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  1. Same thing's happened with me. Won't update, errors, yada yada. Apparently redownloading the entire game fixes it but sucks that we have to do that....
  2. After redownloading PS5 Warframe it's working now, so far anyway. I'm in game. Although it still showed Titania Prime at the loading part instead of Xaku. Guessing it's just early day bugs and all that. As long as I get to play Warframe on ps5. I did delete PS4 Warframe before redownloading PS5 Warframe, just in case. Maybe that helped :-S.
  3. My PS5 version won't load. Well, it loads but not right. I start it and it shows Titania Prime floating about which is old/out of date. Then a black box pops up saying "Some content updates could not be downloaded from the server". I think mine's had something go wrong while downloading it. I mean it's showing old Titania Prime floating instead of Xaku standing about lol. It's working normally for other people. I'll try redownloading it and hopefully that fixes it. Could the PS4 version be messing with it somehow :-S? Both versions are on my PS5. Hopefully it can be fixed.
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