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  1. Ember 1 still feels.. Meh. If the effect of charged 1 is becoming permanent, this would be much better. Ember 2 is solid. I have no clue how the gauge work but it charges fairly quick. But the energy drain after fully charged is bit too harsh. 3 and 4 are solid. No complaints for now. Vauban 1 need to have a bigger roller. I have difficulty keeping track of the thing. I have no clue if it is effectively deployed. Vauban 2's tether is functional but overlap with a much powerful 4. The speed ramp need reconsidering. If it becomes a Wisp style speed buff instead of taking control away and kick you in the butt, it would be much better. Flechette is too not very useful. Its damage is weak and coverage is random and unreliable. Vauban 3 pre attack time is way too long. I run natural talent and it is still slow. The charged time need to be at least halved, or range doubled. Vauban 4 is solid. No complaints for now. Vauban is not very mobile but it is understandable. Not all warframes need to be good at hit and run. But for now it is a bit cluncky. If everything respond faster, and charge shorter, Vauban will be great.
  2. Currently farming requiem relic is time gated by the Kuva missions and there are 3 layers of RNG: 30% dropping, 25% right relic, Requiem relic T5 mission reward All this bad grind, and there is a requiem bundle for sale at 85 plat. It looks bad. We need the relics to drop in a mission that is not time gated, prefereably an Endless Mission. Or other means to aquire the relics. Or make Kuva Flood and Ciphon mission available all the time without cool down. The process of getting to the Lich is way to long. After clearing one planet, I expect to get to the lich, NOT only one requiem clue! How long does it take to just get one chance at Lich?!!! If we need to trial and error to get the right order, this pace is wayyy too long!
  3. Requim mods are selling in market for Plat. The 30% chance is way too small. Both Ciphen and Flood are time gated. We need something so we can farm for these relic all the time. Otherwise seeling these for plats looks bad and the grind really sucks.
  4. This is the absolute core part of this update hopefully we can get a fix soon.
  5. For a Warframe themed for speed, sprinting and movement, Gauss lack the ability to... do damage while moving and sprinting.
  6. Either way, this is not good enough. Need to be improved. We need to let this thread noticed.
  7. And nothing like what Steve showed on his stream today. It actually looked like proper metal, not this.
  8. I think something is fundamentally broken here lol. This is definitely not what they were trying to achieve.
  9. Gauss is very energy hungry. I run Arcane Energize it still is not enough. Energy convertion rate is way too low to maintain at high battery level. Either the amount of battery charged every time skill are used need to be buffed, or the rate battery being drained needs to be tuned down. Also, the damage dealing ability at high level is weaker than expected. 3 skill range is too limited to actually be a useful and consistent way to deal damage. I would suggest the explosion from 1 skill to trigger everytime 1 skill ends instead of hitting wall.
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