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  1. if it's weak, then make it fun. problem is that it's not fun to use.
  2. the last 3 or 4 features DE has pushed out have either been ultra buggy or just completely underwhelming in terms of delivery. what's really going on here? with the current event, you really wonder what DE is thinking. how to annoy the player base to quit playing their game or force arbitrary grind on the masses. rail jack is a pile of garbage, liches an underdeveloped mess, and now this.... the event we've all been waiting for, turned out to be another anti fun, none intuitive, obviously none tested mess. I logged on today, went to the event station to find a game to play. guess what? no parties can be detected. tried a few more different stations, all said the same thing. logged off. this is not it DE lol. stop biting off more than you can chew.
  3. complete outrage that I cant BUY COSMETICS! today's kids....
  4. I think their idea was to give the players the ability to float and combo the enemies with guns after. but like all i things DE tries to do, it's half assed. so now it's just a floating/juggling mechanic that doesn't do much other than annoy some players.
  5. they are so small in difference, it barely matters. corrosive will kill faster in some situations and viral in others. none of it matters when all enemies die instantly.
  6. are they going to be bringing back separating arcanes? I have 2 rank 3 arcane strikes, am I going to be able to merge them in to a rank 5?
  7. just spent an hour, ex slot, and 3 formas to be able to put this mod on the quellor to find out that it doesn't work unless I m the host or playing solo. please fix this.
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