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  1. I just ran a nightmare corpus defense mission with no shield debuff. During the mission I saw a revenant continuously using danse macabre while having no energy. A few times he got some but I assume that was item pickups. I didn't see how he did it but the player's name was ursu300 and was only using a corrosive projection mod. While this might seem fun, it is really annoying when playing as certain frames that use enemies.
  2. Recently while trying to capture a bug I noticed a frustrating feature about the enemy spawn locations. They are frequently occurring in the same room and at times in plain sight of the player. It is quite annoying to continue clearing a room as enemies appear out of nowhere, even more so when they spawn in previous rooms or respawn just as you are leaving a large room leaving that annoying red marker on your map, as if saying "oops you missed one!" Areas of focus in the video: 1:25, 1:34 - enemies respawn behind player 1:40 - butcher late to the party 3:00 - several spawns occuring near player's location 5:00 - cleared main lobby 5:12 - main lobby enemies respawned 5:55 - clear example of enemy respawn with appearance of fusion moa and frontier trooper 7:05-9:00 - enemies repeatedly spawn behind player as player attempts to proceed to the next room Areas of focus in the video: 0:04 - enemies respawn 4 times visibly infront of player
  3. The is a bug in this Lua challenge room. As you can see if you swap to operator while using Excalibur Umbra on any of these four pillars you get teleported inside the challenge room goal. While you can get the mod, there is no way to get back out of the room unless you have enough teammates with operators/spectors to hold all of the panels below that room.
  4. Neither of those links have specific lists of banned words. Without that clarity they cannot be followed. There is too much leeway in saying 'offensive' content is subject to punishment/ban as people's idea of 'offensive' greatly varies from person to person. Also if 'offensive' language is used against something other than a human, you cannot consider it such as no one is actually being offended on the other end, yet they would still get banned. This is why DE would need an actual list of banned words to enforce chatroom rules.
  5. You can still have mature conversation and still get banned. Heck tons of people act mature these days and drop casual swear words and all sorts of offensive language but still conduct themselved in a mature manner. What rules? Until they post a list of banned words, they will not have rules that people can easily abide by.
  6. So, those who are against are saying a 17+ age game should have stricter chatroom policies and punishments than most countries have for public speaking?
  7. Then at the very least would you agree that DE could allow for clan and friend only chatrooms as opposed to cutting off all communication.
  8. "Thank you for your feedback. To make our development team aware of this, please post your request on the Warframe Feedback sub-forum." This is the response support gave. Do you really expect support to be able to unlock private chatrooms themselves and modify the actual game?
  9. That is a bad example in many ways. In a real world comparison a house would be a clan not public chatroom. And if the 'child'/player does not like it they could chat privately similar to /w or discord. An example I would try to give is going in front of the president's house and saying you'll blow it up. In response they'll obviously through you in jail or put you under house arrest. Either way you still get the right to talk to family members and possibly friends.
  10. Support told me to make a thread in forums, that way actual DE staff would notice it. So I did.
  11. I am by no means complaining over the fact that I have been banned. I am trying to tell DE there are better ways to implement the ban in a way that will better promote their game and its community/communities. I would by no means be surprised if a number of people quit playing due to these bans, including people who pay cash for platinum. And I am sure any game company would like to prevent the loss of potential income. If they only ban public chatrooms, a lot more people would not be "bemoaning the fact that they got caught" and DE would quite possibly have more money in their pocket.
  12. What I say by freedom of speech is that it is fine if punishment is given that restricts our PUBLIC speech rights. However, our private speech rights should not be included in that punishment as it does not apply to freedom of speech. Squad, whisper, clan, alliance chats are NOT public chatrooms, they are private chatrooms and therefore should not be restricted during bans. Only the other parties in said chatrooms should have the right to mute or ban members from that chatroom.
  13. Freedom of speech does not apply to what is said in private, it only applies to what is said publicly.
  14. I didn't make this thread to discuss how the bot bans people for pointless statements or necessarily how long the bans are. The main issue is that you are banned from talking to ANYONE after that point on for who knows how long the current ban is lasting. It's as if saying something "offensive" in public is means for punishment where you can no longer talk to your family or speak in school for the next week. For example, I recently got banned because I said something "offensive", what I do about once every year it seems. I played in POE for some time with an MR5 player helping him do bounties he clearly would not be able to do on his own. In the end he sent me a friend request saying 'thanks', but I can't speak to him for probably 4 more days to say 'your welcome'. Is it really necessary to ban private chatrooms as well?
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