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  1. I wouldn't be too surprised if that was the deal that was struck between Ballas and Erra. The Sentients are all about adapting to the situation, and currently, Warframes are to strong for them to beat down with just their current tech. What better way to defeat the Tenno then using their own weapons against them? We already have Stalker and his acolytes, so the precedent of Warframe fighting Warframe already exist in some manner, and the Sentients even hired Stalker to try take us out. Why not just go the whole way and instead of hiring rogue Warframes, build them? And who better to build them than the master builder Ballas himself?
  2. I no longer know what to think about the Lotus. It's clear that her caring for us is far more complicated than it seems. Whether it was programmed into her or she actually felt something, it's clear that now she is just as much a prisoner as we were.
  3. Lore-wise, I don't recall anything explicitly said that mentioned the Sentient foot soldiers being particularly hard to kill. We know the Orokin initially struggled against them, because they were so high tech, and the Sentients basically hacked them. Can't shoot your plasma gun if the software just refuses to fire. Even the bomb the 157 carried clearly was digital in some way and not mechanical, allowing Erra to just deactivate it. But other than that? Ballistics have always been good against them, and the Old War feasibly could have been won by the Orokin because the Sentients were running out of manpower (they couldn't reproduce after they made the jump to our system). Warframes were so effective because aside from being one man armies, they were also disposable one man armies. Destroy a warframe? A new one is crafted and ready to go in an instant, and it's operator (dreamer) is not at all harmed. Kill a sentient drone? That's a fragment of the main body that isn't coming back, at least, not until they get some Kuva into their system.
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