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  1. and the grind is even worse in the event itself than scarlet spear was, I just did the first 2(I do not have amech either) and then stopped, your mech dies(picked up during mission) fast and you do no damage and you barely get points and everything is expensive af... In scarlet spear at least you could get a lot of points.
  2. any kind of slot, forma if you are really generous titania empress collection Lich hunter collection(I need dem colors)
  3. stretch and streamline would make overextended and fleeting expetise obsolete so those will never happen.
  4. I don't remember being one anymore, nvidia physix got removed a while back, and not like it matter that much they either desintegrate by elemental effects or simply disappear anyway to keep performance up.
  5. the whole trading system faild in the game over time. Void keys got replaced with relics prices went down because the grind is a lot easier. Rivens got introduced wich outside of being overpriced flod the ingame trade chat so players frustered go to wfmarket where everyone wants to sell high and buy low, just like in real life except no oversight. Steel path come in rare mods are now worthless too. Literally the only ways to get plat is junk, day 1-2 new primes/rarely unvalted ones(if you can even grind it out to begin with) Also trade chat is virtually useless too,
  6. you just have to live with it dude... I play on full low 800x600 resulution and it looks like crap but at least runs. Just save up and upgrade your PC this is no longer early 2000's where your 1 year old PC is garbage now. You'll get a brand new high end PC next year and you'll propably be fine until the next "generation" or even longer.
  7. So survival... The mission supposed to be that YOU TAKE THIER ATTENTION SO the so called "tenno operative" GETS THE LOOT you get every 5 mins In most other missinos you supposed to not alert a whole planet, especially spy.
  8. because one half of the cummunity just wants more power creep and everything to be broken while the other wants the exact opposite also DE has no idea what they want to do(hence new war soonTM and duviry was shown a long time ago while propably nothing is done about it) and they taking the wasier route now shown with xaku, no more broken stuff on realse we can buff it later, for now anyway.
  9. yes the towers "mean" something but as I said this isn't your tipical capture and hold the point where you get enough towers to win. You literally compared a capture and hold style match from any and every multiplayer game to a get points so you can win game wich absulutly makes no sense. If there would be only 3 towers to satisfy your "non pair numbers" need would change nothing with 3 towers the mode will be "slower" a bit and with 5 it would be "faster" a bit but overall the mode would not change at all.
  10. Because you gain points and whoever reaches max first wins not you win by just simply getting all 4 towers or lose by losing all 4 towers. The number of towers basicly mean nothing.
  11. It was a teaser for the second dream years ago and it's still in because why not.
  12. yeah I still want the old nove delux spirit arms when I cast an ability but the new one is just simply better
  13. I feel like it depens how other updates are scheduled if there's nothing it's gonna be an ephemra or a poster, maybe emote or glyph if we get duviri by that time maybe operator armor if we get command instricts it's gonna be a railjack skin
  14. Sooooooo they are useless in ONE SMALL PORTION of the game... Viral is strong and overused be happy that deimos has enemies that are immune to it rather than being viral nerfed to the ground
  15. honsetly I would be fine if shuriken would not do any damage but would strip armor 100%(with str req) and there would be at least 2-3(so it would be like nyx bolts but fewer) How many shadows do we have now? 1-2? There should be 4 with 2-3 seconds delay after mark and you should be able to mark in a 5ish meter circle(affected by range ofc) still not marking them 1 by 1 but not "the whole room is dead" like years ago.
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