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  1. OK, I am online in about ~ 1,5 - 2hours. If I don't forget just try pming me ingame I'll jump in and help.
  2. Depends, do you already know the combination? I can jump in in about 1-2hours from now and help you. pm me ingame if you want anytime.
  3. I am curios how long it takes others to kill their lich cause let's be honest it's 99% grind and just 1% having a good group and a good frame+weapon. Most liches took me only 1 to 2 hours, one very nasty mofo took me (with breaks and doing sorties and other things cause he annoyed me) almost 6 hours.
  4. This lich event really was released unfinished and poor designed. I have to admit it is a nice idea though. -Grind is too heavy again (there is 1% skill involved in defeating your lich but 99% grind). -defeat against lich is annoying because you didnt use the correct mods and punishes you even though its pure rng. -Nemesis system is too passiv (look at stalker) cause you have to do specific missions where everyone who joins has the same goal. Where is the fear to be hunted by a nemesis when it's you who has to do a specific mission to get him spawned. -Fight is way too easy, even though they have some interesting moves and skills sometimes they turn out to be just bullet-eaters in the long run. So very boring. All Warframe is about using the correct dmg type against xy and check resists. Use gas vs this, use radiation vs that and so on, we have enough of that. They should make it so you have to hit a certain point or area on the lich to apply damage or that he is immune to certain weapons or be it weapon-types. So it would make you switch to a weapon you not use very often. *kaching* $$$$$ -toxicity between players rise because some dont want to kill their lich which makes sense too. A nemesis system is nothing new in gaming. What problem was there to just look at other games that already implemented it well and take the best out of it! this looks like someone tried to invent the wheel new and did a lot of things wrong when evidence already was there that shows how to do it better.
  5. Thanks and keep such tips coming please!
  6. The shame is both replies are right. Guess its DE's turn to change the game design so this bs cant happen! Give those who want their lich to spawn the spawn and those who dont want to kill their lich because they dont know the combination yet a way for the lich to despawn.
  7. You guessed it right. It's a little bit of both.
  8. Doing now my 6th Lich and I know the combination 100%. He is already lvl 5. I had to do another 12 mission he infested to even get him spawn but he is so strong that alone it would take like 30mins to down him. Now I am forced to find a well visited mission to have a full group and then I need him to spawn cause mostly lich's from others will spawn first and never mine. This is not well thought thru game design. Please make it better!
  9. It is the most annoying thing in a game you can have. How often have I send a message to the wrong guy because the chat window kept on being in a category I was before joining/leaving a group even I clicked in the other window. I mean how often was I doing a mission and when someone replied to me for buying something the message wasnt sent to the pm but to the entire group. It's so annoying to always have to click the little name above. Other games have more interactive chat windows and they register where your cursor is and let you type directly there or they are smart enough to switch you to the last msg you received. Also what is it that when you get multiple pms that in everyone every other persons chat is also showing, which is absolut absurd and confusing when you try to recreate what was said. a private message window for guy1 also shows the messages of guy2 Also I just filled out a report of someone harassing another player ingame and being utterly offensive. After I clicked send I wanted to reply to a pm and guess what, my whole text from that report was copied over in the chat. I mean wtf!
  10. Can we get an DE Moderator here acknowledging that!? or can we tag one?
  11. So the soft cap is level 30 and after that you have to put 5 forma in them to get them to level 40. Means one forma gives 2 levels. This is a very very greedy approach to take money or time from us. Classic chinese compan...oh sorry I meant classic DE. Anyway, I hope I see them changing that bs in some weeks. Now maybe it's just there to prevent people in hardcore leveling everything in one week. Anyone tested a kuva weapon in level 40!? What kind of balance is that anyway. They must outperform any other weapon by a lot. Or do they just trick you by making the stats only 100% when you reach level 40 and internaly it's just a blatant number......
  12. Playing since 2014. Ocassional frame drops in certrain areas was normal in Warframe. But since the patch (lich&grendel) I got insane game freezes where the whole screen is a frozen frame for 2 to 3 seconds. Please look into that and fix this asap. I get this every hour or so out of nowhere. So it's not when entering or loading a map it's completely random. i9-7900 with 2080GTX, 64GB RAM and 1TB SSD M2 If you got the same issue leave a comment. I don't know if DE is aware of that issue tbh.
  13. Hi, I start with my problem maybe others want to add theirs later so we can have one thread with multiple answers I went to eidolon to get my vampire cat. Had another smeeta kavat with me. It was night other players were there too. I managed that my kavat got biten and so she started to glow red. Happy with that I went back to the exit and left the team. Map reloaded and after that my kavat was not glowing anymore. How do I even see other than the glowing that she is still infected or biten idk how to call it. or should I risk it to make imprints of her? Also what you do if you already took imprints of you kavat?
  14. Well what can I say, maybe my english is not the best or you took it out of context on purpose to hop on the bandwagon. Idk and I don't mean it derogatory but I feel misunderstood by you. If there are players out that cheat their way by skipping the grind you wouldn't even notice it in Warframe cause they play solo! But I also bet you could have even played with some of them and had a blast talking to them.
  15. We live in a world where a game company is allowed to watch and scan your whole PC. No one knows how they all handle your sensitive data. I get it they might only collect ingame inputs and such but who can proof that? Is the government or any other 3rd party checking on that? No! You know that when it comes to the survival of a company or a lot of money companies barely tend to play by the rule-book! It's also strange that they can just ban you for having some software installed that "might" give you an advantage. Like nowadays where nearly every 2nd keyboard comes with a macro software pre-installed they go:"Well use it at your own risk, you are forced to check and pre-selectg what sofware you have installed while playing a ****** game and it's your responsibility otherwise they just say:"Sorry but we warned you....on the forum and somewhere in line 2043 of our TOS". It's like those old days when in windows xp the first browser you were allowed to have was the internet explorer until a lawsuit made microsoft to exlude the IE and made it optional. It feels like a witch hunt, and whoever has red hair is frightened because some god-knows-what software will point with its finger to you even though the only crime you did was to have red hair. It really is like that. Cause it's not about cheating and using real damaging cheats that ruin the fun of many other players. No, its the macros that ruins DE's profit and they just don't want you do skip the grind in any way but spent as much time and money in this game as possible. Hell, you are not even allowed to post things like I do right now or you might get a strike or ban. I got a 3 day ban on Steam for saying things like that and when some usual "troll" started insulting me personally because of my opinion I got the ban hammer for replying to him in an "unrespectful" way (after he used phrases like "idiot" and "retarded" whereas I only said "get lost") and he didnt face any consequences when he was the one using slurs and demeaning words. Very unbiased decision there. very nice. I like this game. I play it since 5 years now. I don't mind the greedy grind that has a skipto-paywall behind it. Hell I am using it quite often. If people use scripts in pvp I would say, go ahead, get them, but this is 99% of the time a co-op game where I don't even care if the guy 50m beside me has an aimbot or some other S#&$ as long as it doesnt take away my change to get the stuff I came for. Not many will agree with me, many will even get triggered by my opinion. I can only hope things will change in the next years and companies will have to adjust their policies like microsoft had to so they don't have the complete monopoly over everything.
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