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  1. Orthelius

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.1

    I've put this in this patch, and this patch alone. Calm down brah, and I wasn't arguing that slash doesn't need a nerf if you actually read what I wrote.
  2. Orthelius

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.1

    Merry Christmas yous lot! Hope you had a good 2017, and an even better 2018. Just as a quick note, before the damage 2.5 changes, would it be alright if I post what I would rather prefer? Great! So: The proposed changes for damage 2.5 have been released, and I finally got around to reading them - all I can say is that, despite how I see that DE wants to make Slash fall in line with Puncture and Impact, as it stands, even with the proposed changes, Slash will still dominate. Why? Because it actually kills things and furthers our advancement through the game. The proposed changes will have Impact cause staggers that range from the enemy stumbling, to being flung across the map based on the damage of the proc. This is ludicrous, and will probably lead to most Impact/ Status weapons being abandoned, as nobody wants to deal with throwing enemies around then having to chase after them, increasing the time you spend messing around with a single Bombard or Nox. Puncture will do reduced damage, from 10% to 75% depending on the proc damage. Puncture right now is at 30% damage reduction and is still useless as a proc, so the 10% to 30% region will matter even less. After the 30% to 75% there is potential, but just take a low damage Impact weapon, stun lock the enemy and huzzah - 100% damage reduction. As such, this is almost a useless change in the broader image of the game. Slash is not being changed, but as the damage of procs is being changed from TOTAL base damage, to INDIVIDUAL damage type damages, Slash will be nerfed, so the damage will be brought down. This would be fine, but a lot of weapons right now rely on Hunter Munitions, so unless I'm missing something, weapons with no slash damage will not be able to use Hunter Munitions, and if they do, they will be treated to lovely 0 damage slash procs. My proposed alternatives: Bear in mind I'm not a designer, nor do I know where DE wants to take these, I drafted some ideas up myself. Impact - This one can remain as a stagger, but can range in duration - 0.5 to 2 seconds depending on Impact damage at the time of the proc, the enemy during this time will take damage and that damage will have the finisher damage bonus applied. This would bring it in-line with the others in terms of damage as well as giving it the niche of some light cc that wouldn't immediately frustrate players. Puncture - This can be a one time single damage proc, the equivalent of a rupture inside the enemy, that ignores shields and armor and scales with the armor of the enemy. This fits with how puncture is supposed to be the counter to armor, but right now isn't really doing much. Slash - Nothing needs changing here really, maybe just nerf the damage scaling of it slightly instead of changing how procs will scale with damage. This will cure the Hunter Munitions issue.
  3. Orthelius

    The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.6+

    I also think it should work on all Exalted weapons - but my post was about Valkyr specifically, as she is my most used and preferred frame!
  4. Orthelius

    The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.6+

    So, this update, still no Plague removal?! Whatever next, find out next update in Warframe! (When you get those test results back and you're Helminth positive) So, what changes am I after this time! First of all, same as my last post, please increase the drop rate of Mutagen samples, either on Eris or in the Derelict - as DE have stated they will not change the Hema requirements it seems to be a better choice at least offset the grind in that manner instead. I am still the only member of my clan contributing, and even as a player with 1800+ hours I do not have enough yet to sustain a 10 man clan solo. This is dejecting as my whole aim is to sustain the clan For the players, most of whom I recruited when they were relatively new to the game, or need a place to crash. (Valkyr Pleading Incoming) Secondly, please take a look at Valkyr's 4. I have been talking with another Valkyr enthusiast and we thought up some great ideas: Hysteria could revert back to being a static drain, 4 energy per second with a 25 energy activation cost upon start. There will still be an expanding bubble that, if an enemy is in range and you have collected damage and Hysteria deactivates - you take damage. However, Hysteria will now have a mandatory health drain throughout - perhaps 33% of her current health every 5 seconds. If her 4 effects were cleaned up this could introduce some Very interesting blood spray effects (thinking Berserk here people). (Just to remind peeps, Valkyr has innate lifesteal with her 4, thus this is an incentive to use Hysteria to hurl yourself into combat instead of chill about - also I should have said Current health. This way the drain is a lot more gradual, instead of 15 seconds and you might as well give up.) Secondly, Hysteria no longer makes you immortal, instead giving a 95% damage reduction (but still not letting rage work). (Quick MathFrame - if the 4 gives you 95% damage reduction on top of your innate armour and the 2 armour buff, Valkyr can get up to almost 90% innate damage reduction. If you stack the two, you get 95% damage reduction, with a 90% on the remaining 5% damage you take. Thus, a properly modded Valkyr, with a high power strength 2 and armour will take 0.5% damage with her 4 up. I think this is a worthy proposed change to get us some Acolyte mods). Thirdly, we let Acolyte mods work on Hysteria. This increases the risk Vs reward aspect that Valkyr Should represent as the Berserker. She bleeds and sustains herself by destroying enemies up close an personal. Hysteria has fallen behind other conventional melee weapons due to Acolyte mods, and her 4 has become a near non ability for those not dedicated enough to add on all the forma needed for that Flow and Efficiency. Finally, I say we look at How her 4 works as an ability, first the casting animation. I feel it should be cleaned up so that when Valkyr is able to move again, Hysteria is active. Currently there is a tiny window where Valkyr can begin to move, but she is still vulnerable to damage. This makes it very hard to time Hysteria correctly, as it does not Quite activate when you expect it to. Then, her pause melee combo is effectively useless. It provides a finisher which is amazing, except her 3 does that in a radius about her, and does not require a combo to pull off. If instead we change this to a dash forward where she claws straight through enemies it would vastly improve her mobility. (As a final, maybe make her finishers and stealth assassinations more gory? Jumping on a Grineer or Corpus head really isn't as good as throwing a claw through their heart. Also, the current finishers are just too slow to be fun to use).
  5. Orthelius

