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  1. Looking at the thread, the only people showing anger are the ones that are hating on Conclave like you, not the others 🤡
  2. No comment, what kind of nonsense mixed with toxicity is that ?? Do you think if DE deletes the game-mode you'll magically be able to get PvP cosmetics? What do you know about Conclave players? Most likely nothing mate. You are taking a single butt-hurt player that barely scratched the surface of PvP (Raven's Quote, the twitter guy) that only played to get cosmetics, as the whole community. People that still play literally don't care about "validation" or stupid concepts like that: cosmetics and standing are the least of our priorities. We just enjoy the game-play, and if you're not happy with that, leave us alone. Stop painting the Conclave community in such a despicable way.
  3. Well I'll co-stream it while playing conclave lol
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