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  1. Well, when zephyr or was it limbo, DE locked the drop in PoE and Guess what? Players “accused” DE of forcing them to enter plain yada, yada.... imo, the grind is still bearable compared to void. the TOP tier bounty will give 2 or 3 chances of obtaining the same relic in a single run.
  2. Use duration Loki and rubico mod with corrosive. Start Low level bounty... alert enemies, spawn those grineers plane...go invisible and shoot the plane before it drop any grineers. U should be able to complete the challenge with 3-4 of those air plane spawn.
  3. Titania’s 1 .... lift them up and voila.
  4. If you have been typing iranos under search, you will never find the bp. You need to type inaros to search correctly.
  5. Most people play games to relax/enjoy or de-stress. It seems that u’re adding more stress to your gameplay. This is what I will do. If there is a new game play (like e.g profit-taker or eidolon hunt), I would 1)ask my clan mates to explain or/and carry me to experience how to do it. I will bring frames useful or that can survive well. 2) recruit/ask to be recruited saying new to this farm, can someone guide and carry. This will manage the expectation that others will have on me. 3) having a tank frame is part of survival, you need weapons that can kill too. 4)your spoiler mode is your best survival chance. ( magus elevate and lockdown) to further make him viable, you need to unlock focus school. Don’t have to fully unlock one school before going to another... unlock all passive way bound first. I assume you have not unlock base what you saying “your first eidolon hunt”. Eidolon hunt gives you focus and arcanes. Max arcane give you extra revive(which you don’t really need it if you got a good spoiler mode My general rule of thumb. It doesn’t hurt to say “sorry” (when I screwed things up) and “i’m Noob, need guide”. People who can’t stand noob or failure, will leave the game. And if you need to be carry thru the game. Slap a vitality on a level 30 frames... I see a-hole leech with unlevel frame and weapons... I will simply leave. good luck. Don’t stress out with the game ignore the nasty things other say to you. Improve if it’s true, ignore if it’s not.
  6. Yup, this bug is infamous (eidolon, plague star) for its UI bugged, but working as intended.
  7. Shattering impact is as buggy as it is. It is working as intended, just that only host can see the armour strip and client can’t.
  8. Grinding is already tedious enough, we need to be more efficient in doing so. Cutting down of travelling time is one way of efficiency. And also, DE are you nerf worm hole as well since u can travel faster using it than k-drive.
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