    The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.4

    Happy new year Tenno! Long time no talk it seems! So, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year and are feeling refreshed. So, after a bit of a break myself what am I hoping to see? I think the ever popular demand is 'a way to remove the Helminth Virus', but I don't think DE would just leave it in circulation with no ability to remove it - what I'm hoping is that when we are able to permanently remove it, it is done in a way that allows us to get something out of it - perhaps we gain a cache of infested resources, perhaps the Infested Room in the orbiter changes in some way - something interactive. Secondly, maybe see about the little operator bug going on now? Nothing too major just... Well, this is disturbing is it not? Finally, I am still hoping that mutagen sample drops can be buffed, caches for them can be introduced, or the Hema requirements are reduced again - the requirements are understandable with DE's motivation: 'to get clans to work together', but I have seen the opposite, even in my own which I run purely for the benefit of my clan members. Slashing players who don't contribute, getting rid of semi active members, a reluctance to recruit newer players.
  6. Orthelius

    Coming Soon: Spoiler-Heavy Devstream #83!

    Will we see Focus schools being tied to the operators? As in: Will our Equipped Focus Schools give us passives while in Operator mode? For example: Zenurik = More energy, faster energy regen, more Ability Range Vazarin = More health, health regen, Warframe cannot be damaged while this is in use Narumon = Stealth mode has no cost and you move faster Madurai = Infinite Laser with %health damage to enemies Unairu = ??
  7. Orthelius

    Hotfix 19.0.3

    So boring today redtext, what gives? (Ta for the bugfixes though!)
  8. Orthelius

    Update 19: The War Within

    This is directed to both us as a community and to DE: 1) To us and DE: 2) To DE: Please do not ever repeat the hype train you have had us on for months. There has been a lot of anger, a lot of frustration and probably a lot of stress on your part due to ETAs that could not be kept. You have done an amazing job, but you do us, yourself and the game a disservice by driving a wedge into the excitement of the community. We know it wasn't intentional, and by the looks of this patch, every ounce of time was needed, but please don't let us be disappointed so much due to ETAs! This awesome content should not be sullied by something so silly.
  9. Orthelius

    Recurring Dreams: Hotfix 3

    EDIT: DO NOT VIEW PAGE 4 OF THE LINK TO THE WAR WITHIN PAGE BELOW , IT APPEARS TO CONFIRM A MAJOR PLOT POINT FOR THE WAR WITHIN. So in preparation for the war within, please check out the little page DE have set up- it appears to be updated daily, as the second scroll was not present earlier today - https://warframe.com/thewarwithin Evening Tenno! War Within is just around the corner (Wednesday, fingers crossed, according to Gamespot), and without any suggestions really at this point, all I'm thinking is: Make sure you give your operators a voice during the War Within - if they do not have a voice selected, they will use the male voice by default, at least based on replaying the Second Dream. Also, try not to have scanners out for a lot of the Quest - the cutscenes in The Second Dream can be bugged and ruined by having the Scanner UIs appear over them. Furthermore, as tempting as it might be to check out as much gameplay as possible for The War Within, personally I'd advise against this. The DLC for Dark Souls 3 was ruined for me as I saw too much footage, too many enemies and guessed too much - I imagine the fresher everything is when you play it, the more amazing it will feel. 17:30 UST+0, 09/11/2016 15:10 UST+0, 10/11/2016
  10. :Eggplant: (Also, may I ask if the replay button is going to be repaired or if the Second Dream was only meant to be replayed once?)
  11. Orthelius

