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  1. yeah... I've got like affinity boosters 2 days straight when I have nothing to level up or forma even yet
  2. completly with you there I just got back into playing HotS During summer there was an event that had special mission and such, now there's an "event" that's literally just themed skins put into the loot boxes with increased rates for them and noone complains. And I'd rather take events like naberus nights more than scarlet spear because I'm stil not finished with deimos so at least I can get 1 thing from the shop every day while still grinding for standing. Scarlet spear even outside of the terrible launch(with misscalculated points and not arriving rewards) was still bad just a glorifie
  3. got a new augment for her 4 wich gives back the oldschool playtsyle and I love it
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