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  1. This has NOTHING to do with PC getting it early compared to consoles. As far as I know, all platforms have issues from what I understand. What's highly unacceptable is telling us there's problems on the date itself with an event date given to us months ago. It's almost as if they JUST tried to put the event back and noticed there's issues with it. And this wouldn't be a problem ordinarily, because delays are acceptable some times, but DE has delayed almost all new content and now, unexpectedly, even old content to the point where players feel frustrated because those of us that relied on their dates, got screwed. Making this a console vs. PC issue is complete bullS#&$. Hold DE to the same standard you hold other companies: it is unacceptable and highly unprofessional to set a date months in advance, have players make plans for the upcoming date, and only inform them of issues on the date itself.
  2. I’m actually quite disappointed and angry as a PC player. I, like many others, got together with friends and came home early anticipating and expecting to play the event. It’s one of the best things about MMO type games where you get together with friends to do an event that comes along rarely for good rewards. Developing a free game does not mean deadlines should not be honored. I realize that most of the time you have stayed away from giving us firm dates, but don’t you think it’s important and professional to stick to dates you’ve communicated to your community for months now? Every other major free to play live service game has given us firm dates to work with and honored them 99% of the time including giving us an event calendar to easily follow what’s happening when. Why is Warframe in almost this constant state of flux when it comes to deadlines and dates as if the game is still in beta? I also don’t understand why you can’t honor your commitment on platforms that don’t have issues, and work on fixing issues and releasing the event on those platforms later. As much as this game could benefit from cross-save, it doesn’t currently have it. So yeah, my friends and I are very disappointed with how every deadline (including past events that have literally aired multiple times) is “tentative.” Gas city was expected a week earlier and delayed, etc. Almost every time frame you have provided your community has been delayed and, frankly, I just don’t think it’s professional of a studio of your size to be incapable of providing dates, sticking to deadlines, and working in a way to ensure you meet the deadlines you have set forth. Not being able to plan anything when it comes to events/new content in Warframe is very frustrating.
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