    Recurring Nightmares: Hotfix #2

    Evening! Not many additions this week, since all around the game has been pretty steller recently - Only thing I might suggest would be to look at how the Tutorials are presented to players. Some of the most frequent questions I see in the region chat by newer players are 'where to farm resource x?' and 'how to join a clan?'. In the case of the resources, something as simple as pointing out the extractor icon on a planet and the resources that appear when it is hovered over would assist most of these players. For the clan peeps, (as the tutorial is already in place) there should be more of a concerted effort to Make players access the Tutorials. This at least would show them that the game does have text tutorials for a fair few systems. In terms of bugs, the only irritating ones recently have been enemies spawning within walls during sorties, and Valkyr losing her ability to melee and aim-glide during missions. The Valkyr bug appears to be caused by knockdowns, but other than that I cannot confirm any details other than I experience it quite frequently, also, I have heard reports of this happening on other frames.
  12. Orthelius

    Recurring Nightmares: Hotfix 1+1.1

    Woo! Good to see Nightmare back again You know what this means? Bring out the Ash in public mode.
  13. Orthelius

    Recurring Nightmares

    No comments - no quips this time, Tenno: make sure to get your rewards and scare from - > https://warframe.com/halloween Let's have some fun Alright... Valkyr May have had her 'Eternal War' mod glitched with the introduction of this update, it no longer works...
  14. Orthelius

    The Index Preview: Hotfix #4

    Thank god they fixed Mag. Alright, evening Tenno! Time to listen to my inner thoughts - but to avoid being a broken record I'm going to have a section on bugs I've found and would like to draw attention to, as well as things I would like to see changed (note, I am not advising anybody at DE, I doubt anything I say affects Anything). So, my lofty ideas this patch: First of all I would like to say that I run Raids a lot, and have done for the past few months (quite successfully I might add) - and in this time I have found that more than half of the Arcanes I find are almost completely worthless to my playstyle and builds. As such, I imagine an 'Arcane Randomiser' might just do the trick. In essence, this would allow Raid veterens to boil down worthless Arcanes, for a chance to create great ones. For example, by sacrificing 3 Arcane Deflections (bleh) it may give a chance to give another Arcane, this would be completely random. but would still allow the chance to get something good, from items we truly cannot sell, or use. So, as the bugs go I have encountered three major ones I would like to address: In a Law of Retribution Raid, enemies failed to appear on the first mission and the last mission out of the three. For those not familiar with the Raid, mission 3 needs enemies in order to allow players to finish - it is Vital as the enemies spawn with a bomb, that must be collected in order to advance. As none of the enemies appeared, this was an impossible mission. (This goes hand in hand with the Disruptor drones on Nightmare mode that still have no effect, other than obnoxiously wide bubbles that serve to irritate and nothing more). Furthermore, on numerous occasions I have encountered a bug where I have been rendered unable to aim glide, and use my melee weapon. As I almost only play Valkyr at this point, she is all I have noticed this bug on - however I am unable to replicate it effectively and cannot confirm if it happens on Valkyr only. All I know, is that it seems to involve being knocked down, so appears to be an animation cancelling gone horribly wrong. Only death fixes this bug that causes my Warframe to twitch violently, at the press of E. (Valkyr's Bonds have also been removed from the Market and cannot be found in her Appearance section of the Arsenal for players who did not already own them.) Finally, and I personally have not encountered this bug - players have on numerous occasions reported being stuck in the End of Mission screen, unable to quit without using alt+F4 to completely close the client. I have encountered a similar bug however, though it may not be related, whereby I had a profile stuck in the background of my screen, however I had access to chat, and access to the market through [itemname] links. This too, was only solved with a complete shut down of the client.
  15. Orthelius

    The Index Preview: Hotfix #1

    I did make a change, but you are correct - I try to get one of the first comments in most updates, I like putting my ideas out there. However I change the ideas I present each update, so as not to spam, the only reason this is a close repeat is that the hotfix was released about 45 minutes after the update.