vulklok is also very powerfull. Still, once i realized the disposition and the fact that it's a straight copy with no stat changes, i gave up on the idea of aquiring a riven for a substantial ammount of plat, since a nerf to both stats and disposition is more than likely. It's a great weapon now, but it's going to be rendered useless very soon
  4. As the title syas, i want to buy any Verglas Riven that you might have, stats don't matter as i plan on rerolling anyway. State your price, if no price is presented by the seller, no trade will be done.
  5. She can die, the only difference is that you go from full invulnerability to insta dead with no previous warning that you're going to die. If you receive magnetic procs, enrgy siphon may fail to work properly If you receive toxin damage, you die If you fight the glassmaker, you can die Energy eximus will stop energy siphon from working, if you are under heavy fire it means the enemies now only need to deal some damage on your health to kill you, with no decent shield gating, you will die. The point here is that while it makes low level trivial, once you start doing steel
  6. No, sadly it won't go away that easily The research is still tied with clans making 100% clan research advertisements, even when they are lacking said bp or the bp is somewhere in the alliance, in fact they crave atleast 1 clan like that to be in the alliance so that all clans there can boast 100% research, it's a simple trick but only really tricks shallow players, but again we are talking about rather large clans that constantly need some sort of fodder. Every time DE makes a change involving Ignis wraith, they are trying to reduce the toxic behavior caused by players, clans and al
  7. So how do i figure out how much Wreckage have i done? Is it wreckage that has been collected? is it wreckage that has been fixed? What's the criteria here?
  8. Contacting support would be pointless since by the time they reply back, your 2 day chat suspension will be long lifted. Don't repeat the same mistake
  9. I have some questions. You guys made reference to mods in railjack not being depedant on the host, but how will flux and mod capacity work exactly, one gunner shoots and has 500 flux and the other gunner has 700? When an ability is used both will go down? is it possible to have negative flux capacity by being at 10 cpacity for example and then another player with less capacity using a turret? Will flux capacity be normalized across all ships? how will reactors work? Is the change only to mods and not the ship itself? You can see the problem right, if each player has it's own flux cap
  10. Since my dojo was gathering attention due to the ignis wraiths bps for 50 plat, some players went in to "disrupt" any traders and made their own litle trading stands to give the bp (this was mainly to advertise their own clans and to receive a pat on the back, it had very litle to do with caring for players), however, as soon as they started chatting in the featured dojo chat they would acuse sellers of being scammers, trash, scum, among other things, so users had to be manually banned in chat from saying anything, they were free to do their own trading thing, but the toxic behavior had to be
  11. Sadly there isn't an option asside from making sure the user doesn't belong to the clan and then everyone that can host decides to leave the dojo, forcing the user to return to the liset. Obviously you're not going to disband the entire meeting only to get rid of 1 user. Your best option is to simply mute them in chat, i also had a few issues in my featured dojo with users being toxic, offensive and baiting users into getting into trouble, so i would simply ban them from the dojo chat, meaning they could still lurk around, but they can't speak, which obviously was a great help.
  12. If you understand the mechanics, that's what makes the player a Veteran. Obviously the game has many, trading, eidolons, many different objectives, profit taker,..... Understanding all of those is rare, some players call themselves veterans but still strugle with modding (ask which riven is better for them, how to build,....), some struggle with trading (don't know the free market, engage in lectures with other traders), may confuse primary objectives with secondary ones (aka trading a fight with stalker and negleting the primary objective, potentially resulting in a fail, in an actu
  13. KIREEK

    Chat ban

    Contact support, they will be able to tell you specifically what you said that was deemed a violation of the chat rules.
  14. You can have the old corpus lockers as decorations, but they are tiny, aka smaller than a warframe noggle Lockers are easy to open and so you get loot (some of it unique like stars), so technically they are the easiest way to aquire materials for things, so having them spread out gives it some balance otherwise they would be alot better than actual killing. Efficiency however determines that you should kill and loot at the same time and the only way this can be achieved is pretty much in survivals since you're stuck in the mission, looting is encouraged in this type of mission becaus
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