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  1. Putting all the chatter about Windows 10 aside, I'd just want official Linux support because Warframe has already been ported to many platforms (Xbox One, PS4, Switch), but that thing that Digital Extremes calls the PC version only runs on Windows PCs. Why didn't DE call it the Windows version to begin with? I'm aware of the fact that DirectX is somewhat hardwired into the game, and tearing it out and replacing it with something else would be an unreasonable demand for how small the group of Linux users is right now. All I'm asking for is for DE to look into how to get Warframe run properly with Wine. I mean the game already runs with Wine, but the majority of Linux users right now has sound problems with the game, and some have performance problems. Digital Extremes has access to log files/debugging that tells them where problems occur, access that the community does not have. If Linux players could get a little bit of support in that area, it would help them massively. The game probably relies on Windows components that Wine doesn't emulate by default, so if DE could say which components Linux players would have to add to their Wine environment for everything to run properly, Linux players would be very happy.
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