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  1. Have you guys tried verifying and optimizing the download cache? Most of the times you get infinite loading screen because of corrupted download files and stuff so make sure to do that. Had a similar issue and sent them a ticket, they told me to verify the downloaded files with the launcher and that helped and fixed my problem.
  2. Verify your download cache and it will download whatever is corrupted (this usually happens when you have corrupted files). If not then send your logs to DE via a ticket.
  3. This has never happened to me before. But after the Plains Remaster update my game won't even load and I can't even get into the login screen. Possible Fix For this: >Verify and Optimize your download cache with the launcher. >When the game is not running, try going to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Warframe and deleting all the funny named folders (like F36423HGJYG5434000 ) and any .cfg files. For me just verifying the download cache helped.
  4. Well nice update, but the game won't start on my old laptop anymore. Its stuck on the initial loading screen ^^' using 100% cpu. Guess I can't play Warframe when i am not at home anymore
  5. how about nef anyo in a santa costume boss fight in orb vallis
  6. no i meant how you need to optimize the download cache after big updates, they take forever for me cuz i don't have a SSD 😞
  7. even if it comes out now i will need to wait like an hour before i can play, god damn drive optimizations take forever *cries in HDD*
  8. idk man i just want that passive on khora, exalted whip pls DE
  9. you excited for the mobile C&C? :)))))) :))))))))))))))))))))
  10. btw don't worry cuz it seems like it IS coming out today, https://twitter.com/sj_sinclair/status/1060398617964503045
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