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  1. ahh my childhood, I love this
  2. chaos sphere is bad, I much rather use chaos every room and get 40+ meters than pressing it once and where I was the center and it shrinks down, it's only good in defense, where you don't want to use it mind you, and mob def where it doesn't makes a big enough difference, but I guess if you are a camping person it's good yeah peacemaker is stronger than any gun with no reloead or maganize and hits everything in the screen at the same time and basicly it's an instakill in the direction you facing until very high levels idk about that, warframe is move or you are dead, sure absorb makes you invincible but after you shoot down a room you have to deactive it with that slow animation "wasting" the damage you stored, or jump around with a polearm, just let me roll while in the bubble
  3. forma bp's are 1 time use only, 1 forma blueprint = 1 forma you need to refarm it all the time.
  4. ah I see, I mostly play solo I had no idea, but I tought abosrb doesn't rake friendly fire since self damage was removed. Also there's 2 problem with absorb. It only abosrb 10% of the incoming damage It it drains 8 bonus energy for every 1k damage absorbed you could say it's because to prevent her being a mindless nuker too, I say it juts kills build diversity, you could say it's bacuse she made for CC, then have a look at equinox who can put rooms into sleep but stil can store damage without haveing to deal bonus energy drain for every 1k damage since that would be almost every enemy since he stores damage from enemy health, also just imagine saryn loosing 8 energy for every 10 spore or something, mesa loosing 8 energy for every kill, it would literally butcher those frames. Abosrb only needs to remove the bonus energy drain and increase that 10% into 50%(affected by power strenght) and bamm absorb build is actually works, outside of being a panic button or one of the worst immortal abilites(also give the option to roll with assimilite like mesa's waltz) It's still not broken since you still have to store enough damage and have less range than equinox but you don't feel bad anymore thinking it will do damage outside of the first 2 planets.
  5. agreed on that one no chaos sphere is really bad, assimilate needs tweaks too to work like mesa's waltz since you can't roll with assimilate but you can with waltz, making assimilate still a panic buton just like without it unless you use a melee that lets you jump around. edit: duoble post, I have no idea how this happened sorry
  6. agreed on that one no chaos sphere is really bad, assimilate needs tweaks too to work like mesa's waltz since you can't roll with assimilate but you can with waltz, making assimilate still a panic buton just like without it unless you use a melee that lets you jump around.
  7. I still prefer to use chaos, I just use it everyone ignores me so I can take them out easly. especially since I use the zenith now when I'm going into a new room with a lot of enemies I just chaos, they gang up and I'm killing them trought the door. I have assimilate too but just to make the panic button better when I fight with my lich and I have no time to kill everything, thanks to chaos they just gang on each other the lich doesn't care for me either so I just shoot it, and If start to take damage and shield is gone I go into absorb and continue to shoot. I'm not a fan of assimilate it's too slow but unlike mesa's waltz I can't roll and I don't like melee that much, especially the ones that jump around like crazy to actually move. Sometimes I use mind control too to get an artic eximus because why not, would use more but since grineer has neither healers or shield drones it's not worth it rn.
  8. I thought so that it doesn't work, like pre-rework nekros' despoil, back in the 2014-5 when desecrate was a spam ability despoil simply did not worked, I spent hours testing just spamming 3 and looking at my health and it did not went down at all but my energy did. pretty sure it's a bug or spagethi code, like if you are host in railjack most of the times the bolts are not working. the effect is there(energy color) but the armor is still there. that's strange. I didn't noticed that since I exlcusively use my wyrm prime for ages now, only if I play something like nidus or inaros I use the helmith charger so this is completly new to me. yeah completly useless in solo, and even in public if you use absorb it nulifies the passive, I'm starting to think that the old one would be still better, but I don't want my mind controlled heavy gunner or bombard to loose it's weapon. and back for chaos enemies not doing extra damge, I just noticed something that shows how imbalaced the enemies are. I did a lich mob def on ceres, and I noticed that 2 workers(the ones that not attack you) killed 3 lancers in 1 durration of chaos. I assume because they did slash procs because I didn't shoot I just stood in place, but that doesn't makes sense because a heavy gunner who procs slahs like no tomorrow is not able to kill a butcher the same as itself. maybe not chaos what needs to be buffed but all the enemies checked and revised.
  9. I kinda agree, doing solo liches with her and the zenith fairly easly, she doesn't need a complete rework but some tweak for sure mind control needs level scaling and the target should teleport to you like literally everything else that is remotly similar to it, does that but mind control. maybe infinte durration like wukongs twin since I don't really understand that why a random monkey can have a strong and "smart" clone who teleports to him, and even nullifiers don't take it away, but taking the mind of something that can oneshot you feels kinda useless is beyond me. well yes because that's kinda strange too that if limbo goes to the rift his pets are in the rift too even tho they can be rooms away What I really want from absorb is to remove the restrictions from it. it drains energy per second aswell it only absorbs 10% of the incoming damage just because it drains bonus energy for every 1k damage. Now give a look at equinox, with high range he can make whole rooms aslepp and stores damage similar way to nyx, energy drain/s and depending on the enemy but has no such weakness as draining bonus energy for every 1k damage, so you have a really powerful CC and a great nuke with no restrictions. Just remove the bonus drain from it and make it absorb like 70% and it's an useful ability now. all other than those 2 the bolts need a better targeting because I'm kinda getting sick aiming the bombard in the crowd and getting all of the other trash infront of it instead. I'm not sure about that, vauban balls are better than ever, vortex and bastille are 1 ability now and the augments are merged so you effectivly got 2 augments in the price of 1, and orbital sttrike scales with enemy level so until you go below 100% strenght it's gonna do okay damage no matter what, even if it's kinda slow that's you have vortex, and not forced to use it at all. For wukong it's even worse since all he did is to not die, like inaros, now he still can't die, but has a strong clone with infinte durration who is immune to nullifiers, his exalted weapon is better, and you can actually do a little more than just not die. Ember would be a better exmaple for this, even tho she is better than ever and I actually enjoy her now, I still some people asking world on fire back for some reason back to nyx tho, pretty sure you still remeber my idea for chaos doing more damage scaling with enemy level that skins overtime, althought I still would like that since it still irrates me when I see a bombard and a heavy gunner ganging up a butcher and in the whole 40+seconds durration can't even take 1/5th of it's health down, I kinda see it's not really needed, I would not complain but I wouldn't be mad either if it's not there but everything else is. edit: Also she needs an actual passive.
  10. well like curse words get replaced or got replaced, when it was last turned on years ago, with * so I tought it has to do something with it.
  11. Is it even disableable? My first thing to do when I install the game every time is to disable it yet it still works and very strangely. Baro is here so I went to do some relics and something really got my eyes. Went on a random fissure and we got like 3 rare rewards and the dudes were unable to choose and the chat was full with "****" and I was like why? I disabled it, I even checked it and it was unchecked after that before a new mission started I checked what they chose and the relic name was censored out like it looked like something like this: **** B4 **** Also for time to time I see relics in different langueges a month ago or so I saw someone bringing "relique C4" Is this a bug or my files are damaged or what?
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