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  1. I think its has to do with the fact that most of the fishes can also FLY, so their spook range also counts the "ground/air" range level, Or its just a simpler explanation and its just a spawn bug.
  2. Travoride? its by mining red veins https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Travoride
  3. So much yes to this ^ to hide mastered like in the Market.
  4. Yes, I also added another option in my first post. I tried your settings with bloom intensity 50 and its the same thing for me but because the color for me is light orange so its less of an issue but totally noticeable. Try lowering it bit by bit(5-10) or picking a different color for the orbiter lighting. Edit: it might be a new bug cuz you know....DE and their mainlines
  5. You have bloom slider, try that and do you have color correction on or off? Edit: OK that glow depends on the color of your Detail lighting in the Orbiter appearance, you can try going for a different color if all else fails
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