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  1. Well, they have gone well into the Oort cloud and plucked Sedna from it.. so who knows. Plus, Ceres is one of four giant asteroids that make up together 50% of the entire mass of our system's asteroid belt. There's Vesta and the other two whose name i forgot.
  2. Well, take your strength as a factor and think how quickly you'll clear all 5 waves in Kiliken and get the 50 alloy plates. Then see how fast you get the same amount in Sedna. Consider that in Sedna you have to get to extraction. If you will, then do some math to find out how much alloy plate per hour you can get out of the two (Don't need to play for one hour. Time your average time of completion on Sedna, then convert that time and all the materials to 60 minutes. Do the same for Kiliken.) I'm interested in knowing which is better but i'm at the gym right now typing from my smartp
  3. DE_Steve said he would originally call the Thunderbolt mod "Rambow". He later changed his mind, much to the chagrin of.... everyone.
  4. A good expression to use on suggestions, in lieu of "replace" is "add an option". Not everyone likes bars over numbers. That said, i agree. I'm a bar guy. (Also a bar guy)
  5. Well, there's already an incentive. The more players in your clan, the more people can farm and donate. It's K.I.S.S design 101. I like it.
  6. Guess each one got a message according to their own personas. Since i am The Gore Guy™ and this is a kid-friendly forum, i'd rather not share mine.
  7. Of course it's interesting. It's useless information for those who don't need/want it, harmless for those who wish to cause damage and very helpfull for those who want it to promote the game in their respective countries if they have the means to, such as it is with a friend of mine, owner of a popular videogames site that he owns. However, we'd need to know how many brazilians make the pie-chart of the Warframe players to decide how to better approach our article, if you know what i mean. (It would be silly to call and give it the prize of "sleeper hit" of the semester if even 13% of the
  8. This. But it might bug out a few times. Just keep shift-clicking.
  9. Can we see them? I'm curious to know how many players are from what different regions.
  10. Honestly, i had no idea what "Wave Dashing" was, and now i also have no idea what "The New Wave Dashing" is. I guess being a solo and private player only, bypassing PUG's completely, has it's down(up?)sides.
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