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  1. So I really want to build a Gaze Kitgun, but one thing that's holding me back is that I just don't know how much of a penalty to range the different grips give. In fact, none of the beam weapons show a stat for how long their range is. Can we get that added to beam weapon's stat tables?
  2. I honestly kinda wished I could put a boot in my fish tank. I think it would have been hilarious to see just a boot floating around in the fish tank.
  3. I'm very excited for these changes and they seem like they'd be something that would absolutely encourage me to play Nezha more. I also hope that some of the changes to Warding Halo get applied to Rhino's Iron Skin as well, as Rhino (though fun) is starting to look and feel a bit old compared to something like this. The invulnerability phases at cast and after expiration is incredible, and if you could probably incorporate the damage and puncture proc from Iron Shrapnel into it like the fire proc of the new Warding Halo.
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