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  1. What if you could choose whether you wanted to reconnect or not w/ previous squad-mates?
  2. CoD Mobile has this mechanic where you hold the fire button to aim & shoot. Hopefully they'll add that to Warframe M
  3. Not talking about prime details. I'd like a toggle option for Trinity's waist and back armor. The waist armor is very noticeable on a lot of syandanas (protrudes the syandanas outward), and it clips through them when using animation sets that aren't trinity. The back armor clips through a lot of syandanas as well.
  4. NOT for afk macros or turbo-shooting, but to not have to press RB + (ABXY) on a controller for abilities. Could combo RB + (ABXY), and map it to the d-pad (up, down, left, right). Would using it for that justify a ban? I'm unsure how their anti-cheat works, so that's why I'm asking. Someone mentioned that it was unergonomic to use RB+ABXY for the abilities
  5. I use claw-grip, but that's supposedly unhealthy. You could use reWASD, and just map the d-pad to combo RB + (A, B, X, Y). Not sure if WF has an anti-cheat that would consider reWASD bad though.
  6. I wish there was an option for the run animation to start when the left stick is 50-100% forward. Could be turned off, if it's uncomfortable.
  7. On the right side, there's a slot for the element you want your lich's weapon to have.
  8. Could we get the elemental damage bonus (toxin, magnetic, etc), for kuva/tenet weapons, come from a mod which we equip on our parazons, instead of specific warframes? Example Image: Slot on the right for the element you want your lich's weapon to have.
  9. Excalibur, Volt, Mag, Frost, Ash, and Titania should be given from the start, along with all the mk-1 weapons, and a sniper. They would have a fair variety of weapons, and a few frames that do well in specific missions, without being too op from the start. It's 2021, the grind should be lessened for newer players by at least that much.
  10. You can sell for any price you want, but I'd go for 200p, which is the minimum ask, at the moment. https://warframe.market/items/primed_flow
  11. I don't care what it looks like, as long as it doesn't drop in fps. I wonder if a video, instead of using the game engine would make the transition smoother. Videos probably wouldn't be able to include the color scheme of your ship though.
  12. ah yeah, this makes sense. Some ability animations were probably only added for that specific frame's skeleton.
  13. gotcha. This is probably the only sensible answer here. It feels like DE backtracked on their approach, the moment helminth was released. Was wondering why they didn't go all the way. I just don't like the aesthetic of some frames. I prefer the more humanoid looking ones. When I have to switch to a specific frame, for a specific task, it feels somewhat forced/off-putting. However, it seems @Padre_Akais gave the best answer so far.
  14. you know this is a forum right? It's a simple question, and my opinion. No one is telling you that you can't disagree.
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