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  1. This and the fact that it seems we can't use the relics we earn right away either. At least when I was doing extraction I couldn't use the Lith M3 that I just earned. Edit: I appologize for the duplicate posts below. My page didn't refresh right away so i accidently sent the submit several times.
  2. Melee switching off of Tools and the scanner is annoying. Please allow us to keep the tool equiped when meleeing. The new index map is nice, but my problem is that it's really hard to find enemies sometimes, and the place is large enough that you can run around and not find them (assuming your teammates are competent of course). The area is just filled with too much vision blocking walls and alcoves. Also depending on the settings I've heard it's too dark. Wasn't for me, but I also can't go into Orb Vallis without being blinded by the white of everything so take from that what you will. A toggle option for each in the relic UI that would hide Unowned and Vaulted. So that if you're needing to find the ones that you need to grab, but not the vaulted ones that clearly you can't grab. Preferably default, or if anything that it at least would persist rather than reset next time I load the UI. The ability to 'sticky' a search parameter or something so that when farming for a particular part you don't have to keep searching for it during an endless mission, or if you forget the specific relic again in said missions. We don't get a whole lot of time to choose, and now that we have refining to do we may not even get to select it if it takes too long to find the relic. It would be very nice if I could put "Loki" into the search bar and that search persist between waves. Owned and ducat prices being visible at least in the relic rewards screen and Baro kiosk would be nice. A way that this could be done without much change to the current UI would be to have a boxed in area above or below the item that dispalys the value next to their icon. I'm personally fine with the triangle reward indicator as I pay attention to where my mouse has gone, but as an alm to those who either cannot see as well, or just simply want it clearer, I have an image below showing a possible change and the above mentioned quantity indicator.
  3. I'd like to suggest so that it's clear that if you were to mouse over that icon, or there was a legend somewhere, it would tell you that the symbol means the relic is in the vault and not obtainable at this time.
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