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  1. ONE BIG NO! for Mod Drop Chance Booster NO NO NO NO! Just F#%& Stop. You are not Bethesda! This buster will only destroy the game economy even more.... Can we get Real Game Content instead of This Crap? PS: and what next Prime Fridge ? in prime accesories ? soo your argon crystal will have extra 2 days before it disappears
  2. Well if you get lost in the Void we totaly will Find and save you. ❤️
  3. I F... Hate This idea... first nerfing synergy in game to have less drops and now adding booster to fix this Are you F... MAD DE ? you want to become Activision or EA ? or what... We need Game play we need Content. we don't need more "micro" transactions. Especially those which they fix what you nerf in first place! it stinks like Bethesda.
  4. DE PLZ Give us the options to turn off "Link look" option so we can Show to ppl our warframes with out option to coppy it. is cool idea to show our warframes but i don't want ppl to just coppy it out by mere laziness.
  5. non less is still very impressive and all of us here just love your work especially all valkyr fans including me.
  6. Yeah cool thanks .. De Can we have option to Go back to old Loadout menu. i hate this new one and the Chaos it makes..
  7. I love it. this is very nice and important progress WELL DONE!
  8. time can play tricks in every plan. I hope that soon you will be able to find more time for this great project. I will certainly follow this further much love.
  9. The quantity and quality of details is great! and really a great selection of colors just love it. and Led really add life to it.
  10. Can you Repair this Energy problem allredy ? or we have to wait to 2032 for this fix ? from the first day when you introduced double energy color, the meny warframes and skins does not have energy in many places . so plz REPAIR IT ALLREDY!
  11. AND AGAIN REPAIR THIS ENERGY ON WARFRAMES! we start to write this 5 hotfixes Ago and Still ignored ! fix our warframes especially skins for which we pay!
  12. in bug report are already 10 such posts all F ignored and We F care because we spend money on this game
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