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  1. time can play tricks in every plan. I hope that soon you will be able to find more time for this great project. I will certainly follow this further much love.
  2. The quantity and quality of details is great! and really a great selection of colors just love it. and Led really add life to it.
  3. Can you Repair this Energy problem allredy ? or we have to wait to 2032 for this fix ? from the first day when you introduced double energy color, the meny warframes and skins does not have energy in many places . so plz REPAIR IT ALLREDY!
  4. allot of warfrtames have this problem but DE DON'T Give F. we report this for long time but they ignore us. and there are many more
  5. AND AGAIN REPAIR THIS ENERGY ON WARFRAMES! we start to write this 5 hotfixes Ago and Still ignored ! fix our warframes especially skins for which we pay!
  6. in bug report are already 10 such posts all F ignored and We F care because we spend money on this game
  7. And once again and again and again need to write the same shi.. REPAIT THIS F ENERGY PROBLEM ON WARFRAMES ! I want to use my f. tennoskin skins Again . -_- and more. I already have enough of writing about this every time.
  8. Can you F repair this bug allredy! how long we need to wait for this !? Repait this Energy or Delete this double energy at all. I want it back what I paid for.... how many times we have to report it to you 10 times more ?
  9. when it comes to mele, the choice is big. I personally play valkyr much too often and I really like three weapons I can recommend them because they fit in well with the valkyr, especially the last due to Graxx skin you make. but valkyr is the queen of Blade so every choice is great. hope it did not sound like I was trying to force something.
  10. You still not Repair Valkyr and ivara ! Repait it !
  11. I prefer not to pull you away from work and see the end result because it is already great! I only regret that I will not see it live
  12. Epic! i just dream to have a blueprint😍
  13. Fantastic! this crosses my dreams ! helmet is Foam ? and if so, are there any blueprints to try make it too ?
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