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  1. Don't bother putting one up for this. You will not get the item and all you will get is a copy & paste reply. It's time to move on at this point.
  2. And now I lost all hope of receiving the twitch/mixer/steam drops. This isn't the first time this has happened and yet it has happened again. Suggestion: Don't do twitch/mixer/steam drops for tennocon instead send email with codes to avoid this problem from happening a third time.
  3. Send a support ticket at this point, since they wouldn't be able to help you here. https://www.warframe.com/zendesk
  4. I'm even more confused? So will this script will work with those who did received one item but not the prime but what about for players like me who did not received neither?
  5. I was able to able to log in and transfer the pc account to the switch and login to see me ivara with everything but after I logged off, I started to get the dread Login failed. check your info on the switch login. Going to submit a support ticket, to see if this as to do something that got corrupted. Anyone else with this problem?
  6. lol, 2h 30mins left why did you die USB ethernet port😭. Stuck with a s**y non-MIMO access point.
  7. I find it funny, that Nintendo still hasn't allowed for an internet browser yet. Could have been playing my pc account via streaming(Plays well but may experience latency and you have to solo due to said reason). Also hype train:
  8. no, you are able to play warframe with/without the Nintendo sub
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