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  1. So I've gotten to the 4th phase, I load Orb Vallis and like always I join some group almost half-way done with the mission. Honestly Phase 4 is a joke to 1st timers. You get handed an archgun, once you finally figure out how to equip it, and everyone tells you; 'use that to damage the profit taker' Sooo, do normal weapons even work against the profit taker? It's not like I have the time to test that myself with 15 corpus constantly up in my face. Is there even an order to battling the profit taker other than shoot it and destroy pylons. Don't they have vents or something? If normal weapons do work then why isn't everyone camping in amesha's above it? Also DE, the corpus carrying the archgun is completely immune to all skill debuffs.
  2. I had this happen to me just now. I loaded back into fortuna and noticed that the squad had decided to go again but there was no one in my squad any longer. I went to the esc menu and backed out and it was gone. When I tried to start phase 1 as operator I walked away soon after but the game suddenly froze as if it was trying to run the cutscene. Wasn't sure if this was due to being a operator or because of my slow load into fortuna.
  3. If your abilities/weapons lockup in the plains just jump in the water, the respawn will refresh it.
  4. I am having a similar issue, I go into the elevator to extract and will not load fortuna on a solo mining operation.
  5. Why did you make the Y button instantly drop a player from a squad? Why can't this hot-key Y be set to a different key? Y can why be a key farther away from T to talk?
  6. Where do you go to view active tickets? Please put that in first post as well.
  7. My half version of how I completed it, passing from one "start" to the "end". Full vid showing walking portion is linked below >.> (sorry about any quality issues) Also I did not in anyway hack any code, I just exploited something I found when doing a sabotage mission in void. Though during those few past rounds my team members did appear to notice the "airplane mode", either that or think I was crazy. Unfortunately the weapons glitched on my this time around soon after using them in "airplane mode" so all I could do is go to finish. You may notice I can shoot glaxion at 0:09 and repeatedly switch weapons several times. [not responsible for links that appear at the end of the videos] https://youtu.be/hftfbtkqww0 Welp, could've a sworn I heard any void mission allowed in the prime time episode but puff, guess I'll have to make another vid. I'll leave this one up just for kicks of the glitch.
  8. I have a very important question concerning this competition. When doing the challenge with 2 players, do both fail if one touches the ground? If not then can that player who failed follow the other !without damaging anything! to the extraction?
  9. This is my mecha/statue in its alcove I made over the course of two days in our clan greater hall (84 decoration capacity). There is no head because it is designed to be piloted and to allow the pilot to see out the front. I've imagined that the arms and the hips are connected using magnetic suspension, hence Mag would be the preferred operator. The knees do not use magnetic suspension since the weight of the upper body would be to great of a strain and would likely fall apart. The Koi Pond is purposely used for the waist because the fish can only swim in circles, and waists are primarily used for rotation. That's about it for things I place on purpose. I would like to request more overlap on the top of the Incense Container when placing it though.
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