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  1. "I don't really think that there can be a trash frame, just different playstyles", Totally agree with you but hey, their lose 😩 On topic: Farm her, unless the RNG really really not in your favor then consider buying. Dont think there's a frame that "must" be bought with plat(unless vaulted that's a different problem).
  2. Heres a list of them: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Event Most of them were used to introduce new features/ mission types/mods/map tiles. So no 'OH' factor like when they first came out. Still, would be nice to at least see something old-new back or revisited.
  3. ....both are boring..there are NO new events/tactical alerts and the old events are still not coming back, even though we asked DE for years for this feature.
  4. Well then, good thing I gave up on tridolons and POE in general, it's still buggy at best and now those cap requirements for "meta groups"?.....can't they just enjoy the game?
  5. This is stupid, how come this thread is still ongoing? Warframe gives you the option to practice the test, 24h is the COST whatever you fail or pass, there are alot of things to do/master before the next rank UNLESS you rush to finish WF(gl with that), like any test you need to think how you approch it and not go blind, you have alot of tools(ingame and outside)...use them! And if you still fail after all that(many tries mind you not just once) and on multiple diff tests then:A)You are too bullheaded to notice your mistakes and learn from them, or B)This type of game and game systems are not for you. This is mostly for OP, but some of it still apply to the other issues some are having with the MR test system(At this point the thread is going in loops).
  6. And where did they say it? link it. oops it was my potato time, just seen it. Heres a conspiracy theory😼 : Anthem open demo just started around 1-2hours......and now a Dev stream had been postponed until further notice(i think its the first time it ever happened? correct me If I am wrong).... Jokes aside, I think something big is coming or worst-case scenario is that something happened in RL.
  7. Now you just made me hungry for good food...... Ok, on topic, I cant really fully comment until i see the full game, the demo was a 6 weeks(months?)old build with most of features cut/disabled/blocked. Only the Customization and mini bosses stood out, at least for me.
  8. Dera Vandal, its about to become my most used weapon soon (2nd place atm), rivens just made it even better. Plus, I love its look and 100% accuracy stat.
  9. That tag....... Edit: Ok it was removed.
  10. I hope the radio silence is the calm before the storm(of bugs from new content huhuh), meanwhile, I will spend my time elsewhere(These days its RE2 Remake, great game) and keep a small eye on WF.
  11. Repeat after me...CONTENT.
  12. So...can we all agree that RNG is the final boss in this universe?
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