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  1. why wouldn't you just use the operator to move faster while having assimilate up?
  2. you might be right, but yea only when they do something that puts them on the minimap. I can't remember and I have been avoiding Warframe currently due to some burn out.
  3. Wow yea that would be nasty in Conclave. However, presumably it wouldn't apply to players. Only to enemy NPCs
  4. rofl true. There has to be a more elegant way to solve the problem. Or maybe it would work, I would have to see some sort of example to know. But I certainly support some sort of option to help
  5. This is just plain ignorant. As if maintaining minimal options for the vision impaired is "enabling" them. They're not a drug addict ffs. As OP said, their friend isn't fully blind, (and actually when I adminned/programmed for a MUD, we had blind players who used screen readers, but obv that wouldn't work with Warframe.) Are you their optometrist? Do you actually know what will and won't mess with their eyesight? Honestly the whole post makes me salty. Why would you even type that and not think better of it before clicking submit reply?
  6. Wouldn't that get really confusing for a horde shooter, you are dealing with a very large amount of enemies often times, so those outlines would all just blend together, no?
  7. you shouldn't be charging anything. An ammo drum I guess. OP, contact me in game and I'll give you one for free.
  8. why bother offering it if you are going to go to someone else?
  9. I'm looking to buy a riven for the ghoulsaw and currently it isn't in warframe.market or riven.,market's systems. I don't care about stats or how many times it is rolled. V polarity preferred but not required. Considering the weapon is awful by most accounts, I don't want to pay like 1000p for the riven, but we can barter/discuss price over DMs. I have a ton of unopened rivens I can hand off for it, if that is preferred.
  10. I'm glad someone remembers that. I remember them implementing the daily login system as it is now, but couldn't for the life remember how it worked previously. I've labored under the same misconceptions in the past, but I really don't think, with the myriad of ways I have done the things mentioned in this thread (logging in, not logging in, buying plat, etc) I started to be unable to see a pattern. There may very well be one, but unless someone wants to do some digging or get DE to answer the question, we can't know.0
  11. No offense, but it appears your reading comprehension is limited wrt this topic. Anecdotal evidence, as I explained in the post you quoted is the exact kind of thing confirmation bias works off of. BTW I've had periods where I didn't log in for a stretch of time and not experienced anything different. I've had 90p or 4kp and not experienced anything differently. Or when I did, it didn't happen consistently at all. So my advice is to get a larger sample size (maybe at least a few thousand players, I'm not a statistics person but even I know that is kind of low still,) and use the scientific method to do a study on your statements before proclaiming them fact.
  12. Far be it from me to defend DE's lazy storytelling but Deimos only got "discovered" semi-recently. I don't know when Eris was introduced, but early Lotus may just not know about some of the planets you discover later. Also yes, she is a liar, so there's that.
  13. Bit confused as to why the Helminth, an infested entity, wouldn't want to subsume an infested frame's abilities and try to kill it, especially since Nidus is a thing. Or why Little Duck would want to aid the Corpus, etc Either way, I think you are better off proposing just stats and base ideas for any Warframe suggestions, and let DE decide on lore unless you are more familiar with Warframe lore.
  14. Yea you know you don't get to deimos or eris before mercury, right?
  15. Okay, Apparently confirmation bias is not a familiar term for everyone. To quote dictionary.com: "bias that results from the tendency to process and analyze information in such a way that it supports one’s preexisting ideas and convictions:" You are predisposed to see causality for things they are unrelated if it supports your beliefs as to how any of this stuff happens. And that includes if you initially get "hunches" about how the algorithm works. The "proof" people bring up of other players experiencing something similar or their own personal experiences is not the same as actually knowing what the algorithm is and it isn't proof of any sort, either. Edit: to clarify further, I haven't experienced things the same in five years. If I don't spend money for a long time on plat, it doesn't increase or decrease my chance at 75% off coupons etc, same with not logging in regularly or logging in every day. However, my opinion on this is also not proof of anything.
  16. Sources? I've been playing for five years and I can't honestly attest to either of these outside of confirmation bias.
  17. You should just be able to block out any ads with riven links by using the word riven. Right now that doesn't work. It doesn't have precedence or anything, but the amount of spam from rivens makes it not worth bothering with trade chat, neither you nor anyone who would buy or sell from you can see each other's ads.
  18. I mean, mostly what people always seem to want is the Syandana. I assume these people don't realize that you have to play Conclave in larger amounts and regularly to keep the syandana glowing. It is a very old syandana, too. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Celestia_Syandana "Every daily challenge completed ignites a single flame on both sides. Completing all weekly Conclave challenges will light up the syandana to its fullest. Every day disables a single set of flames. " edit: I wonder if you have to do the Lunaro ones, too. hmm.
  19. Why do people hate Conclave so much? God forbid someone has something you don't (because you yourself choose not to pursue it.) Stuff that doesn't even have any sort of stat benefit or anything similar. Want the Conclave stuff? (which honestly isn't really all that great) Play Conclave!
  20. yea I had that problem trying to grind the entrance pipes, assuming I could actually stay on the pipes.
  21. actually there is one. PlayWarframe, as Warframe had already been taken by the unofficial server.
  22. Everyone always forgets about these but there are also the stim items that can kind of help. They are obtained in the orokin lab (?) in the dojo. They last a few minutes and create an aoe that affects NPC allies, doing things like, for example, making the NPCs faster but physically weaker, (or the reverse.) There are four types, they can't all be equipped though and you can only use 20 in a mission, iirc. So you have to be selective when using them if you want to do long runs. Also, you want all the NPCs with you, because, again, they are an aoe. DE could have done a lot better with them, as well as not making it so you can only make 1 of each stim at a time in the foundry, but I often use them on NPC defense targets, and sometimes defection NPCs.
  23. Why do people post in black text? There's no reason to, and people using the dark theme can't read your post. Also, this is honestly entirely unnecessary when people can just use the wiki. A lot of programming and visuals and honestly it just sounds pretty cluttered.
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