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  1. Im having the same problem. I managed to fix it for a moment but then i got the mouse cursor not reaching the bottom of the screen problem and when i tabbed out of the game the resolution returned to the bugged state.
  2. Right now i would really like to know if you are still planing to change up Vauban, Nyx and Chroma. In Vaubans case it will be very disappointing to see a charge up button on his 1 and an actual passive called a rework. Nyx's kit continues to be extremely boring and disapointing(feels like an ability is missing) and, in Chroma's case i am very sad that his kit didn't get looked at at all. Since some changes were implemented to Limbo's kit , when he got primed, that made him feels like a way better frame i was expecting the same treatment for Chroma. Right now, the way his abilities work make him a 2 and 3 spamming frame. The buffs are really nice but his other 2 abilities need to be looked at since his 1 barely does any dmg after lvl20 and the penalty for casting his 4 isn't worth the benefits that Efigy offers. I do think that the solution for his 4 might be as simple as fixing some numbers but then again it runs the risk of coming close to that "set it and forget it" playstyle we all know. As for his 1 i would like to see a mechanic similar to Ivara or Vauban where we can change our elements at will by taping the key and casting Spectral Scream by holding it. This would not only make it an ability worth casting but it would also bring a lot of diversity to his kit by being able to change the elements of his buffs on the fly. Thank you very much for reading, A concerned Oberon/Harrow/Chroma main
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