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  1. This is mostly due to the 'material'/reflectiveness of the attachment (or part thereof) rather than the color itself. A metallic surface will look different from a cloth one even with the same color applied. You might want to try slightly different shades of the same color to get better matches. Note also that lighting has a huge impact on what your colors look like - what's great in the arsenal might look awkward in profile or the orbiter or wherever else.
  2. Much depends on your definition of casual. This morning before heading for work, I went to the Plains, tranq'ed some condrocs and dispatched a random Thumper that scared my birds away. That was some quality 20 minutes to start the day with but I'm definitely not missing out on anything if that was the only gaming time I get this week.
  3. Another option at lower MR would be the Cassowar. High speed, good range status weapon for a Condition Overload/ Weeping Wounds build. Very quickly builds up different status procs to escalate damage, hits lots of enemies to swiftly build up combo counter. Add Healing Return for some utility too.
  4. Note this all happens quite early in the timeline; Alad has no knowledge of transference or that the Tenno even exist. Basically he's just poking 'dead' warframes to see what happens, he's not actually creating anything. What he ends up with is a badly damaged, badly deformed Gersemi Valkyr, as well as some isolated bits of orokin tech that he continues to slap onto Zanuka.
  5. Base crit is 12%, with a relative 225% from the riven thats 12% + 25ish% for your total of 39%. The Riven alone adds roughly 8% chance of triggering HM. There still are weapons that can add substantial native slash procs. Prisma Grinlok comes to mind. BratonP certainly isn't one of them.
  6. Ultimately, BratonP's crit chance is too low to capitalize on. Even 225% from a riven will only provide an absolute +25% cc, or roughly 8% chance to proc HM. So with limited crit capability and an IPS distribution that doesn't much favor slash, the BratonP will eventually fall short of meeting expectations. Having said that, I like the look&feel of the weapon a lot and will use it up to roughly Sortie levels. My build is Serration, Split Chamber, PShred, 3x 60/60 for viral/heat, Vigilante Armaments, and a riven with baseDmg and MS. Ammo efficiency will become an is
  7. Between MR locks and Riven Disposition there's already two stats indicating a weapon's relative power. Also there's youtube with weapon recommendations and default mod loadout videos all over the place.
  8. Was about to recommend him too. He's got so much going for him, especially for newer and solo players. Use Renewal to keep alive yourself, your companion, defense objects, Rescue Targets, defectors. Hallowed ground helps take pressure off you and alone provides enough cc to protect sortie-level objectives. Also provides status/knockdown immunity. A big issue for newer players, shortage of energy, can also be easily removed by grabbing Hunter Adrenaline from low-level bounties. This will provide all the energy you ever need while Renewal restores the health lost in the process.
  9. While not the quickest way to farm Vital Sense specifically, the treasure/parkour rooms in the void will drop a lot of early-game must-have mods. Certainly worth having a look at as a newer player.
  10. I will use PFury when building my weapon as a healing-stick using Healing Return. That's because time in between uses might be so long the Berzerker bonus decays. When using melee as the main weapon, Berzerker is pretty much always superior, even on weapons with sub-par crit stats.
  11. It's simply wrong to add absolute time units to the formula. The only way to use that speed stat is to get a relative comparison between two weapons from the same weapon class while using the same stance.
  12. The void containers in question are specifically the ones located in the parkour/treasure rooms. No point running around the map smashing everything! While their drop table is rather large, they do contain lots of absolute must-haves (Vital sense, Split chamber, Streamline...) that will make your life so much easier if you happened to miss out of them by now. Some of the mods require the mission to be lvl20+ in order to drop, might wanna keep that in mind. Otherwise, capture is your friend - grab the target, be free to search the map.
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