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  1. Once again, see the first section of my video. I am specifically talking about Warframes that have ability sets, or builds, that focus specifically on supporting other players. Trinity, Oberon, Wisp, Vauban, and niche builds for other frames.
  2. M8, Chroma is a DPS. Once again, plenty of frames can "support". But to call all of them support frames is a bit misleading.
  3. There still isn't enough challenging content to justify a support frame. Sure, it will make easy levels easier, but that feels so redundant. Also, you just made me realize, if I didn't have to make a video complaining about how there's no team work, I would be making a video complaining about how people suck at teamwork XD. This is the best counterclaim I've read so far. Lord knows I hate it when I play Paladins and the last guy in competitive picks a random DPS instead of the support we needed.
  4. Hey m8, I replied to the YouTube version of your comment.
  5. Well technically Octavia gives energy regen as part of her passive (because that totally connects with music for some reason). Also the damage reduction reduces damage to a tenth. It is true that EV and Blessing do contradict each other in duration. But Octavia really does outshine Trinity ;-;
  6. yea, if 4 people are going to go through the trouble of coordinating, there better be some good loot. The ability to just do an endless mission for longer isn't worth teamplay either since A: loot drops in a cycle so you can just leave and do the mission again after wave/round/level 4. And B: time is still a valuable resource to most people. I for one, would be willing to do a very difficult mission for 5 minutes with a team and getting loot from tables A,A,B,C instead of doing a 20 minute mission that's easier for the same stuff.
  7. It's my video, the whole video is my "blurb" and I'm pretty sure raids were removed because they were frustrating to players. And I also saw some anti-raid people saying they were glad raids were removed for that exact same reason.
  8. I think tanks could be revitalized if they could toggle threat levels. It would be great to use iron skin with Rhino and take all the incoming damage for my team, like an actual tank.
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