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  1. first wave of amalgams are completely 100% side grades with potential better options. same with sacrificial mods. I don't know if you're willingly being ignorant or really didn't read what the patch notes. every arcane or mod in this update are useless or just objectively better options already. it doesn't take a genius to glance at these options and realize they are pure filler to pat the new 5 min reward timer. also, this is what you stated " Using the most overpowered scaling builds trivializes everything. "Harder" content can't exist in the current state of the game without intentionally gimping" which is bull S#&$. if you resort to gimping for balance, you've done something wrong.
  2. none of the new mods we got are side grades. they are direct down grades, meme builds doesn't make a mod side grade. and saying you can't balance the game at the current state with maxed out players is just plain lazy development. plenty of games scale or release content that is hard enough for vets to enjoy. pull your head out of DE's ass and see the real problem. they are more interested in catering to casuals than to actually add meaningful balance to the game.
  3. and here lies the problem. you finally show your true colors. "literally nothing in the game is or SHOULD be difficult" it's people like you who ruins games. all the damn hand holding and free loot thrown at you makes a really interesting game right? and no matter what people think, usable side grade amalgam mods are 1000 times better than pure trash you vendor. do you at least understand that simple fact?
  4. they know that if they put these in the store, literally no one would buy them. and 5 min runs is apparently too much reward. so instead of making these mods or arcanes usable, it's just there to dilute the pool for the new 5 min timer. I understand there is a grind/reward ratio balance that needs to be met, THIS IS NOT HOW YOU DO IT! DE is basically treating everyone like idiots.
  5. what makes you think 5 years you magically don't need endo anymore? am I play 24/7? at 40k endo+ for every primed mod, there are still plenty of mods I didn't max yet. this goes with many of the vets as well. to add on to what I bring to the changes, why is it my job to fix the problems? that's the DEV's job. but if you really want to know, I've already stated what the fix can be. DE themselves already know the fix, they just didn't bother implementing it here. SIDE GRADES. amalgam mods that offer extra bonuses with trade offs. why do we need to always have either power creep or complete useless garbage? it's not hard to make it good, if you don't cater to the casuals. harder content for vet players doesn't mean nerfing it every patch and making it easier and easier for no reason. you want more ppl to play arb, make the rewards better. it's all very simple actually.
  6. and do you not see the problem? when this is suppose to be the "end" game content for vets? arb was already boring and easy before, now it's boring and easy but have a much higher chance to net you something useless. despite my complaining, I do like this game. I just don't see how they can see their mistakes but then straight up ignore it and push this update out.
  7. arbitration for me and many others used to be a fast endo farm. now you are more likely to get pure useless garbage, that is the problem. arcanes and mods that are literally useless.
  8. I think this topic is going completely over your head, or you are just missing the point. I m gonna simplify it for you. having a mod like adaptation that EVERYONE wants, makes arb worth grinding to an extent. now they added 100% more useless garbage to a mode that's already easy but meant for vets. is why ppl are getting angry. it doesn't matter if the drops are static, if there is a demand, people will grind for it. either to sell or for friends, or whatever. they just made getting good things harder in arb and chance of getting pure 100% useless trash higher. understand now?
  9. you want to talk about old days, when you don't even bring up diablo? this game is basically 3rd person diablo grind fest. WE HAD grind back then. why are people still playing diablo 2? cause the loot was well made and ppl like to grind for that lucky drop. warframe is a good game and it has nothing to do with it's grind. I log on just to play on a frame I like, it's just a slap to the face when they add this garbage in that are literally useless for players that stuck with them for years. not everything has to be upgrades, side grades are just as good. look at opticor and the vandal version. it's obvious DE knows this already, but decided to add garbage anyway in to this "hard" mode.
  10. I think you are completely missing the point. grinding is not the issue, it's the garbage you get from grinding that's the problem. also to add, this mode is meant for vets, when it literally gives you garbage that should be meant for new players.
  11. have you seen the amalgam mods? side grades that adds bonuses are a thing. amalgam and sacrificial are both good examples of what to build. already made overpowered mods? make less op ones with useful stuff added on to it? not that hard. especially when they ALREADY figured it out.
  12. sorry, you have to MOVE around to gain inf ammo. I apologize for not mentioning that. also, yes it is STUPID to want more damage reduction that requires 4 ppl to gather to use a mod that forces you to fly around all the time to gain it. beyond stupid actually!
  13. I m sorry I have an issue that an end game content made for end game players are suppose to drop end game stuff for them. is it my fault that I have all the good arcanes and mods after 5 years of playing this game? or is it DE's fault for promising end game content but add nothing but pure garbage in it?
  14. why would you need damage reduction when you already have adaptation and quick thinking? that also doesn't require all 4 of your team mates to have this aura mod. secondly, inf ammo is already pretty much a thing with a carrier, it's not going to make secondaries any better or worse than it is now. especially when you're replacing other BETTER arcanes. none of these arcanes or auras are good, they are gimmicky and just filler.
  15. fun maybe, useful is stretching it. i can kinda see the max synergy they are trying to push for these auras, but they are gimmicks and made for meme teams. they were going the right direction with amalgam mods, why couldn't they have just added those in? the only bonus after these changes is that adaptation will go up in plat price...
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