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  1. The hell happened to this thread, it was just some poor guy asking where he could get a weapon.. To address some of what's been said, yes Ignis was only given to clans that did well in a past event, and railjack and baro are unreliable sources for it. However Ignis is the ONLY tradable weapon in the game that you can just walk up to a console and say "I want 300 copies of this, right now. Oh cool it only costs credits too." Comparing it to prime parts and syndicate weapons is unreasonable, because those do require at least some effort and time. Even at MR 30 you can onl
  2. Intrinsics are worth MR, so only wanting them for these missions is irrelevant. I'm also happy with my Plexus build that I put together just using the endo and mods given through the retrofit refunds. Of course I'll eventually be finished with my necramech and intrinsics, but that goes back to one of my other points. These systems are for people who ALREADY enjoy railjack, to give them more to do in it. Even once I'm done with those things I'll still be able to enjoy railjack, and for those of you who don't, enjoy your fissures. Also, if being "afraid of losing Prime Access revenue" had any
  3. But as I said in the rest of my post it's not. Sure it's less efficient from only a relic point of view, but you also get intrinsics, necramech xp, and a crap ton of endo from wreckage.
  4. I've been seeing this argument a lot. People seem to think that for some reason Void Storms should be better than Fissures. Be honest, if Void Storms were more efficient than fissures, people who don't like railjack would be moaning about that too. That aside, I don't think the "endgoal" is just opening your relics. Of course Fissures are better for that. I think the endgoal is to give people who ALREADY like railjack (like myself and a few others in this thread) something else to do in railjack. With Void Storms, I'm able to make progress on multiple things in one mission. I can get i
  5. I also really like where railjack is right now. It's fun and unique, but still replayable and interconnected. Some people like it and some don't, that's opinion. But that fact alone is proof that it's not "dead" or "ruined".
  6. Probably late this year or even next year, whenever Canada releases their restrictions and DE is able to get back to their offices to work on it honestly. The New War and Duviri have both been screwed by Covid.
  7. What.. what do you mean by this? Seems a bit rude. I agree with a few of your points but I wanted to point out that that statement in particular is simply false. It is not only possible to start the mission with everything maxed, but there's no way not to. The only issue really is the much lower amount of some charges and revolite that you start with, but this is because each player now has their OWN pool of these, and more can be made anyway. I've played plenty of new railjack bad have had no issues aside from occasionally having to quickly teleport to the foundry mid-mission
  8. This just isn't true. The whole reason they removed replenishing at dry dock was because everything is refilled to max automatically now at the start of every mission. The only thing this doesn't apply to is energy iirc, which it probably should.
  9. Platinum can be traded between players, meaning it can be obtained without having to spend actual money. I think that's the point they were trying to make.
  10. How did this thread get necroed twice
  11. What companion do you mean? Helminth Charger? Helminth? Vulpaphyla/Predasite? If it's a Charger, you can only name them after their incubation when you first get them, otherwise it costs platinum at your incubator. If it's your actual Helminth system, you can rename it at any time via the console by the door of that room. If it's one of the Deimos companions, you can name them for free upon gilding them with son at rank 30, otherwise it'll cost some from son to rename them again.
  12. There's an achievement for killing 5 juggernauts on Deimos, so it's probably that.
  13. I believe it's Kaiso's Rest, not sure though.
  14. Well I mean, the Tenno are generally NOT the good guys, no one really is. We blindly follow our enigmatic space mom commiting mass genocide without reason. The Tenno doing something morally grey or even blatantly evil shouldn't be surprising in the slightest.
  15. In my experience the gunner and defender AI is good (although the Gunner tends to shoot out crewship engines undesirably sometimes). Engineer seems fine. Typically I prefer to pilot myself so not sure how good that AI is.
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