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  1. Please! let the ion-mask be accepted!! I'd do anything for it! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1503577961
  2. as long as its stable, I can wait. just at least try to launch it this month, please?
  3. I literally have nothing else to say, the fact I have to wait until Monday- just makes me feel apathetic atm
  4. I spent hard earned money for my operator, and now ninety five percent of the stuff I bought is ugly as can be and unusable because of how bad they look edit: the legs are fine as they are currently, its everything else that is the issue. that is what I think however
  5. let this display of praise to the red text show our devotion
  6. thank you for changing the facial accessories energy color to the suit! 😄
  7. I am wondering how melee 3.0 will affect exalted blade builds... more specifically mine. because I don't want all my hard work going to waste. and I can't speak for other excal users, but I can for myself when I say I have spent an entire year trying to get the needed mods for it, and also the needed forma to be able to use them in the first place. so if we could get an answer to that, that would be a godsend edit: by the way, the update does look promising, so much so that I can't wait for it. I still wish I could find out how its gonna affect my build so I can prepare...
  8. Will you be changing the exalted blade stats, or any exalted weapon stats in a hugely negative way?
  9. I thought I could ask while I was at it, could you guys please fix the Ki'teer Atmos Mask? cause the fact the energy color on it is red kinda ruins the flow of it for me, and I can't exactly fix it myself Edit: Also the Commodore Prime Mask has a clipping issue with the Vahd Cuirass. thought I would also mention this. I will move this part to a bug forum if asked, but for now I am leaving it here. Also I circled it cause it is a bit hard to notice at first
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